By Chip McLean

Evidently engaging in sedition by paying for-hire rioters doesn’t occupy enough of George Soros’ time, so he stays engaged in a whole host of globalist “let’s erase American sovereignty” activity. Now the Washington Times is reporting that Soros is funding groups who are pushing for lowering the voting age to 17.

For a very long time, voting was restricted – wisely – to those who had attained the age of 21. We also restricted voting to those who were American citizens and who weren’t taking dirt naps but Democrats and people like Soros have been finding all sorts of ways to get around those requirements as evidenced by the ever increasing voter fraud in Democrat controlled precincts…but I digress.

The voting age was lowered to 18 some years back as a response to the Viet Nam war era draft. While there may be some logic to “if you’re old enough to die for your country, you’re old enough to vote”, it also is a fact that we no longer have a draft – therefore the original impetus for lowering the voting age no longer exists.

The fact is that people don’t generally mature until well into their 20s. The founders recognized this fact, hence the voting age minimum of 21. Eighteen is indeed a stretch, but here we have Soros and Democrats trying to lower the bar to 17.

Does anyone think that the average 17 year old has the maturity, wisdom or a command of basic civics and issues to be a responsible voter?

There are even some groups pushing for 16!

Obviously Soros and the Democrats are pushing for this to increase their share of the electorate, as the Dems have been losing on just about every front you can think of in terms of governorships, state and county legislatures, not to mention the U.S. presidency and both houses of congress.

The Democrats – who I like to refer to as the “Gimmedat” party – appeal mainly to those who engage in identity politics, the ignorant and those who take much, but contribute nothing to society.

We’ve seen all of these “protests” designed not to exercise freedom of speech, but to trample the rights of others. There is no maturity or actual political discourse in what these miscreants are doing – heck, most of them don’t even know what they are protesting, beyond what anti-American talking points they have been given in “big gubmit” indoctrination centers, otherwise known as “public education”.

Burning  and smashing things that don’t belong to them and impeding the flow of traffic of those who actually work for a living is their modus operandi. They don’t exactly make a compelling case for lowering the voting age.

In fact they more closely resemble a bunch of pre-schoolers throwing a tantrum after being told they can’t have an expensive toy while in a public place.

Soros might as well push for lowering the voting age to three. He could then find plenty of “voters” willing to vote for the “Gimmedats”. The only problem would be arranging transportation as they won’t have driver licenses.

Of course, many Democrat voters don’t have those now…they’ll just need to double up on the number of buses and “community organizers”.

© Chip McLean, 2017. All rights reserved.

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