“I’d rather be slapped by the truth than kissed with a lie.” (I could find no single source to credit that quote; seems to be many variations.)

The out of control investigation of President Trump over the phony “Russiagate” headed up by Robert Mueller needs to end now. Just like President Trump needs to fire H.R. McMaster now.

On May 18, 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein announced he had appointed a special prosecutor to investigate possible collusion and/or coordination between President Trump and Russian officials to defeat Hildebeast Clinton, a proven criminal who should have gone to federal prison decades ago. Her actions alone regarding the slaughter in Benghazi should have resulted in being tried for obstruction, lying to Congress, collaborating with terrorist factions and at the very least manslaughter.

Frank Gaffney: Congress Still Hasn’t Investigated Clinton Ties to Russian Military Tech Initiative
Gorka: Clinton Campaign Sent Operatives to Ukraine Embassy to Influence Election

Based on NOTHING but fake ‘news’ and creative lies by the ‘Never Trumpers’ and sleazy Demorats, Rosenstein appointed someone who should himself be investigated, former FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller III. Another one of those “highly respected individuals overflowing with integrity” who will get the job done independent of politics. What rubbish.

Mueller should have been fired as FBI Director for ignoring the overwhelming, credible EVIDENCE the World Trade Center Towers were brought down by controlled demolition as was Building 7 on September 11, 2001. Not to mention military grade nano thermite found at ground zero. Robert Mueller IS part of the cover up in exposing the lies about what really happened on that horrible day.

Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

If you watch nothing else, I believe these two films are the most factual regarding the lies about the World Trade Center Towers being brought down by two commercial airliners. If you want the truth you MUST take the time to watch them: September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor by Massimo Mazzucco and  9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions

As I have written like so many others, James Comey, is a dirty cop and thankfully he is gone but not forgotten as the fired former Director of the FBI, already a multi-millionaire, got a sweetheart book deal. Comey is a liar who should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice for starters. ‘The Comey FBI lied to us’:

“A legal team probing the “surreptitious” airport tarmac meeting in Phoenix between then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton – just as Hillary Clinton was under FBI investigation for her handling of classified information – contends the FBI under James Comey lied about it.

“The American Center for Law and Justice said it has obtained “hundreds of pages in our ongoing investigation and federal lawsuit on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton while the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI had an ongoing criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

“The results are shocking,” the non-profit legal advocacy group said.

“First, the Comey FBI lied to us. Last July, we sent FOIA requests to both the Comey FBI and the Lynch DOJ asking for any documents related to the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. The FBI, under the then directorship of James Comey, quickly replied that ‘No records responsive to your request were located.’”

“However, from records that now have become available, it is “clear that there were multiple records within the FBI responsive to our request and that discussions regarding the surreptitious meeting between then AG Lynch and the husband of the subject of an ongoing FBI criminal investigation reached the highest levels of the FBI.”

As for Mueller:

Mueller’s Role in Delivering Uranium to Russians Raises Questions
Rep. Franks: Special Counsel Mueller Must Resign, He’s in ‘Clear Violation of Federal Code’ – Why? Comey & Mueller are good buds. Comey & Mueller are two wings on the same bird of prey out to get Trump:

Comey hearing: Ex-FBI director says he leaked memo to spur special counsel appointment
Hannity Just Exposed Something Huge About Mueller

Immediately upon Mueller’s appointment, hacks in the thoroughly discredited ‘mainstream media’ (print and electronic) began saturating the country with this is another Watergate. What horse manure. This latest witch hunt bears absolutely no resemblance to Watergate. Tricky Dickey, former president Richard Nixon, fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox in what became known as ‘Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre‘.

“On October 19, 1973, a Friday, it became clear that the Justice Department’s special Watergate prosecutor, Archibald Cox, would not obey President Nixon’s order to be content with the summaries of recordings of Nixon and White House aides. Cox wanted the tapes, and it was easy to see that his defiance, or courage, was not going to lead to a happy conclusion. When a reporter asked Cox, on his way out of the office that night, if he intended to resign, Cox replied, “No—hell, no.”

“The next day, though, he left, not of his accord: Nixon announced that he was abolishing the office of the Watergate prosecutor, and that its work would be transferred to the Justice Department. (A spokesman said that it would be “carried out with thoroughness and vigor.”) The Attorney General, Elliot L. Richardson, resigned when he was informed that Cox, whom he’d appointed, would be dismissed.

“The White House chief of staff, Alexander Haig, then told the Deputy Attorney General, William Ruckelshaus, to fire Cox, informing him, “Your Commander-in-Chief has given you an order.” Ruckelshaus resigned, too, and Robert Bork, the Solicitor General, in the order of succession, became the acting Attorney General—at which point the order to fire Cox was carried out.”

But what happened then has zero to do with now: Comey confirms Trump didn’t try to stop probe

WASHINGTON – “Testifying under oath before the Senate Intelligence committee Thursday morning, James Comey submitted remarks confirming the key assertion made repeatedly by President Trump that he had not pressured the former FBI director to drop the Russia investigation.”

1 Democrat ‘blabbermouth’ holds key to Trump-Russia fairytale

“Talk-radio superstar Rush Limbaugh says while many Democrats now are admitting it wasn’t Donald Trump and it wasn’t Russia who “hacked” Democratic National Committee computer files during the 2016 election, the issue won’t go away because party loyalists simply can’t get past Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

“He cites a recent report in The Nation that found there wasn’t any such “hack.” It had to be a “leak” from someone inside the DNC who transferred the files to a domain and format from which WikiLeaks could copy them. “They’ve been forensically analyzing all of this,” Limbaugh said Friday. “The Nation has concluded that there wasn’t even a hack of the Democrat National Committee computer network, the servers. There was no hack. It was a leak.” The report said there “isn’t any evidence that Trump and the Russians had anything to do with it.”

Even Democrat, Van Jones, who is proudly a communist has come out and said ‘Russiagate’ is a nothing burger“.

The Russiagate Scam Will Blow Up In The Democrats’ Smug Faces

“The Trump campaign never colluded with the Russians. This is true even though the definition of “colluding” has been expanded to include pretty much any interaction with anyone or anything Russian. If they found out Reince Preibus had an old DVD of Rush Hour, Adam Schiff would be in front of a mic with CNN cutting in live. The whole stupid collusion thing has become a weird, Beautiful Mind-esque conspiracy theory with scores of Trumpaphobic loonies out there sharing their bizarre spider webs of intrigue via Twitter memes. Does Gorky Park have a grassy knoll?

“Regardless, it’s safe to say that there was absolutely no collusion of any kind between Team Trump and anyone Russian. None. How do I know this to a near certainty? Because we haven’t seen anybody leak any evidence of any in the six-plus months that they’ve been pushing this nonsense. Nothing.”

Michael Caputo: “Yesterday The Democrats & Russia-Gate Got Their First Blood Count”

“Caputo went on claim that he was sent to Russia by the Clinton administration in the 90’s to involve himself in the Russian elections and, in fact, according to Caputo he was getting involved in ways that made the Russians nervous. To be clear and set the record straight regarding the President, Caputo said Donald Trump would never betray his country more so he would never tolerate betrayal within his ranks. “There are no facts in this investigation it’s a complete and absolute Witch Hunt we see it falling apart before our eyes, and it’s time to stop this thing.”

This whole politically motivated CRAP is reminiscent of what happened during the corrupt years the Clinton duo soiled the White House. Travelgate, this gate and that gate caused innocent Americans employed in various agencies a great deal of financial hardship. Caught up in the cesspool of politics, regular run of the mill employees had to hire attorneys to defend themselves because they got snagged in the Clintons life-long careers of deceit and corruption. It’s happening all over again: Mueller’s Targets Face Financial Strain

Mueller has expanded his phony witch hunt now to include anything and everything President Trump has done since birth. Anything relating to friends, his children or anyone even remotely connected to Trump because Mueller knows there’s NOTHING to the ‘Russiagate’ ghost story.

Jumping on the bandwagon are the usual Trump Haters in Congress who want to milk this BS for as long as they can: Congressional investigators want to question Trump’s longtime secretary, Rhona Graff, in Russia probe 

That poor woman is being dragged into this hoax as if she had personal dealings with the Kremlin. If I were in her shoes I’d hire a lawyer but why should she have to spend her paycheck because of dirty politics?

Mueller has convened a grand jury; allegedly more than one. This is nothing but another waste of taxpayer dollars for politics. Period. Trump won’t do what Nixon did for three reasons in my opinion: (1) He’s innocent and knows it; (2) He knows down the road this will really hurt the Demorats in the mid-term elections next year and (3) He knows the cat-calls for impeachment would amplify while he’s trying to get things done.

It’s time to shut Mueller down. Attorney General Jeff Sessions should get it done and the hell with all the flack that will come from hacks on cable news networks, the NY Times or the rest of the Trump haters out there.

I’m all for going after corrupt presidents and I don’t care if he’s a Republican or Democrat. When Bush, Sr., illegally invaded Panama and snatched one of the CIAs cocaine/drug running partners, Manuel Noreiga, I was yelling the U.S. House must impeach Bush. Of course, most Americans either weren’t paying attention or didn’t understand that while Bush, Sr., was head of the CIA, drug running by rogue elements in HIS corrupt agency were good friends with Noreiga. But, something dumb old Manuel didn’t understand is the shadow government eats their own if they feel any threat.

What can you do? Same as me. Get a stack of post cards from the post office. Unlike letters that have to be blasted because of the anthrax attack in 2001 and takes weeks, post cards get delivered right away. Drop Attorney General Sessions one:

‘Shut down the witch hunt by Mueller over the phony politically motivated ‘Russiagate’. Not a scintilla of evidence all this time. This is nothing more than dirty politics wasting our money and hampering the efforts of a legitimately elected president on behalf of the American people from doing what he was elected to do.’

That will fit on a post card or your own version and gets right to the point. AG Jeff Sessions, Dept. of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, DC  20530

Rules for a Special Prosecutor

(g) Conduct and Accountability

CFR 600.7 also provides that the SC shall not be subject to the day to day supervision of DOJ. But it also provides that the AG may request that the SC provide an explanation for any investigative or prosecutorial step and may conclude that the action is so unwarranted under current DOJ guidelines that it should not be pursued. In making such a determination, the AG is required to give great weight to the views of the SC. If the AG concludes that a proposed action should not be pursued on these grounds, the AG is required to notify Congress of such a determination.

(i) Notification and Reports by the AG

CFR 600.9 requires the AG to notify the Chairman and Ranking Minority Member of the Judiciary Committee of each House of Congress, with an explanation for each action:

– Upon removing a Special Counsel;

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