I remember watching my boys go to YouTube when they needed to accomplish a task.  They would search the platform for something like “how to change your oil” and they would learn the task in a short period of time by watching a video.

YouTube is owned by Google, the company that caused the internet to appear to the average guy to be free.  YouTube started as a platform where video creators could share their work for free.  And then as Google learned how to make money through advertising the YouTube platform became a place where video creators could make money.

YouTube baked in functionality that enabled them to place advertisements in creator videos.  Google split the income with the creator.

In the early years the platform honored the principle of free speech.  No longer, of course.  We all know that now.  Google appears to be only slightly less ferociously cultural Marxist than Fakebook.

I could sense these American institutions moving like an iceberg toward the elimination of privacy and rabid censorship.  That’s why I never embedded myself in their cultures.  There’s the culture of the internet.  And then there’s the culture of all the platforms and social networks.  I still find all of it bewildering.  And now it is becoming dangerous.

The internet is the most sophisticated machine ever invented and broadly deployed by mankind.  It is a machine that facilitates communication.  That is what the internet is, and nothing more.

Evil unprincipled forces have been given control of it by the American government.  Our global power is diminishing. We are dependent on a usury-based economic system. Increasingly the internet will be pushed and pulled by powers unfriendly to American politics and forms.  This is inevitable.

God destroyed Babel once and separated us into nations.  We live in a world formed by this divine grace.  We speak many languages for a reason.  We are incapable of managing power without being divided into nations.  When we do manage to become one city we do stupid stuff like divert the capacity of the city into building a tower to heaven.

I know the internet is going to be tamed because nationalism is back.  More and more people the world over are deciding they need local customs, traditions and religion in order to function well.

America is not the beacon of freedom it once was.  It is now a porn infested cesspool of political intrigue with a profoundly weak religious sensibility.

Everything is political now.  And everything is broken into two camps by the powers that be.  Republican vs. Democrat, right vs. left, gay vs. straight, white vs. black, conservative vs. liberal, men vs. women.  This is a source of the chaos we all feel and live with every day.

There is no longer a “United” in the “States.”  We exist in a constantly redefined bureaucracy of “hate” crimes.

And we’re tired.  Famished really.  Our imaginations are withering away under the heavy hand of political correctness.  The squad is intent on forcing their unique American brand of socialism on all of us.  And the Democratic Party is now powerless to stop them.

Donald Trump is only slightly better.  At least he believes in securing the nation.  Unfortunately he thinks that this “secure” nation must include cities possessed by the demons of Sodom and Gomorrah.  And nobody is resisting him on this.  All Christians can do is raise up feeble defensive actions rooted in the inane argument for “religious freedom.”

So YouTube is an American internet platform.  Children aspire to be YouTube stars.  Everyone wants to be significant.  The YouTube way of consuming video/audio content is the future for consumption of that form of media.  Of course they want to be YouTube stars.  Didn’t you want to be President someday?

The days of control over communications by newspapers, radio stations and television stations are obviously over.  The future of content creation in media is now in the hands of the average person who chooses to learn how to use their smart phone and build an audience.

Cultural Marxists are making a play for control over the internet.  They are already losing.

Innovation, and the assertion of national cultural realities using government, will finish off that wicked ideology.

I am saddened by the idea that America may choose not to lead the way in this.  However, since we cannot know the future I could be proven wrong.  The States may once again choose to Unite around eternal principles and help lead the world into a more harmonious and Godly future.

Or ….


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