By Andrew C. Wallace

1-  President Trump has a Constitutional Duty and obligation to invoke the Insurrection act to defeat the 2020 election fraud and the effort to destroy America’s Constitutional Republic. The Constitution provides for the Militia to execute the laws of the union and put down insurrections.

More than 75 million Americans will never accept a Communist/ Corporate government if forced on them by a corrupt unconstitutional insurrection, which was not an election.

2-  The Biden election was a well-planned insurrection which started with burning, looting and killing in cities controlled by Democrats to sow discontent.  Democrat governors, mayors  and prosecutors refused to protect the people and, in fact, supported the carnage by reducing police protection. Corporate, and wealthy supporters of China and Biden paid Antifa and Black Lives Matter to burn, loot and maim. This is treason. The entire power structure of the United States hates President Trump mostly because his primary policy was America First.  He brought China under control, which reduced the power and profits of so called elites, while increasing  jobs  and wages for Americans.

3-   Ron Ewart said,  “Don’t Tread On Me”, or “Get Your Cotton Pickin’ Hands Off My Money, My Property, My Health Care and My Life because I am a proud American and I don’t NEED or WANT your interference. You don’t own me.

The top Point One Percent, .1%, and their minions, big tech, big media, corporations , universities et al. contributed billions to elect Biden by whatever corrupt  means possible.  What they did was manifestly illegal, unconstitutional and the greatest fraud in the history of our elections.  Make no mistake, this was not an election, it was a well planed insurrection.  It was treason.

4-   We must order our Chinese enemies to remove their hundreds of thousands of students and espionage investments  from our universities, forthwith.

In plain words, you can truthfully generalize that, the Point One Percent, and their minions, big tech, big media, corporations, elected officials, federal bureaucrats et al. have all the power and money in America.  Their loyalty is to China, money and power. Our so-called elite traitors want to continue screwing the United States and its people.

5-   President Donald Trump proudly declared that America will never be a Socialist country. He was correct, the criminal traitors should leave the country, while they still can.

If Biden is inaugurated there will be a bloody civil war because there is no way that the American people will ever accept such a proven corrupt, incompetent compromised liar as president.  The people know the truth and they will exact a price from the corrupt anti-American supporters of the Biden insurrection.

6-   Millions of us served our country to preserve Constitutional and God given freedoms, we did not serve to protect mostly corrupt  cowardly officials and their financiers. We want all of these criminals in jail.

More than seventy five million patriots know the truth, and will not be denied.  “We the People” will never relinquish our freedoms for a Communist Corporate Dictatorship, ruled by the Point One Percent.  President Trump has the power and Constitutional duty to stop this insurrection by Biden.  He must fight fire with fire now while the cost is relatively minimal. If President Trump allows Biden to be inaugurated, the people will throw Biden out of office later, after much killing, and destruction during a civil war. The Point One Percent and their minions would represent unlimited soft target-rich opportunities for patriot guerillas.

7-   There will never be equal justice until the criminal associates of Obama, Biden, and Clinton are in jail.

We have the greatest Constitution in the world but most of the people running government are either corrupt, cowards or both. The American public has lost their freedoms, and equal justice does not exist.

8-   People must refuse to vote for any politician who does not support president Trump. They must also stop buying any imported products while boycotting  wealthy corporate supporters of the insurrection and China.

The industrial complex and elected officials destroyed our middle class by sending their jobs to China.  Now they have used unconstitutional lockdowns, arson, looting and murder to bankrupt small businesses to benefit large corporations, owned primarily by super-rich families, the top .1%.  The greed and corruption of these traitors is insatiable.  Now they want to bring in unlimited numbers of foreign workers to replace Americans at even lower wages.  Do you really think that people forced to lose their jobs, or business will not fight back.  You can bet on it, people with nothing to lose will fight back.

9-   All immigration should be halted for 25 years as was done in the past, except for long standing temporary farm worker programs. Foreign workers reduce wages and jobs for Americans while increasing  government spending on benefits to subsidize  foreign workers for corporate profits.

If the FBI and DOJ were not totally incompetent and corrupt, none of this would have been possible. The truth of this statement is obvious when you see their total failure to prosecute criminals and their ongoing cover-ups for criminals and themselves. The powerful are never prosecuted, average people have no justice, can’t afford legal costs and are too often framed.

10-   FBI and DOJ are a most corrupt disgrace and should be disbanded at once and replaced with a reconstituted Militia of the Several States as stipulated in the Constitution.

I don’t know a single person who trusts government officials, judges, et al. most people really hate them for their corruption and cowardice.

Let’s hope that President Trump will end the insurrection.  The American people are solidly behind him.  If he should fail, civil war will inevitably follow.  Stores will be empty, supply chains will be broken, there will be no Social Security, there will be no government checks, there will be no police protection, the seriously ill will die, there will be no banks or money and government workers will be unemployed et al.  Rogue bands of Communists will roam the countryside, burning, looting and killing.  People in the inner city plantations, having been brainwashed in fake  schools and by  fake media will starve. These poor people have a terrible life, soon to get much worse with Biden because of their lack of truthful information.

11-   Your only option is to have at least an AR15 with plenty of ammunition and an emergency food supply.All of this because our Supreme Court and judges are compromised and refuse to enforce Constitutional laws on elections.

If you live in any Democrat controlled city, you must leave at once, while it is still possible. Remember the Jews who remained in Germany after Hitler took power.  With Biden, things could get much worse than in Hitler’s Germany.  The Communists are, if anything, more ruthless and brutal, than Hitler’s Storm Troopers.  This plague is being visited upon us to satisfy the greed and avarice of the so called elites, our wealthiest families, with the unconditional support of corrupt  officials and judges.

12-   There is no question that the real power of “We the People” far exceeds that of the Point One Percent and all their money. We just need to use it.  We need responsible, pro-America leadership.

Any honest Economist will tell you that Biden’s proposals and those of his Communist cohort are impossible and stupid.  If Biden gains power, plan on a great depression like the nineteen thirties, not just a little recession.

13-   Our founders knew that we could not survive without a free press and ours is not free, it is owned by enemies of the people. Big tech and big media are monopolies  and must be broken up.

Democrat elected officials have turned their cities into dangerous crime ridden hellholes by defunding police and refusing to prosecute criminals.  To make matters even worse, the billionaire George Soros has funded the election of like- minded prosecutors around the country.  People are afraid to defend themselves from criminals because these prosecutors will charge them for any harm to the criminals.

14-   Let me put this in simple English, what the wealthy, their minions , and corrupt officials have done to our country is criminal treason, and we  really hate and detest them for it

Black Citizens are just like anyone else, and many are salt of the earth.  But, none can explain to me why the overwhelmingly majority of Blacks vote for the Democrat party that controlled and supported the slave owning South, the KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws, Black codes, vagrancy laws et al. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican freed the slaves.  All that Democrats ever did was to move Blacks into inner city plantations with fake schools, fake news and little hope. Communists refer to people in the plantations who support them, as useful idiots because they have been brain washed with as much real knowledge as a box of rocks. Democrat destruction of families combined with reduction in religious learning has been devastating for Blacks while contributing to crime. So why do Blacks continue to support their oppressors who never did anything positive for them?

15-   Now comes again, the really fake climate control scam to make a few people very rich at the expense of the many. You can expect your heat and gas prices, along with everything else to more than double. Provided that what you need is even available.

“I am not afraid to die…I’m afraid to live on my knees in a world run by lesser men who control the destiny of my children.”  —Anonymous.

A great and simple truth by Bill Madden: Our politicians are both hypocrites and whores for preaching God and Country but serving only their financial benefactors.

The Chinese virus, COVID-19, was a deliberate and hostile act of war against the world by Chinese Communists.  Our medical bureaucrats then used it to enrich themselves by denigrating and opposing proven therapies that could have saved thousands, and did in other countries.  These same medical frauds then proceeded to develop therapies profitable for them, while thousands died needlessly.  The virus is also being used by Democrat politicians to ruthlessly oppress the people and to deny their Constitutional rights.

16-   The mask you wear and the lockdowns are not supported by science, and will not protect you from the virus. They are only  symbols of your subservience to unconstitutional government’s efforts to impoverish and inslave you.

Obama promoted the use of Communist death panels, where the elderly are referred to as useless eaters.  Democrat Governor Cuomo and other Democrat governors demonstrated this ruthless Communist policy when they killed thousands of the elderly by forcing infected people into their residences. Democrats now want to exclude the most vulnerable white elderly  people, from getting the vaccine in favor of people of color and prison inmates.

President Trump did more for American workers than the total contribution of presidents in the last 100 years.  Is it any wonder that President Trump’s plain talk and actions won the hearts and minds of the people in a landside?

17-   I love my country, but I have total contempt and loathing for all the corrupt officials and wealthy people who bribe them. I will never accept these criminals and traitors as my rulers. I will never cooperate with Democrat/Communists who are attempting to usurpe our Republic, much less support them in any way.

I proudly served my country, worked hard, raised a family and paid my taxes. I tried to write this paper in the manner of Thomas Paine for many similar reasons. I do not advocate violence or civil war. The primary purpose of this paper is to prevent civil war by exposing the facts to both sides. But, I still believe a civil war is inevitable, if President Trump does not honor his Constitutional duty to use the Militia if required to stop an insurrection.

© 2020 Andrew Wallace – All Rights Reserved

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