by Lee Duigon

October 6, 2022

It was always just a cliché to say the Left wanted to do away with the family. But it’s not a cliché anymore.

The whole ruling class of the Western world has gone absolutely hooting, barking mad for “gender”—that is, the notion that we ought to be able to choose our gender and change it if we want to. We have a presidential administration that threatens school districts with cutting off financial aid unless the schools go full-throttle for Transgender.

How bad is it? Let’s take a look at current events in Virginia.

Virginia has a new state government that’s trying to rein in the craziness. The pro-trans mob, who’ve had things all their own way in recent years, naturally resist these measures. A group has emerged that devotes itself to breaking up families if the parents don’t want their children diving head-first into aberrant sexual behavior. It’s called “the Pride Liberation Project,” and it encourages and “helps” children and teens break away from their families: they’ll “re-home” kids who are discontented with their “unsupportive” parents, promising them “a couple hundred dollars,” a place to stay, and, as soon as possible, a new home with “queer-friendly guardians.”

The “couple hundred dollars” reportedly comes from a Democrat fund-raising group called ActBlue. There is a Pride Liberation Project website that invites readers to “Donate via ActBlue”. Dirty hands all around. So far they’ve raised $381. Doesn’t look like the fish are biting much, does it?

Meanwhile, last week the “Pride Liberation” cabal whipped up a walkout of students—12,000 students, they claim—protesting Virginia’s new “trans” policies.

Yeah, they want to help kids run away from home if they “hate their parents.” Has there ever been a single child, in all of human history, who never “hated” his parents? “What! You won’t buy me a new smart phone? I hate you for that!” Kids are like that. “No, you can’t go to that concert.” “I hate you!” We’ve all been there.

But helping teens run away from home because their parents won’t let them lop of healthy body parts and take powerful drugs to “change their gender”? It’s difficult to imagine what they could do that’d be more irresponsible and wicked than that.

To say nothing of the very real risk that more than a few of these kids will wind up in the clutches of sex-traffickers.

Oops—I almost forgot this caveat. Those queer-friendly guardians: “Please note that this adult will likely be white.” Gasp. “Didn’t you just teach us that white people are evil, they’re all racists?” Yeah, well, at least they’ll be queer-friendly. A comforting thought when they ship you off to China.

And if all else fails, says the Project, disgruntled teens can always “invoke suicide” to get what they want. I’m sure they’ll come up with something worse than this eventually, but I can’t imagine what that would be. It’d be nice not to find out.

I went to public school in the 1950s and Sixties. I never met even one transgendered student. I worked in several public schools throughout the 1990s. Never met a tranny.

Now it’s all over the place. Is that what they mean by “progressive”?

Once the “transition” to another gender is complete, that person will be sterile. If enough of them go through with it, there will be no next generation.

But that’s what globalists want, isn’t it?

It’s certainly what Satan wants. The whole transgender movement is Satanic to its core.

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