Some people spend their whole lives seeking positive reinforcement of their beliefs. They reject information that contradicts their beliefs. They will never learn if their beliefs are wrong.

Democrats, in general, believe our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous global warming. Only about 0.001 percent of these believers can claim any expertise in climate. They believe because it is part of their political religion.

If they are atheists, it makes no difference. Their religion is global warming. They believe it without question.

They become cocksure they are correct because they reject information that contradicts their belief and accept information that reinforces their belief.

That’s how we end up with people who are totally cocksure they are right when they are on opposite sides.

Rogers & Hammerstein illustrated this confusion in “The King and I: A Puzzlement”

There are times I almost think Nobody sure of what he absolutely know. Everybody find confusion in conclusion he concluded long ago. And it puzzle me to learn that tho’ a man may be in doubt of what he know. Very quickly he will fight… He’ll fight to prove that what he does not know is so!

The philosophy of science teaches us we can never prove our belief is true.

We can only prove our theory or belief is false.

Einstein said (to paraphrase), “Many experiments may show my theory is correct but it takes only one experiment to prove my theory is wrong.” Einstein was a master of the philosophy of science.

Our only path to truth is to reject false beliefs or theories. Our schools should teach all students this part of the philosophy of science but they do not.

All true scientists try to prove their theory or belief is false. Those who do not are not real scientists.

If there were no arguments to show a theory is false, then we may begin to accept that the theory may be true.

In the case of global warming, the theory is “our carbon dioxide emissions cause dangerous climate change.”

There are hundreds of overwhelming arguments that prove the global warming theory is false. Therefore, it is irrational for anyone to claim the global warming theory is true. And even worse to claim “the science is settled.”

Yet the delusional promoters are out there. They do everything they can to shut down America’s production of abundant cheap energy. And they have no idea their belief is completely wrong.

But because 99.999 percent of global warming believers do not understand climate science, they never got the memo that their belief is wrong. They should apply for jobs as Energizer bunnies.

The proper mode of thinking, to reject a belief that is wrong, threatens many people. They don’t want to learn the truth.

Recently, in comments on, Democrat climate alarmist, David Appell, was unable to assimilate simple plots of temperature and model predictions that proved him wrong.

Moving to politics, some people who claim to be conservatives cannot back Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president. In politics, you don’t need to love the person you vote for.

It’s really quite simple: You only need to vote for the person who you believe will do a better job than the other candidates.

One person bet me $100 that Marco Rubio would win the Republican nomination, while I bet that Donald Trump would win. Now that I won the bet, this person unsubscribed from my email list and has not offered to pay me my $100.

But my point is this person would send me article after article that bashed Trump. This person would read only what gave him positive reinforcement. That’s why he was wrong.

You can find hundreds of articles and media news that bash Trump. If you get all your political information from positive reinforcements, you will never get smart.

Politics comes down to these questions:

Do you think for yourself? Or do you rely on what other people say?

If you can’t think for yourself, you will read or listen to what other people say Trump said rather than read or listen to what Trump really said for yourself.
If you think for yourself, you will watch or read Donald Trump’s speeches and decide for yourself whether you want Trump or Hillary.

So my message for today is to suggest you actually watch or read Donald Trump’s speeches.

If you think for yourself, you will acknowledge your only viable choices are Trump or Hillary. You will not waste time with third-parties. You will not promote irrelevant, pseudo-intellectual thinking that attempts to dissect Trump’s behavior. You will focus on the question at hand.

Some people can’t figure out their political orientation.

It’s now 67 days before the election. If you can’t tell people they should vote for Donald Trump to save America, then you should quit pretending to be a conservative. Really. Admit you are a Democrat.

Intelligent people don’t make things complicated. They make things simple (but not stupidly simple like Al Gore did).

Any moron can find fault with another person. So what? Negative thinking doesn’t solve a problem. It takes intelligence to decide how one candidate is better than another candidate for President and CEO of the United States.

Anyone can list his “worst” presidents of America. So what? Negative thinking doesn’t solve a problem. It takes intelligence to decide and tell people that Donald Trump will make a better president than Hillary Clinton.

I notice Romney supports Marco but won’t support Trump. Not intelligent.

If you want a liberal Supreme Court that will misinterpret our Constitution, then by all means criticize Trump and don’t tell people to vote for Trump. It’s that simple.

The Rasmussen poll for September 1 shows Trump 40%, Clinton 39%, Johnson 7%, and Stein 3%. That leaves 11% undecided. The race will hinge on that 11%.

My forecast: The Never-Trumps will lose and Trump will win.

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