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Chip McLean is the founder and editor/publisher of CHO News Publishing, the umbrella for both Capitol Hill Outsider and Capitol Hill Coffee House. He is also the co-founder, along with Chris Adamo, of Rino Tracker. Chip is a former broadcaster and long time sales professional whose interest in politics began in 1964 at the age of eight, when his parents took him to a Barry Goldwater rally during the presidential campaign. In addition to his work at Outsider News Publishing, Chip’s columns have appeared in a number of online conservative publications. Website: CapitalHillCoffeHouse E-mail: E-Mail:

“The Squad” – Pelosi’s Frankenstein Monster

For years, Pelosi has pushed an agenda that is very far to the left of most of America. The San Francisco district she represents is a microcosm of anti-Christian, anti-conservative and anti-America-as-founded radicals. Since the halcyon counter culture days of the 60s, San Francisco has been home to nearly every whack-o notion to emerge from the radical left.

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