Welcome to 2019.  What hopes, wishes and suggestions do you suggest to our leaders for this brand-new year?

Obviously, 7 out of 10 Americans wish to heaven and Jenny Craig that they will lose 50 or more pounds.  Millions wish Congress and the president would vacate Iraq and Afghanistan after 17 years of fruitless war, killing fields for our young and $5.9 trillion wasted tax dollars. Millions more wish for racial harmony rather than confrontation, conflict and violence.

Most Americans wish someone would cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Americans of every color and class wish for world peace.  Millions wish for environmental responsibility toward our beleaguered planet.  Everyone wishes our U.S. Congress would serve the American people rather than illegal aliens, visa overstays and ceaseless immigration, both legal and illegal.

Huge numbers of Americans express their fear that America degrades into illiteracy, crime and racial dysfunction from top movie producers to sports doctors at prestigious schools.

While America faces horrific problems on its sociological front as it continuously imports millions of the third world immigrants onto its shores, those sheer numbers create water, energy, resource and environmental challenges beyond solving.

What about a wall to protect Americans from immigration invasion?

Writer friend Tom Shuford wrote, “Walls spell trouble for President Trump.  The establishment fears and despises him.  A victory on walls would strengthen him, weaken them. Over $45 billion per year to defend Afghanistan’s borders?  No problem!  Same with a dozen other extravagantly costly, seemingly endless overseas projects.   But a $5 billion one-time expense to protect vulnerable sectors of the American border?  Waste of taxpayer money.  Walls are stunningly efficient.  They work too well.  Consider Israel, Hungary, and San Diego County.”

Israel: Between 2010 and 2012, 55,000 mostly African illegal aliens crossed the Egyptian border into Israel. They settled in Tel Aviv and nearby towns.  Citizens complained — loudly.  In 2015, the Israeli government started a wall.  Left-wing groups marched, protested, said it was racist. By 2016 the wall was finished.  There were 11 illegal crossings that year. Israel made the wall several feet higher.  There were zero illegal entries in 2017.

Shuford wrote, “Hungary: In 2015 Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel thrilled Western politicians and news corporations by inviting unlimited migration from Syria to Germany. Time Magazine named Merkel “Person of the Year.”  “Who’s your favorite world leader?” a reporter asked candidate Hillary Clinton in the fall of 2016.  “One of my favorites is Angela Merkel,” chirped Clinton. Two months later President Obama described Merkel as “probably… my closest international partner.”

What about the insanity of Germany’s Angela Merkel?  Hungary remains a small central European country.  Hundreds of thousands of Middle Eastern migrants poured over Hungary’s borders to get to their new promise land, Germany.  Hungary built double barriers along its border, making itself an instant international pariah.  But illegal immigration into Hungary fell 99 percent.  If Europe survives (a big “if”), it will be because Hungary and few other perimeter nations spared that continent the full effects of Merkel’s folly.

The San Diego Sector: In 1986 there were 630,000 border apprehensions in San Diego County, California.  In 1989 a 10′ fence was built.  In 1996 a second fence 15′ to 18′ high was added.  “Large numbers of unauthorized immigrants continued to flow into the U.S.,” said The San Diego Union Tribune in 2017.  But not through San Diego County.

Tom Shuford gave us a run down on the effectiveness of walls.  Enforcement of current laws would be another aspect of stopping endless illegal border jumping.  A wall would cut the $70 billion annual drug trade, drastically.

My wish list:

U.S. House members Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson, Hank Johnson, Luis Gutierrez, Paul Ryan, John Lewis, Hudson and most of the rest of them resign for being totally incompetent, and/or corrupt, and not serving the American people.  They do nothing for the American, people, but in reality, serve foreign interests, illegal border jumpers and lawlessness.  Those House members remain the reason our government fails to function for the American people.  They remain the number one reason for “term limits.”

U.S. Senators Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet of Colorado, along with dozens of other senators need to resign for failing to serve the American people.  They align with illegal aliens, foreign interests and do everything they can to NOT serve the American people.

Additionally, all the 240 city mayors and dozen governors across America who support Sanctuary Cities and harbor 22 to 25 million illegal aliens should all be arrested, jailed and prosecuted.  Start with the female Oakland, California Mayor Libby Schaaf who warns illegals of ICE raids.

Finally, someone needs to introduce a bill to stop the 300,000 illegal pregnant women who jump our borders annually to birth a child on our tax dollars for the next 18 years for each child.

Reality check:  none of this wish list will happen. The same old mess in Washington DC will continue and the American people will continue to pay their taxes to pay for the boondoggles, mismanagement and outright corruption that remains endemic in Washington DC.  Ironically, Americans keep voting the same tired, corrupt, old souls back into office regularly.

The Founding Fathers never dreamed of career corrupt politicians that serve only themselves and not the American people.

This video offers you a glimpse of what our leaders cause, i.e., San Francisco: Click On This Link

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