Once upon a time, law was mostly about the things you couldn’t do; and as long as you didn’t do them, you could go about your business in peace.

But that’s no way to build a secular humanist utopia: no telling what the common people might get up to, if left unsupervised.

And so, day by day, law is increasingly about things you must do, or else: for instance, a law that says you must buy medical insurance, whether you want it or not; or another that says you must cater a “gay wedding,” whether you want to or not.

As long as we’re dealing in nostalgia, remember when it was the mission of the U.S. Air Force to deter America’s enemies, or, if they chose not to be deterred, to defeat them?

That was Job No. 1, then—but this is now. Protecting the American people from foreign enemies has slipped to No. 2. The mission of the Air Force now, it seems, is to take any and all steps to make sodomites feel good about themselves.

A colonel, a decorated combat veteran, has been blocked from promotion, his career probably ended, because he refused to publicly “affirm” the same-sex pseudomarriage of one of his subordinates. Why do those persons need his “affirmation”? They held their “wedding” without it. Why do they demand the approval of everyone in the country, and fly into a fury whenever they encounter the slightest opposition, no matter how insignificant?

The colonel did not denounce the so-called “marriage.” He spoke no discouraging word. All he did was… not affirm it. His career is not being destroyed for anything he did or said, but for something that he didn’t say, because to say it would have violated his religious convictions. Nor are we talking about any weird or exotic beliefs of some cult that was founded last week by someone who watched one too many Star Wars movies. They are the moral code of Jews and Christians, enduring thousands of years without change, upon whose foundation this country was brought into being.

The colonel’s religious beliefs were here first. God’s laws may not be changed. But of course leftid humanists don’t believe in God, to say nothing of His laws. The core beliefs by which you order your life, they declare, are to be handed down to you not by God, but by politicians and lawyers according to whatever fad they’re into at the time.

With millionaire football players and really goofy dorks in local government making a big display of kneeling during the National Anthem, and insisting that they’re only exercising their right to free speech—what about the right not to speak? Why should you be required, as a condition of your having a place in any kind of public service, to spout words that lacerate your conscience, and make a shambles of your self-respect?

I mean, atheists are constantly using that argument when they make a Broadway production number out of refusing to say the Pledge of Allegiance because it includes the words “under God.” Who would dare force them to say those words?

But the colonel has to “affirm” this parody of marriage, or else his life’s work goes up in smoke.

Does freedom of speech still have any meaning, if they can compel you to parrot whatever abominable nonsense the government demands? If the Supreme Court were to reverse itself on “gay marriage” tomorrow, what happens to all those affirmations?

This would be a good time for the Commander-in-Chief to say “No more!” If he’s serious about undoing the ravages of eight years of Obama, he could hardly benefit the country more than by purging our military of the crawling left-wing political creatures implanted by Obama. The top brass is lousy with them.

Once again the Left has outraged the Constitution by demanding a religious test as a condition of serving the public in any way. Want to be a general? Trample on the Cross. Want to be confirmed to a judgeship? Trample on the Cross.

Why do we keep letting them do this to us?

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