No, the event described in the title did not actually happen.

What if it actually had happened?

Unless you live in a cave with no internet access, you’ve seen the gruesome picture posted by a lame entertainer named Kathy Griffin. The picture, if somehow you missed it, depicted Griffin holding an image of President Trump’s head that appeared bloodied and decapitated ISIS style.

Griffin, who seemed to have alluded to the fact that there would be some heavy backlash to her “creation” by joking she would have to move to Mexico at the time she posted her “artwork”, has since issued an apology. Given her history, I would be more than a little suspect regarding her sincerity.

Griffin has co-hosted New Year’s Eve events for CNN, but even CNN has been forced to walk back their support for her, although they have not gone so far as to say she is through.

Some leftists even went so far as to support her.

I would ask them what they would say to eleven year old Barron Trump, the President’s son, who reportedly saw the image on television:


Trump family sources tell us Barron was in front of the TV watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. We’re told he panicked and screamed, “Mommy, Mommy!”

As it was put to us, “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad.”

President Trump blasted Griffin for posing with the head, saying, Barron was having a hard time dealing with it.

One also has to wonder what sort of sick mind would put together such a repugnant image – one that at the very least implies that it’s okay to advocate violence against the president. These are the types of sick things that inspire the appalling violence from the “tolerant” left, as witnessed post-election, and routinely on college campuses.

It would seem the entire nasty left-wing and the MSM (sorry for being redundant) who are in the violent throes of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” simply cannot accept election results and would rather continually attack this president – and by extension, all those who voted for him – rather than accept the fact that Donald Trump is our president.

Between loony tunes like Maxine Waters calling for “impeachment”, before Trump had even taken office, to the Obama holdover leakers, to the MSM reporters who no longer report and strictly give opinions and spread innuendos based on “anonymous sources” – we are seeing the most monumental effort to take out a president in the history of this country.

Now back to the original title…

Suppose that a couple of years ago, a white man – especially a “conservative” one had posted a photoshopped image of himself holding a decapitated, bloodied likeness of then President Obama’s head…what do you suppose would be the reaction?

With Griffin, there were a few obligatory “tut-tuts” and “this went too far” from some liberal media personalities. In the hypothetical case of an Obama head, said white man would not be slammed simply as “racist” and his actions “deplorable” – there would be literal calls for his head. The left would be absolutely apoplectic. Calls would come from “responsible” journalists for this man to be arrested for threatening the president. Celebrities such as Cher and Rosie O’Donnell would be actively encouraging mob rule.

Will Kathy Griffin receive that sort of treatment?

What do you think?


♠  Late edit: TMZ now reports a Secret Service investigation will be opened into the incident.

♠  CNN has announced they are terminating Griffin’s New Year’s Eve deal with them.

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