One of the key issues that caused Donald Trump’s astonishing rise to the top and his ultimate victory in the presidential election was putting the American worker first again.

For far too long, everyday, working Americans have gotten the shaft from a government beholden to large corporate money and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The establishment politician/corporate axis has for years promulgated the total lie that allowing illegal aliens to pour into our nation was imperative because they would “do the jobs that Americans won’t do”.

They have been repeating this same utter BS for years, Orwell style, believing that if you repeat it loudly enough, and often enough, that people will accept it as truth.

This axis encourages third-worlders to come here because they will work for substandard wages, in the process depressing wages so that Americans can’t afford to work those jobs.

I’m all for the free market, but having a free market also means that the rules are followed to ensure that it is a fair market as well. To employ what basically amounts to slave labor so that you can pad your bottom line is not traditional American capitalism – it is crony capitalism willing to bend or break any rule at the expense of American citizens.

President Trump was elected because of an expressed America First policy. Now that we are past the 100 day mark of his presidency, we have little to show for American worker advancement.

The swamp is clearly still in charge as Paul Ryan’s budget includes a call to import at least 20,000 blue collar workers from other countries under the H-2B visa program. Simply put, that means 20,000 more Americans who will be cut out again from needed jobs because people like Paul Ryan don’t care a whit about them – pleasing the U.S. Chamber with more cut-rate foreign workers is a much greater priority for Mr. Ryan.

Now comes word that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, along with Colorado congressman Ken Buck are working to replace as many as 500,000 Americans per year with more cheap foreign labor.

Their reasoning? Too many Americans have dropped out of the job market, particularly from “drug addiction”.

It is true that drug use among working class Americans has increased sharply in recent years, but can people like Johnson not connect the dots that the primary cause is economy driven, i.e. Americans are being replaced by the millions with the cheap foreign labor that that he wishes to  increase even further?

The sense of helplessness and hopelessness that has driven many into opioid dependence also drove millions in previously blue states to the polls to vote for Donald Trump, because they did want a reason to hope…and to work again.

The rust belt states have been hit particularly hard with the open borders/bad trade policies of our federal government for the last number of years. These voters saw the Trump campaign as an oasis in the middle of a sea of scorn from the inside the beltway elites.

This lousy bill, called the “State Sponsored Visa Pilot Program of 2017”, deserves the scorn of all Americans fed up with this continued tone deafness from our elected “leaders”.

We already see a proposed budget that provides no funds for the promised border wall (among many other deficiencies), and now with this bill, the coup de grace – it’s a total middle finger being extended from these establishment hacks.

This bill needs to go down in flames…

Senator Johnson needs to hear from millions of Americans, that we didn’t elect Donald Trump as president and give control of both houses of congress to the Republican Party, so that they could sell out the American people yet again.

Senator Johnson’s DC office phone number is:


Remind Mr. Johnson’s office that the primary reason so many Americans have left the work force isn’t due to drug addiction, it is because his policies have made it more attractive to draw “gubmit” checks, EBT cards and other benefits than it is to work for the slave labor wages that those same policies helped create.

Get in touch with your own congress critters as well and let them know just exactly what a steaming pile of horse manure this bill represents.

The establishment needs to know that this continued Americans Last approach is totally unacceptable.

The time to make them hear is now, whether it’s this bill, the wall or any of the other America First policies we voted for this past November.

The swamp is deep and the President himself needs to be reminded by the people who put him in office that he needs to put on his hip boots daily and fight this battle – until it is won.

© 2017 Chip MaLean – All Rights Reserved

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