The announcement came July 5th. The FBI is recommending no charges to be filed against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.

This is shocking. It’s also not surprising.

Donald Trump has been echoing what many of us have been saying for some time now about our government and justice department – it’s rigged.

What makes this so especially egregious in the Clinton case is that the FBI made the announcement the very day after Independence Day…A day when we celebrate the founding of our nation and the constitutional principles it was predicated upon.

Surely Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Adams, Washington et al are spinning in their graves.

Our founders deserved better than this. They risked their lives along with many others in order to found a nation upon which liberty and justice would reign supreme. Blood was shed and thousands of lives were lost in the revolution – and later wars – in order to preserve our unique constitutional republic.

Now after eight years of a closet communist community organizer’s “fundamental transformation” of what was once a great nation, we have been reduced to the level of cronyism one would find in a third world banana republic – except that would be to insult the integrity of banana republics.

The transformation into a politically correct, multicultural cesspool is nearly complete – along with a multi-tentacled “big gubmit” behemoth that is ready, willing and able to squash all dissent under the force of what it calls “law”.

The law of the founders would have easily landed Hillary Clinton behind bars many years ago for any one of the numerous scandals and shady dealings of the Clinton Crime Family.

The “law” today seemingly exists to stifle free speech, religion and the middle class. This “law” applies only to the opposition and “the little people”. The Clintons have always considered themselves to be above the law, and somehow they always seem to avoid any consequences for deeds that would involve incarceration for an average American.

Hillary’s illegal email server was designed to keep prying eyes off of the disreputable financial goings on of the Clinton Foundation. Millions of dollars from foreign interests have passed through the foundation that were apparently used to gain favor and access to our government. In addition to concealing what many say amounts to a money laundering racket, our nation’s security has been severely compromised.

And after all of that – from FBI James Comey: “No recommended charges”.

This coming the day after Independence Day…and “coincidentally” a few scant days after Bill Clinton delayed a plane for 25 minutes in order to speak to Loretta Lynch.

Lynch and Slick Willie say they didn’t talk about Hillary’s email case – they talked about “grandchildren”. Right…Bill stopped a flight to talk to Lynch about the grandkids.

That’s their version…here’s my version:

Bill tells Lynch that if she drops the whole matter, when Hillary is elected Lynch will remain as AG, or maybe even become Secretary of State. Lynch passes the word to FBI director Comey along with assurances he’ll be able to remain as well. All the while Obama – who needs Hillary to win in order to preserve his tattered “legacy” (Trump would rip it asunder) – nods with approval over all the quid pro quos.

At this point, anyone with at least a room temperature IQ knows the fix is in.

There is only one way to reclaim this republic. Donald Trump must continue to press on about how crooked that “Crooked Hillary” really is. He must do this to the point that enough of the normally apathetic electorate wakes up and goes to the polls in record numbers like they did in the primaries.

Understand that the opinion polls are rigged as well. There are far more Trump supporters than are counted by the MSM polling methodologies. What we the people must do is show up for the one poll that counts.

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