By Lex Greene

March 26, 2022

Not according to me of course, but according to the new leaders of the One World Order, Klaus Schwab (WEF), Bill Gates, George Soros, Anthony Fauci, Mark Zuckerberg, and all of their installed COVID19 GLOBAL RESET partners, Barack Obama (USA), PM Justin Trudeau (Canada), French President Macron, the WEF, IMF, UN, NATO, EU, hundreds of international corporations, including Pfizer, Moderna and J&J, and so many more.

This is exactly how Marxism, Socialism and Communism work. No one has any human or natural Rights. It’s all about the “greater common good.” Of course, it’s always about the greater common good of the ruling class elites, not you. Guess who gets to decide if YOU are essential and sustainable…and on what basis?

To them, YOU have never been “essential” in their world. In fact, you are mostly just a problem, an “eater,” someone who brings little or nothing to the grand table, and is merely a “taker” in society, a “liability,”…or… a non-compliant producer constantly causing trouble for the elites in their pursuit of total power over everyone and everything.

In their world, there are only three classes of people…only two of them“essential”

  1. The elite Ruling Class (them)
  2. The “eaters,” those who offer the world little or nothing of value (half of you)
  3. The “producers,” those who keep the world spinning through personal productivity and pay all of the bills (the other half of you)

Class #1 (them) is the most important class. Everyone else is expendable in the protection and sustainability of “them,” the ruling class elites.

Class #2 (the eaters) has temporary value. They can be easily manipulated and used to vote everyone into bondage under Class #1 rule, due to their unquenchable lust for “free gifts” paid for by Class #3, the “producers.” But once everyone is voted into bondage, Class #2 no longer has any value to Class #1.They are not only entirely expendable, but they must also be eliminated as they “eat” everything Class #1 is trying to possess for themselves.

Class #3 (the producers) are necessary, but only if they can be totally controlled. Class #1 needs “producers” to keep the elite in the lifestyles of the rich and famous that they are accustomed to. Anyone in Class #3 who cannot be totally controlled is the biggest problem of all, and therefore, they must be eliminated first. ALL of Class #2 will be eliminated when the “reset” is complete.

That will leave only two classes, the Ruling elites who make up Class #1, and producers in Class #3 that were willing to surrender their freedom and liberty, go-along to get-along, in order to remain necessary and desirable to Class #1.

Once Class #2 helps Class #1 gain complete power over everyone and everything, in their quest for free stuff, no one will need Class #2 at all anymore. They will be entirely eliminated, as in, that class will no longer exist. Why would they? They take everything and provide absolutely nothing.

Sadly, atop the list of mere “eaters” according to the ruling class is the elderly, those who worked and paid taxes their entire lives, but are now just a financial liability for Class #1. They don’t work, earn, and pay taxes anymore, and no one needs government benefits from Social Security and Medicare more than they do. No matter how much of a producer they might have been earlier in their lives, they are just “eaters” now. They have to go in the Marxist reset!

Troublemakers have to go at the same time…People who refuse to comply with Class #1 “mandates” due to some silly notion that they are a free people in a free country, protected by outdated founding documents no one really cares about anymore, and a constant headache for Class #1. They are totally “non-essential and unsustainable.”

I’m not sure why so many are upset about this new world view at this point…we’ve been killing millions of Natural Born American Citizens for decades, ever since Roe v Wade. It never bothered most Americans, especially a majority of women who vote almost exclusively on their so-called “right” to kill millions more. Some states are proposing legislation that will allow women to kill their kids even outside the womb now.

Killing the “non-essential and unsustainable” is nothing new in the USA. We’ve been doing it for years. After all, no infant is “essential or sustainable” on their own. They are just another class of “eaters.” But I guess when YOU become the next target, suddenly, life has value… right?

There are many methods of eliminating the “non-essential and unsustainable” which have already been accepted or tolerated by the majority of U.S. Citizens.

  • Infanticide – the intentional killing of an infant.
  • Genocide – The systematic and widespread extermination or attempted extermination of a national, racial, religious, or ethnic group, by a government or governing body.
  • Suicide – the act or an instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally, often promoted by misguided social circumstances. (any cancel culture)
  • Lethal injection – a method of human execution.
  • Execution – the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action.
  • Many more…

Convinced by Class #1 that the world will cease to exist if we don’t eliminate up to 2/3 of the current world population, so-called “Climate Change” which is very easily proven to be false on its face, provides the needed moral justification for killing off billions of people worldwide.

Believing that they are “saving the planet” by murdering billions of people allows the average idiot to feel morally justified in so doing. They can sleep well at night after a few hits from their vape pen, knowing that they are “saving the world,” or at least allowing Class #1 to save the world by killing billions of innocent people. They are told they are heroes…

Little do they (Class #2) know that they are the most non-essential and unsustainable humans on earth, once the global reset is complete.

As for Class #3 Citizens, in the USA specifically. They have been so concerned with holding on to their careers, their assets, their earnings, and lifestyles that they couldn’t be bothered with stopping the commie reset from ever happening at all.

The go-along to get-along plan they hold so dear, will guarantee they will lose everything in the end, and become mere servants of the global reset cabal. As Klaus Schwab stated so clearly, in the end, YOU will own nothing and be happy. I’m sure that statement is half true, the own nothing part.

While Class #3 waits for someone else to do something, they ignore the reality that there is no one else to do it. Who’s going to do it, Class #1, or Class #2 folks? Will the swamp drain itself? Will the eaters rise up to defend freedom and liberty?

There isn’t a second civil war on the way in the USA. We are under a global “color revolution” right now and someday, way down the line, by some generation not yet born, there will have to be another bloody freedom revolution. The current generations allowed freedom and liberty to die in the USA, which means freedom and liberty will exist nowhere on earth.

Until one day, far off in the future, humans will rise for the sake of freedom once again. It all could have been avoided, but it wasn’t. Americans simply forgot what was really most important in our lives. Without freedom and liberty, we will have nothing but misery in common.

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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