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This is fake news on steroids, brought to you last week by Reuters, which once upon a time was a news agency. Now it’s just another Pravda wannabe.

According to Reuters, a group calling themselves “Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends”—oh, please—is begging the Republican Party to dive on board the Climate Change bandwagon and support a tax on all fossil fuels… to Save The Planet.

The only thing this planet needs saving from is liberals and their little footsie game with communism.

Dig this: they say Republicans can’t survive politically unless they turn themselves into rug-chewing Climate Change fear-mongers—“especially in swing states where hurricanes and flooding have grown more severe due to global warming.”

Swing states? The evil weather gods are so into American politics that they single out our swing states? This is ridiculous even for Reuters. Okay, we do have Clergy for Choice; so “Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends” isn’t any more preposterous than that. It’s possible that such an organization does exist—funded, no doubt, by George Soros. But it’s just so stupid on the face of it that it cries out not to be investigated further.

The problem with conservatism in the Western world is jive “conservatives” who aren’t conserving anything. They set up think tanks, issue “white papers” that nobody but fake “journalists” reads, get their knickers in a twist every time President Donald Trump issues a counter-punching tweet, vie with one another to see who can most ardently admire Greta Thunberg, organize luxury cruises for other jive conservatives with more money than brains, and generally saw away on their fiddles as liberals burn our culture to the ground. Other than that, they’re cool.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back. Which it’s doing, by the way.

What’s next—Young Conservatives for Drag Queen Story Hour? Never mind, Chick-fil-A has already got that covered, handing out $100,000 in 2018 to Covenant House, which hosts Drag Queen wing-dings and marches in “pride” parades. But there’s still a slot open for Young Conservatives for Harsher Hate Speech Laws. How about Young Conservatives for Open Borders? Or Reparations? There’s plenty of loopy liberal causes waiting for fake Republicans to endorse them.

How about this? A Scientist tells us that too much “holiday music”—she chickens out of saying “Christmas”—is bad for us. This calls for Young Conservatives for Stamping Out Holiday Music.

What’s really galling is the expectation by journalist fleabags like Reuters that anyone will actually believe the dopy stories they write. That’s insulting! But they themselves are only too willing to believe—or, more likely, just say they believe—men who say they’re women but they don’t have vaginas: so they expect us to believe them because they believe the crazies. They don’t seem to realize that very few people are quite as dumb as they are.

Oh! And here’s another cause for them to take up: not enough “camping space” for homeless people in our major cities. There’s already a bunch in Portland, Oregon, selling that—who wants homeless shelters, when you can have mobs of people “camping” on the sidewalk and using it for a latrine? Surely they could use some “Young Conservatives” to help push that one.

We are up to our eyeballs in really bad ideas.

Well, what are you waiting for? Call yourself a Young Conservative, latch onto some Far Left Crazy project that’ll really hurt America—and go for it!

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