“Why aren’t I up 50 points,” exclaimed an angry Hillary Clinton. The bizarre outburst came this week after nearly all polls showed the race to be basically even, with some swinging slightly in favor of Donald Trump.

The Hildebeast has reverted to total shrill mode – a shrewish side of her that former Clinton staffers have alluded to on numerous occasions but is almost universally ignored by the sycophantic MSM.

Hillary is angry because she believes it’s “her turn” to be president but Donald Trump and his supporters keep getting in her way. Of course, she also believed that it was “her turn” in 2008, when (in her view), she was robbed after Democrats decided that the “black card” – pardon the expression – “trumped” the “woman card”.

So Hillary instead became the most horrific Secretary of State in the nation’s history…

During her tenure, she compromised our national security with her illegal private email server. That would of course be the same server on which the emails were subsequently deleted with BleachBit – right after those emails were subpoenaed. FBI Director James Comey, in choosing not to charge her with a crime, was nonetheless forced to admit that almost anyone else would have been prosecuted for the sort of gross mishandling of classified material that occurred under Hillary Clinton.

Below is a great video that demonstrates the vast difference between what Hillary Clinton claimed, and what the FBI investigation actually found.

But as we all know, the Clintons have always viewed rules as being for “other people”.

Then of course there is the Benghazi scandal itself. Hillary’s meddling in Libya not only left diplomat Chris Stevens and three others dead, but it also paved the way for radical Islamists (a term she steadfastly – like Obama – refuses to use) to take over the region.

As Yogi Berra would have said, “it’s déjà vu all over again.” Didn’t we learn from our experience in Iraq that taking out dictators always leaves a vacuum – something that nature abhors? In the Middle East, that vacuum always seems to be filled by charming, peaceful, humanitarian organizations such as ISIS.

Hillary also favors open borders along with a 550% increase in Syrian refugees on top of what Obama has already imported into our country. Everyone knows that these “refugees” are virtually impossible to vet. In fact State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted just this week that Islamic State terrorists are trying to mingle with refugee populations overseas in the hopes of making it to the U.S. posing as refugees. Hillary and Obama’s policies have made the entire world – including America – far less safe from terrorism.

We also know that Hillary used her office as a conduit for the money laundering, supposedly “charitable” Clinton Foundation to enrich Bill, Chelsea and herself. Perhaps Bill Clinton would try to parse the definition of “charity”, but what sort of “charity” only sees 6% of the contributions going to bona-fide recipients? Even notoriously inefficient government agencies have a far better track record of benefitting those in need.

Of course, I suppose rich foreign interests have “needs” as well – important things like obtaining the rights to nearly a quarter of our uranium is certainly a great Russian “need”. The Clinton Foundation has certainly assisted many such “donors” in “need”, thanks to much help from Hillary gal pal Huma Abedin. Huma’s “job” evidently consisted of arranging meetings between said “donors” and the then Secretary of State.

In fact, over half of Mrs. Clinton’s “meetings” with non-government personnel were with Clinton Family donors. Perhaps she was discussing renting out the Lincoln Bedroom if she’s elected, just like in the good ‘ol days when hubby Slick Willie was in charge of the White House.

Hillary’s obvious health issues represent just the latest in a forty year series of lies and cover-ups on the part of the Clintons. The Hillary campaign has been less than forthcoming on this, despite the fact that a number of respected medical practitioners have raised concerns. Hillary has tried to simply make this go away by snidely dismissing all questions about her health. But then, obfuscation has always been a part of the Clinton modus operandi, whether it’s about Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, Chinagate, cattle futures, Vince Foster, missing Rose Law Firm records, not to mention what the meaning of “is”, is.

In addition, there’s the “war on women” where Hillary sends out the attack dogs to besmirch and threaten all of the women that Bill has harassed (or worse). This fine, family tradition has carried straight on through the twenty first century.

It’s a Clinton thing, lying. The Clintons would rather tell a lie than the truth even if the truth would benefit them. They just can’t seem to help it – it’s pathological. The Clintons have spent many years perfecting the art of lying. The problem for Hillary is that although she lies just as much as Bill, she is nowhere near as convincing. The chief reason is that she possesses all the charisma of a rotted tree stump.

And therein lays her problem – Hillary Rodham Clinton is not only one of the most corrupt politicians in American history, she is perhaps also the most singularly unlikable one as well. When she’s not busy referring to half the country as being a “basket of deplorables”, she’s using terrorism to once again push for more gun control. Disarming law-abiding American citizens in the face of the increased danger from Islamic terrorists is not only antithetical to the second amendment, it also flies in the face of logic. The fact is she seems to go out of her way to insult the intelligence of everyday, working Americans. She seems to have a special antipathy for coal miners.

So Hillary, believing once again that it is “her turn”, indignantly poses the question, “Why aren’t I up 50 points?”. What is sad that she actually believes she is entitled to a 50 point lead in the polls – that somehow the voters owe her. What she is truly owed is a 50 year stretch in prison.

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