They say a leopard never changes his spots, and with that being a given, you could also say that a RINO never loses his horn…

John McCain has made a career out of cultivating an image of being a “maverick”, or at least that’s what the mainstream media likes to call him. To anyone on the right, he’s nothing more than an egotistical blowhard who loves being a thorn in the side of his own party.

Like his toady Lindsey Graham, McCain isn’t a conservative, a nationalist, a constitutionalist, an America Firster or any other related ideology. The fact is that John McCain is nothing more than a big spending, open borders liberal who has far more in common with the Democrats than he does the Republicans.

Like Lindsey Graham (or Grahamnesty, as I like to call him), McCain has never met an illegal alien he didn’t like, nor a trade agreement that would put American workers out of work that he wouldn’t support. He’s also never seen a war that he didn’t want to start with nations that pose no threat to our national security and whose internal politics were not germane to our vital interests.

John McCain is a neocon globalist. His open borders, globalism philosophy is the product of one whose interests are aligned with the US Chamber of Commerce, not middle class Americans. He is Wall Street, not Main Street. McCain only cares about getting more non-Americans into the country, and getting accolades from the MSM for supporting a “pathway to citizenship”, i.e. amnesty.

The thing that people like McCain never seem to learn is that the favor they wish to curry from the MSM only happens when they are savaging those on the right, and when they are sabotaging their own party. Once McCain got the nomination in 2008 to run against Barack Obama for president, suddenly the press turned on him like wolves. Anyone who follows all of this knew that would happen. Yet, even after losing to Obama, McCain went back to his old ways and continued to skewer conservatives and conservative values with regularity.

So now here comes McCain once again to bask in the limelight. After being released from his recent stay in the hospital, McCain returns to Senate with much fanfare, as he gives the GOP the 50th vote (VP Pence then cast the tie-breaking 51st vote) to bring Obamacare back to the floor for debate. Then, just as quickly, McCain votes against his own party – again, and stops repeal of Obamacare. This was a bill that passed with zero Republican votes and repealing it was a major plank of the platform that helped elect Donald Trump as President, and helped maintain GOP majorities in both houses. But true to form, McCain sabotaged the effort.

As I said, RINOs never lose their horns, and John McCain is the biggest RINO of all.

What I find incomprehensible is that a state that elected conservative icon Barry Goldwater as their US Senator, continues to re-elect this reprehensible egomaniac.

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