By Servando Gonzalez

May 18, 2022

“To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first set our minds and hearts in order” Confucius.

The signs are everywhere very clear for anyone to see: women defending their “right” to kill their babies, people proudly exposing their mental disorders, the young enjoying a life of drugs, alcohol and sexual excesses, the very rich totally ignoring the growing poverty around them, society totally lacking in values, honor, compassion and truthfulness, growing philosophy of utilitarian individualism, and a widespread lacking of respect for the common law, the traditions and the elderly. This has become America’s new normal.

Evidently, this country is rapidly descending into a Dark Age.

But, just a little more than quarter of a century ago LIFE magazine devoted its July, 1986, issue to celebrate “America the Wondrous.” How did this drastic, radical change has happened in front of our eyes in such a short time? Who is to blame for it?

The answer is very simple: We should not blame anybody but ourselves. Actually, in honor to truth, we fell into a trap our enemies set in for us. What is difficult to understand is why we fell so easily into such obvious trap. Let’s try.

Many years ago, after having taken control of the U.S. government, the military, the press, the churches and the schools, the globalist conspirators realized they faced a big problem. In order to fully implement the New World Order they had in mind, first they had to destroy the institution that constitutes the very cornerstone of civilization: the family. So, they conceived and eventually put in practice a clever plan to destroy the American family. The first step to do it was inventing the so-called “feminist revolution.”

In their think tanks, the conspirators found out that women played the most important role in society: maintaining the integrity of the family. That was a big problem because, contrary to the rest of the institutions they had already infiltrated and controlled, the family does not has a pyramidal structure which, by taking control of the top, you can control the whole organization. The family as an institution consists of small, non-hierarchically controlled units, loosely interacting among each other similar to the way some secret societies operate.

So, in order to destroy that key institution, the very base of civilized society, the globalist conspirators infiltrated their agents into the feminist movement and brainwashed its leaders to believe that women had been exploited and relegated by men to a marginal place in society. Therefore, to end men’s exploitation and discrimination, they alleged, women’s most compete in the job market and grab traditional male jobs.

Ignoring the fact that in most successful societies educated women already have always played a key role in all important fields, unskilled women went out of their homes and began competing with men in all types of jobs, even the most menial ones. The immediate result of this drastic change was that, having two sources of income, the family’s economy improved enormously. The long term effect, however, was quite different. Having almost duplicated overnight the work force, some years later the job value diminished. Currently, two jobs in the family are making almost the same amount of money usually made by a single job fifty years ago.[1]

But the result of having most women integrated into the workforce had the intended effect the globalist conspirator secretly had in mind: when women left their homes to work they had to leave their children in the hands of political extremists and psychopaths who devoted all their time and effort to brainwash the children’s impressionable minds. The success of such an evil plan is everywhere for all to see. Currently, we have three generations of Americans who hate their country, their culture, their families and, in some sense, even themselves.

Those are the young people we see in the front lines of the current ideological battle defending the indefensible. Those are the new Judases who have sold their families, their country and their culture in exchange for what they see as “freedoms,” which actually is a new slavery of the mind. Just three generations later, the granddaughters of those “liberated” women turned the Spring Break into a debauchery of alcohol, drugs and sex.

Even worse, in less than three generations the globalist conspirators changed America from a Christian nation into a non-Christian country. Currently, they are working hard pushing us into their final goal: turning America into an anti-Christian nation.

So, in a few months, you will go to the polls, and elect new politicians to represent you in the government. Just a few months later, however, you will realize that nothing has changed, and the planned economic, cultural and moral destruction of America continues at an accelerated pace.

Why? Because you have always looked at the changes as something you can get somewhere from somebody, when the changes, to really occur, must begin in our hearts. But we have been too busy working hard to maintain our standard of living to stop for a moment and look into our own hearts.

As I have mentioned in some of my articles, I stopped voting many year ago when I decided to stop being part of the charade. In the coming presidential election, however, I am going to make an exception. I will vote, provided I find a presidential candidate who will really fight to save America. How do I think I will find this candidate? I’ll tell you:

The presidential candidate I will vote for must have promised to do several important things. First, he must have promised to end the Federal Reserve Bank, an illegal organization created behind the backs of the American people. Secondly, he must promise to destroy the present Marxist-inspired IRS[2] and implement a flat tax of no more than 10 % for every American citizen and institution, including the so-called non-profit organizations and foundations, with no loopholes for the rich.  Thirdly, he must eliminate the Rockefeller-created, Communist-inspired Department of Education and ban any government role in the education of the American children. Last, but no least, the candidate I would vote for must ban the Council on Foreign Relations, the true Communist Party of the U.S.,  and all its parasite organizations and sign a mandate banning any CFR member to work for the U.S. government, including the U.S. military, in any capacity.

Last, but not least, this candidate must promise to end the current system of for-life career politicians and change it for limited terms in office. Moreover, he must fight to pass a law by which government employees lose their right to vote —which has become the American way of buying votes and explains why we have such a bloated government.

So, I would highly appreciate it if any of my readers let me know if there is a presidential candidate that fits my requirements. If there is none, I will do something very patriotic I have been repeating every election day since 25 years ago: I will stay at home and sleep my siesta with a clear conscience that I have not been part of this anti-American charade we call Election Day.

Currently, we are beginning to repeat again the process of electing new politicians to office with the hope that they are going to change our fast course into the abyss. Allegedly, Albert Einstein once said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a clear sign of insanity. Well, however said it, he was right. [Read: Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People]

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