I recently went against my vow to not attend a Hollywood movie because of the unrelenting bias against everything good and decent exhibited by most those who are involved in the movie industry. But being a lover of history, especially when it involves stories of ordinary people that accomplish extraordinary goals in spite what appears to be impossible odds to overcome.

The curiosity bug got the best of me. So as the old saying goes, never say never. So I gave in and agreed to go see the movie Hidden figures along with my wife who had been enthusiastically looking forward to viewing the feature film. I must admit that my interest in the movie was aroused over the true story nature content.

Hidden figures is an incredible story about to say the very least. Three outstanding Americans who only happened to be black and decided not to allow any barriers to prevent them from succeeding. They relied on both their own determination and Providential guidance. The phenomenal untold story of mathematicians Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson working for NASA at a time when black men were not even hired there to sweep floors in nothing short of miraculous.

The ladies served as the real brains behind one of the greatest adventures ever. It was the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit around earth. It was a stunning achievement that renewed our republic’s confidence, turned around the space race and galvanized the world. The visionary never give up trio overcame every Virginia democrat party racist inspired act of bigotry. Despite the unending insults and unwarranted indignities, the three women overcame trials and inspired generations to dream big. They showed us all how to never succumb to the sick desires of those who want to see people fail.

The movie headliners, Taraji P. Hensen as Katherine G. Johnson, Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan and Jannelle Monae’ as Mary Jackson and their supporting cast reminded me of worthy advice my Dad gave to me when I was a little boy suffering from severe asthma and struggling physically. He said: ‘son you can overcome and find a way win this battle of illness.” Little did I know while struggling to draw breath that I would one day overcome the asthma and obtain a high level of physical fitness, that I still maintain today.

When I turn on the tele and view mobs of brutish Americans and illegal immigrants mixed in for good measure grumbling about whatever issue their paymaster George Soros has them focused on, I have great concern for our republic.

But while I was watching the Hidden Figures movie, I could not help but be inspired to fight harder to succeed in what is my calling and purpose. Without giving away too much of the movie details, I am amazed at how those three pioneers and coworkers never allowed bitterness to overtake their lives and inhibit their ability to turn evil setbacks into advancements.
The crybabies of today fail to realize that as my Dad explained to me, life is a series of challenges no matter your station in life. I marvel at how those ladies chose greatness over America hating bitterness. In addition they didn’t run around complaining to whomever would listen either. Complaining doesn’t really help anyway. The Biblical definition of complaining means to be left behind. Most of the street complainers are literally left behind economically, intellectually and spiritually.

The ladies featured in Hidden Figures seemed to understand something I came to realize years ago. Despite the awful treatment they endured, they were still blessed to be in the United States where there were great opportunities worth fighting for. Not many nations back then or even today offer opportunities for even the more privileged citizens such as those in caste system nations like India during the 1960s.

Have you noticed how in today’s America certain people exaggerate problems and make authentic situations much worse for others by trying to destroy businesses, block traffic and ruin public spaces. The difference between people like those great ladies of NASA who fought the right way to obtain an authentic life of success and were prepared for opportunities and achieved greatness and the gruesome progressive gumps of today is astronomical. The rioters of today do not have a real leg to stand on when they yelp about oppression except maybe if they would refer to the economic oppression of eight years of the Obama administration. Obama’s policies destroyed or diminished economic opportunities for most Americans.

The big culprit in the inability of people today to comprehend or care about authentic issues like the three ladies of NASA could is the government school system. It has seriously damaged the capacity of many people to comprehend right from wrong, up from down or in some cases they prefer evil over good, while pretending to be standing up for “justice.” In fact the so-called victims of today cannot perceive reality while many collect paychecks from George Soros to help create bigger problems than the ones they complain about.

I am thankful that God has heard the prayers of millions of Americans over the past few years and has mercifully allowed a serious chance for the restoration of American greatness, power leadership in the world as a land of opportunity for all who desire to be all that God has called us to be. Thank you Katherine G. Jackson, Dorothy Vaughan and Janelle Monae’ for showing us how to overcome evil without becoming evil yourselves. God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God. Please join me Tuesdays & Thursdays at 5:06 AM and Saturdays at 4:06 AM on The Captain’s America Third Watch nationwide via flagship station AM 860 WGUL Tampa, Florida or www.am860theanswer.com

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