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Just as California seems to be taking its last breath, a possible woman Savior has suddenly appeared in the midst of the corrupt den of thieves. Yes, a woman, that I believe was nudged by God Himself, who has stepped up to the plate. DeAnna Lorraine, will rattle sabres with Nancy Pelosi in a contest for the office of Congresswoman in the State of California with the slogan; For God, Family and Country.

In a letter to fellow patriots, Ms. Lorraine stated: “Right now, Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are working on their second coup attempt against President Trump.

“It’s time to get serious about throwing the radical leftists out of office, and trying them for TREASON against the United States. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

“Help me put these filthy cretins behind bars, where they belong. Help me fight the Swamp Monsters in Washington.

“Can you remember a time in our country’s history when the Democrats were so blinded by rage and hatred that they were willing to overthrow a duly elected President?

“Let’s be clear, Patriots. This “whistleblower” is not a whistleblower at all. It is a Deep State CIA agent who was sent into the White House to spy on President Trump, and then lied to the American public about the so-called Ukrainian “quid-pro-quo” phone call.

“Nancy Pelosi’s pal Adam Schiff then FABRICATED quotes from President Trump’s phone call to fool the American public further, and pretend that the call is grounds for the far-left’s impeachment inquiry.

“Democrats are using an American intelligence agency against a sitting President. That happens in third-world dictatorships, not here in America.

“I need you in my corner TODAY if we are going to retire Nancy Pelosi, stop the lawless Democrats from carrying out their coup, and march them out of Congress in handcuffs. As American Patriots, we need to put our foot down and tell the radical far-left that enough is enough.

“President Trump is working tirelessly on behalf of ALL Americans, and the elites in D.C. can’t stand it. That is why they are so hell-bent on his destruction.

“I want to go to Washington, D.C. to support President Trump, stand with him against the crazed Democrats, and finally serve justice to the far-left saboteurs.”

California has needed such a leader for a long time. Once a beautiful state it is now one big garbage pile. As though that is not enough, the streets are now filled with human feces, making it difficult to walk anyplace without getting it on your shoes. It now ranks as another Venezuela, a socialist state where residents are unhappy since they cannot get food or everyday supplies and are living in squalor.

This writer spent some time in Venezuela when it was a clean, sophisticated city. Indeed, before going downtown, suits were required. There was a strong military presence but all military personal who were encountered, were spiffy clean with crisp uniforms and friendly. Now that Communism has managed to take over that country, the people are miserable, dirty, hungry, depressed and rude. Exactly what the Democrats are trying to push on the U.S. It is puzzling how so many young people (especially) are buying into the socialist (Bernie Sanders type) Communism and adults who should know better.

Poop in the streets has taken a toll in California since disease has resulted. Los Angeles is even worse, so much so that a dreadful disease has returned to both cities, a disease that had been eradicated for many years has returned. Brace yourselves. That disease is, leprosy. Officials say that this disease came back through illegal immigrants who slipped into this country.

Los Angeles is one big skid row. There are 42,828 homeless people on the streets. That number swells to 50,000 during the day when they leave their shelters. Venice Beach which is always crowded with tourists has asked for around the clock restrooms in an effort to combat an outbreak of Hepatitis A.

The official Skid Row in L.A. is such a nightmare that they try to clean the streets and sidewalks with clorox. And I might add that the smell is putridly penetrating, seemingly going right through everyone that walks by.

This is what the Demoncrats visualize for all of us as they plunge us into Communism. This is the way we will all live except for the Democrat politicians who will live in gated communities far from the areas overtaken. This is why we patriot voters MUST put DeAnna Lorraine, into Congress. We need someone with the intestinal fortitude to take on the State of California itself. She is the only one I know of who could do this effectively.

And readers: Let us all get back to God, read His Word and get back to church. That is what made America great to begin with. And if you heed this plea, we can get back to greatness again. It’s either that, or Venezuela.


Photo Captions: (1) Homeless in Los Angeles (2) Candidate DeAnna Lorraine

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