There is really a similarity of comparisons when I write a segment of this article about zoos and people.  I use this analogy since I wish that only the more intelligent animals could talk because we humans could learn a lot about who we are really and where we should be.

The dogs in the zoo in my opinion are graded by loyalty to their zookeepers no matter how carnivorous, ruthless, cruel self-serving their masters are in reality.   Dogs look only to a pat on the head, a massage of the belly, and a rub along their back-side to demonstrate the master’s love, but not necessarily any honorable lasting loyalty.  They in return protect their master and his or her family from enemies.  It doesn’t matter if the dog is a little Mexican Chewelah a Jack Russel (a little tiger) or a Great Dane.  The little ones bark like crazy, are fearless, and will attack no matter how imposing the enemy may be.  But even so noble the breed has a segment of cowards, free loaders who will dine at their master’s table and at the least provocation attack their owners; no loyalty and therefore no trust.  They are mostly mindless, mostly undereducated and molded by those unscrupulous zookeepers who benefit by nurturing them with handouts making them slaves in perpetuity; by encouraging single parenthood, removing God or morality in government’s bureaucracies and institutions. They are the left who travel the unprincipled, most traveled road. They are still celebrating federally encouraged gatherings such the 1962 Woodstock festivals.  Their music, communications, TV, the internet, spiral downward to mendacity. The gap, where once citizens fought and died, and gave up wealth and blood to support other nations has become a new emblem of the communist inspired left whereby their moto is now, a Nation of You Own Us.

Today, our military consist of volunteers, not one of maximum participation in an effort to win as they did in two world wars.  The non-war wars since the end of the 19th century began with the murder of Arch-Duke Ferdinand that launched the devastation of an avoidable First World War. This was followed on by a series of small skirmishes and political intrigues that resulted in the redistribution settlement of Germany’s war debts.  Other factors: The fear by the French of a resurrection by invasion of the revised German war machine and their limited ability to change the mishmash political intrigues of the western countries; the lack of concern by the British Government which felt well insulated as an island outsider of problems of Western and Eastern Europe and Americans who were sick of being involved in another rescue of Europe that resulted as the precursor of major losses of life and the introduction of modernism and the end of a less complicated way civilized people previously enjoyed.

These political intrigues led to the monstrous bloodletting results of WWII.  Since the end of WWII, the series of the non-wars began in earnest, whereby American volunteers relieved the American public from really getting involved and their burden of not having to pay for enormous taxation normally accompanying wars. These wars were charged on the cuff, so to speak and never caused any  sacrifice by the general public because the debt and devaluation of the dollar were allowed to pass into just unbacked notes or pieces of paper created by a Federal Reserve System that isn’t Federal and has only symbolic reserves. The concoction of debt created money by bankers in 1916 was meant to replace gold as backing for a strong dollar.  In other words, the public got a free ride thinking there never would be a serious penalty for not repaying debt.  This utopian solution has now reached its apogee where the financial world survives only by a hair from the collapse of Western and Eastern Currencies that are in similar circumstances as in the United States.

Now, citizens are turning into humanoids, not any resemblance of those humans who made sacrifices for others, their most important gift. Freedom of thought and speech is disappearing and our tattered Constitution, its justice system, its legislative system and those past incompetent presidents who became water boys for the global New World Order, run by international billionaire bankers.

The Chief Zookeepers created untrustworthy solutions beneath their thumbs and  instituted forms of a craven form of public education program spaced from birth through college to insure a permanent, fixed status levels with degrees in keeping with a predetermined plan  preferring an age-old device called the “11 plus Program.” This and other more modern means SAT scoring becomes the Gateway to higher Education.  The test choices offered, sometimes made mandatory in western countries, are the means of distilling the wine from the water or the wheat from the chaff; just who will be the losers and the winners.  It is meant that the worker bees differ greatly from the “queens, those throughout their schooling had the benefit of parental wisdom and sacrifice to prevent huge college debts of their progeny.  This allowed students who worked and studied the difficult courses, earn a superior education and earn their rewards, even grants because of scholarship and opportunities to obtain graduate degrees.

Yet, those bad Zookeepers don’t give a little damn that pays in the end. They interjected a weakened grading system and provided programs where less educated students were given passes to receive admission to Universities that permitted a host of softcore subjects, not the hard stuff like math and science.  The students graduated with diplomas that lacked employers and left them a mountain of tuition indebtedness, a sad awakening who really believed just any diploma was alone sufficient to earn enough to pay off their school debts.

After those noble and loyal canines, the zoo maintains species such as apes and monkeys, the monkeys are in human terms relative to the uneducated and sometimes violent, unbalanced nihilists who attack Civil War Monuments as if the statues were alive.  The Constitutional rights bequeathed by our forefathers, the most important of which being the right of free speech, now is revealed by the predictions by writer George Orwell in his classic book “1984”  and “Animal Farm,” also, Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.”   

The monkeys are those who are dedicated to Party Think marching in lockstep to the dictates of the Zookeeper in charge.  To follow the chain of animals ends with venomous reptiles and Alligators who maintain balance within the food chain, but serve no other purpose other than to attack my neighbor’s dog.

In this part of my article, I feel fortunate to be in touch with people who haven’t joined the farm because I live in a part of the South that hasn’t wholly abandoned reality.  I am privileged to have within my sphere a writer by the name of Joan Holleman Brown.  She is the unpaid head of the Dorchester County John Birch Society and a real crusader to promote what the left really abhors and at every opportunity, throughout the media, labels the Birchers as enemy number one.

Joan is a former school teacher and local author that often is featured in the Charleston Post and Courier’s editors’ page and her Birch Society’s publications.  She really is a master at creating a scenario as in her most recent article that spells out the local situation where we live.  She eloquently links this with the international World Plan and that is my own conviction that the Zoo Keepers are multi billionaires whose center of intrigue is in Brussels and where unelected judges usurp the laws of independent nations. Their primary goal is the world currency created by these master Zookeepers.

Her research and her tie-ins make the following article, a keeper:

The Secret War and Free Enterprise, Private Property Rights and Individuals

Joan Holliman Brown wrote the following article of the real dangers citizens’ face, not only here, but the entire Country.  Here article centers on Summerville where she and I reside   and serves as an alarm for action. The Washington Swamp involves citizens in different degrees who succumb to government autocrats and their suffocating agendas.  The end links the loss of our sovereignty to the New World Order

Joan Holliman Brown – August, 2018

Sustainable Development is alive and well in Berkley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties. Knowingly or unknowingly, our city and county councilmen are being used to implement environmental protection.  After George H.W. Bush agreed to the United Nations Agenda for the Twenty-First Century in 1992 (Agenda21) and President Clinton made it US policy in 1955, power brokers of multiple Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have lurked behind town/country planning. Think: The American Planning Association.  Think: The Council of Governments (COG). Think: local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI). Public/Private Partnerships lurk among the many powers behind the Sustainable throne.

Does “good” ever emanate from the United Nations?  How many UN nation-members respect individual rights? The UN Charter respects neither. America is 25 years down the Agenda21/2030 Sustainable Development/Smart Growth highway.  People are fleeing California because it is Sustainable Development’s grand poster child. Unfortunately, S.C. may be California in the making- for more reasons than SCANA.  If you care about your children’s future, consider the following.

In 1994, our S.C. legislature voted to require towns and counties to produce 10-year plans.  Planning has included UN Agenda 21 edicts and regionalism.  Recently, our counties completed the 10-year planning forums.  In Dorchester, the paid, out-of-state American Planning Association envoy arrived with pre-determined questions designed to generate “smart growth” answers.  What difference would citizens’ answers make anyway?  Less than 1/1000th of citizens bothered to answer the concocted questions.

Local government’s first duty is: constitutional governance, safety and maintenance.  But this is how deep UN hooks sink into local government.  Dorchester County Council announced a humongous business-license fee increase.  Fees were reduced, but in reaction to the situation, a local citizen decided to research.  He found that County Council utilizes NAFTA’S (international North American Industry Classification system as their guide.  NAFTA is a stepping stone to the North American Union (US, Canada, Mexico) which will eliminate US sovereignty and our Constitution.  Watchful citizens are necessary to restore local/state Constitutional governance.

Local implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development is now obvious.  Charleston City Council recently threatened Ashville and Maryville, two long-lasting West Ashley black neighborhoods, with “Eminent Domain.”  Planners Dover &Cole used the “affordable housing” promise to win them.  Citizens rose up in righteous anger.  The City threatened, offering documentation to keep their homes.  For now.

Because Sustainable Development and Big Real Estate are restricting the building of new single-family homes, stack & pack, Russian-styled apartments are popping up everywhere.

Local government “planning” is forcing denser populations on current residents.  Dorchester’s foreign paid “Planner” admitted limiting apartment parking spaces.  Why? Oh, I forgot!  The UN goal is rent, don’t own; work across the street; bike or bus everywhere else.

Elective representatives love to graze on the fodder in the trough of federal money grants. (The better to eat you with, my dear!)  Forget that we elect local councilmen to fight for local citizen’s best interests.  Instead, councils’ use of federal grants punishes citizens with increased rules and regulations.  Example: HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) decides the percentage of nationalities and social justice criteria needed to “balance” a subdivision.  One rule:  If your home buyer doesn’t fit the social-engineering- description for balance, too bad, so sad.  If one buyer feels discriminated, he can sue the town.  HUD, the EPA, the Department of Transportation, etc., determine what citizens cannot do. Like it or not, the National Realtors Association’s money-making “Walk of Shame” with the UN’s Sustainable Development’s boot on all citizens’ throats will ultimately crush our souls and our liberty.

Sustainable Development endangers individual liberty, private property rights and local council’s power; it’s a global scheme sold as local. Sustainablists threaten are homeland from sea-to-shining sea.  They refuse ranchers’ long-held grazing rights, remove water rights, use endangered species land grabs and local Conservative Easements, etc.  Local surveyors complain that they, and rural property owners/buyers, are being strapped with ever-increasing rules and regulations.  Google published UN Agenda21 maps showing where humans aren’t allowed to trespass.

Our U.S Constitution guarantees an individual’s right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”- i.e., private property rights.  We elect councilmen to protect OUR rights – NOT UN dictates.  Please understand. Sustainable Development is disorganizing and reinventing America’s precious, personalized towns and cities into a one-size-fits- all, top-down-global force that will control you, me and our progeny.  It t transfers local local government power to faceless, unaccountable, unreachable bureaucrats—and emasculates our elected representatives.  We, and they, will become surfs.

Wake up! Smell the Stench!  Drop your phone & remote. Buy/read Tom DeWeese’s “Sustainable- The Secret War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals”.   Help save America as founded for our children.

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