The 14th-century Italian poet, Dante, famous for his visions of Hell described in his “Divine Comedy,” also had a vision of how we ought to order human life on earth: one church, ruled by the Pope, and one world government, headed by the Holy Roman Emperor.

Indeed, he felt so strongly about it that he stuck Brutus and Cassius in the deepest pit of Hell, right there with Judas Iscariot, for betraying and assassinating the first Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. One might thereby charge him with inflating the value of Caesar while marking down the value of Jesus Christ, the only Person whose right it is to rule the world.

Dante, if he were alive today, would be dismayed by the state of the Church, broken into such a multitude of sects. But he would strongly support today’s push for world government. That push has become so fervent, so perpetually nagging, that it has actually inspired opposition to it, by Donald Trump, Brexit, Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and others: go, team, go. Liberals now call this opposition “populist,” and chalk it up to xenophobia, Islamophobia, and this-or-that-o-phobia.

The Red Pope, Francis I, is going big for world government. I guess he’s read his Dante, and seems strangely undaunted by what the poet says happens to bad popes in the afterlife. The Red Pope’s idea seems to be to use massive immigration, from the Third World into the First, to break down national borders and make such a mess that a world government will be necessary to restore order.

The pope has denounced populism as “evil.” We’re all bad guys for trying to preserve our countries. He’s cozying up to Islam as no pope has done since Pope Julius II, some 500 years ago, who tried to enlist the Ottoman Turks as military allies against the French. That had a lot of Christians scratching their heads over it.

At the same time, we have Big Science making its own hard sell for world government: again a pope finds unlikely allies against his fellow Christians. Last week they trotted out physicist Stephen Hawking, whose myriad TV appearances over many years have made him the biggest gun Science can fire at us.

Unless we bite the bullet and install world government, Hawking says, in one of his typical oracular pronouncements, we’re all gonna die. Our natural bent for aggression, hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution, will surely get the better of us. Hawking has also declared that Man-Made Climate Change will do us in; or else maybe some extraterrestrials will take less than a shine to us and decide to wipe us out. Or else maybe our own machines, endowed with great Artificial Intelligence, will do the job [cue for “Terminator” music]. Somebody’s seen more science fiction movies than is good for him; or else he’s just been interviewed on TV too many times, and it’s gone to his head.

Anyhow, Science is even more infallible than the Pope and we’d all just better do as Science says if we want to go on living. Science in general, and Hawking in particular, do not explain how persons who are hard-wired for aggression will be less dangerous, instead of more, if given absolute power over the entire human race. All we’re told is that we gotta do it, or else.

In God’s own time, there will be world government: the kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose right it is to rule. This is what God’s word teaches us. This is what we must believe. And ordinary common sense tells us that fallible, not terribly intelligent, and sinful human beings are simply not up to the job. Like, would you really trust John Kerry and his pals to rule the world? Really?

Pray that God makes us courageous, resourceful, and unyielding in our opposition to this ultimately satanic scheme.

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