After going through this year’s extravaganza, we may get used to dirty political campaigns. But we really are lost if we ever get used to this level of hypocrisy.

Okay, truly outrageous lies, based on the presumption that the public is either blindingly stupid or else afflicted with amnesia, have been increasingly popular in our politics. In 2004 it was John Kerry, who got his career started by declaring that his fellow-soldiers committed war crimes, passing himself off as some kind of war hero because he got three Purple Hearts without ever having had to spend as much as 15 minutes in the infirmary. Only a liberal could swallow that. And this year it’s Hillary Clinton—of all people!—pretending to be a protector of women who’ve suffered sexual harassment. A great deal of pure ignorance must be acquired, for anyone to believe such a whopping big lie.

We’re used to our politicians lying to us—after all, that’s how they communicate—and we’re even used to a certain background level of hypocrisy. But this year’s frolic features world-class, Olympic gold medal-worthy hypocrisy, and we should fear its long-term effects on the nation. It may debase us past the point of no return.

Last week, emails were leaked from the Clinton campaign showing a concerted effort, orchestrated by campaign chairthing John Podesta, to subvert the Roman Catholic Church from within by creating “activist groups” that would undermine the church’s authority. It seems Dems don’t like the Catholic Church as is, even with a socialist, Climate Change-spouting Pope and legions of quasi-marxist nuns, and took action to interfere with it and change it.

This is prodigious hypocrisy indeed, by the same people who shriek “Separation of church and state!” at the drop of an Amen. Did your middle school science teacher mention Intelligent Design? “Separation of church and state! Off with his head!” Did the Army chaplain invoke the name of Jesus Christ? “Separation of church and state! Off with his head!” When these people quote “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” they mean everything, but everything, is Caesar’s!

So why were they trying to infiltrate the Catholic Church and change its teaching? Why has their tin goddess, Hillary Clinton, stated that “deep-seated religious beliefs will have to be changed” to accommodate abortion?

Meanwhile, whatever happened to the “Everybody does it” defense, such a prominent feature of Bill Clinton’s presidency? If Bill rapes Juanita, “it’s only sex” and “everybody does it.” But if Donald Trump allegedly “touches” a woman 30 years ago, it’s an intolerable offense to the entire nation—and because he allegedly did that, well, we have no choice but to have Mrs. Clinton as our president, along with her deluxe fun pack of higher taxes, open borders, unvetted Muslim refugees galore, race-hustling, and Obamacare forever. ‘Cause when a Republican does it, whether he actually did it or not, it really, really matters.

And from the same people who blow off all criticism as only a vast right-wing conspiracy, there’s this gem from the same John Podesta treasure-trove of emails: a bald-faced admission that Democrats have “conspired”—their own word, not mine—to create “an unaware and compliant citizenry”. All right, that’s boiler-plate “progressivism” which they’ve been working on, with a fair amount of success, for the better part of a century—in other words, a vast left-wing conspiracy.

Are we as a nation grown so corrupt, so amoral, so Godless, as to even contemplate allowing such a pack of hypocrites to lord it over us? Have we truly sunk so low?

Once they get to appoint a few Supreme Court justices, it’ll mean a green light for anything and everything they want to do to us, and curtains for the Constitution.

Please keep that in mind when you go out to vote next month.

Because that, and not any ridiculous question of who groped whom, is what’s at stake in this election.

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