By Lex Greene

February 16, 2022

With every passing moment and rising tide of country-wide public demonstrations against any further tyrannical abuses of governmental power, it becomes more and more obvious that none of the current western leaders are actually in charge of anything, except their Nazi enforcers. They are all taking orders from a global power-elite and assaulting their own countries.

It’s also clear that these so-called leaders have painted themselves into a very dangerous corner. So far, both have tried labeling their Citizens as criminals, threatened them with everything they can, frozen patriot funds donated to support the citizen’s protest, and call on banks to seize the funds they can’t freeze at GoFundMe or other fund-raising apps. Nothing is working to quiet public dissent…

Meanwhile, cops are becoming increasingly violent as they attempt to steal gas, wood, food, and water and essentially starve or freeze protesters out of position, even after a Canadian court ordered police to stand down and return the truckers private property. A court order totally ignored by the Trudeau government. The scenes are nothing short of pre-WW Germany.

None of this ever happened to BLM or ANTIFA as they looted and burned cities all across America for the past few years. None of this is even done to any illegal invader at the USA southern border.

In fact, four people were shot at a Justin Bieber Super Bowl Party and L.A. fans destroyed blocks of L.A. following their team win, at least 19-businesses vandalized and looted, and the leftist media isn’t at all interested.

But almost two weeks of trucker demonstrations around the globe later, the only violence, theft, and destruction has been done by tyrannical government officials, lawless fake “law enforcers” to be exact.

While Biden and Trudeau try to affix public attention upon the Russian threat on the Ukraine border, both have already declared WAR against their own Citizens in Canada and the USA. Both are working in concert with one another, as well as with a cabal of Marxist misfits around the world, in an effort to put down the increasing demonstration of discontent among Citizens everywhere, fed up with the baseless draconian tyranny coming from the halls of their own governments.

According to both “leaders,” only public demonstrations that involve destruction of public and private property, looting, theft, violence, assaults on law enforcement and the torching of entire cities, qualify as “lawful protests.” In the USA, such events have only taken place in Democrat run cities, at the hands of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, both of which are Democrat Party sponsored terror groups funded through the DNC global fund-raising machine, ACT BLUE.

After just 12-months of a fraudulent Biden dictatorship, the entire world is melting down. Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine, China is threatening to invade Taiwan, and both are threatening to annihilate the USA if Biden should dare to interfere. Our southern border is wide open and flooded with millions of illegal invaders from 145 countries, most of them military age males, whom Biden then ships to cities across America in the dark of night.

The U.S. Dollar is being systematically driven into the tank, the U.S. economy is in the worst shape since the Great Depression, and society is so divided that it may never be able to unite on freedom ever again. Inflation is the worst we have seen in more than 40-years and the stock market may soon see the biggest “correction” in its history.

Literally everything Biden could break has been broken, in just 12-months. Still, Biden and Trudeau are only concerned with keeping Klaus Schwab’s Great Commie Reset on track, and silencing all dissenters, just like they have silenced all REAL COVID science for over two years.

The peaceful protests taking place in Canada, the USA, and countries all over the globe, by unarmed law-abiding taxpayer Citizens, have been declared “unlawful, racist, white supremacist, insurrections, and a threat to democracy.” The people who made this declaration are the same people who funded, promoted, and defend to this day, and illegal invasion of the USA and the BLM and ANTIFA riots across the USA.

As Citizens rise up all over the globe, to end the tyrannical government abuses of power ordered by Klaus Schwab (WEF) and his many minions in positions of power and influence around the world, mid-level minions like Biden and Trudeau find themselves painted into a deadly corner, and someone isn’t going to survive it…either the Schwab (WEF) puppets, or the Citizens.

So far, the people have rejected every call to stand down and return home. Every time the WEF puppets raise their threats against the Citizens, more Citizens show up to stand their ground. Both sides are rapidly approaching that moment when no one can back down. Push is coming to shove!

The LEFT has been working to defund both Law Enforcement and the Military for years now, in both countries. It was the political Right that once “backed the blue” and celebrated past military heroes. But as the world watches current enforcers in both groups enforce the WEF Global Reset orders, in direct violation of the law, the Right will soon find itself no longer able to back either group.

The scenes we see playing out everywhere now, of “law enforcement” allegedly trying to enforce the law, is nothing more than people in that job trying to keep their taxpayer-funded paycheck at any cost, by simply following whatever tyrannical orders they are given without any regard for whether or not they should be following those orders. And they have the nerve to demand public respect…

These are very low level useful idiots for the WEF global reset underway, not real “law enforcement” officers. What they are doing is “unlawful.” They are not at all concerned with the law. They are only concerned with their paycheck, funded entirely by the taxpayers they are desperately trying to silence.

But here’s the corner these fake “leaders” have painted themselves and all of “our” employees into.

Sooner or later, so long as the Citizens don’t surrender, these morons will face a critical decision, to issue the order to pull the trigger and fire on peaceful unarmed Citizens, or not. They are already making arrests. They are arresting peaceful and lawful Citizens for using their “free speech” to speak to their elected public servants, who aren’t listening at all.

It’s only a matter of time until the “global reset enforcers” will have to decide just how far they are willing to go to keep that taxpayer-funded paycheck. Are they willing to kill innocent unarmed Citizens? It wouldn’t be the first time global Nazis killed for their anti-American global agenda.

Clearly, they have not done the math. There are not enough police or military to take on their entire citizenry in any country, outside of communist China and Russia. Those issuing the orders believe that they are untouchable, but no one is untouchable.

The fake “leaders” issuing orders think they can issue these orders free from any personal consequences. They are wrong about that.

Those following the orders clearly think they can do what they are doing, free from any personal consequences too. They are wrong also!

Time will soon tell just how far they are all willing to go in an effort to stamp out their own Citizens, in support of the WEF COVID19: GLOBAL MARXIST RESET.

Everyone is following orders, including the fake leaders and their useful idiots. How far are they willing to go to serve the global agenda of Klaus Schwab and his maniacal Young Global Leaders?

We’re about to find out!

If any government opens fire on peaceful unarmed protesters, that will be a shot heard around the world, as the entire world is watching intently.

That would be their final fatal error!

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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