Sidney Secular

January 8, 2022

Illegal aliens, “legal” aliens, and refugees increasingly stream into the US as part of a vast global swarming of third-worlders into Western nations aided and abetted by the powers-that-shouldn’t be. Immune to charges of “white privilege,”because few if any are white, they are tempted to come because they see successful essentially white countries will coddle and support them once they arrive. Many of their relatives have already battened upon the nation’s body like hordes of leaches sending scads of money to their families at home and, of course, money talks. This money sent by “immigrants” to the third world only intensifies the desire to immigrate to Anglo land and the chain migration of near and not-so-near relatives makes that desire possible.

Thus, it is relatively simple to round up caravans of invaders to make the trek north, especially when George Soros is providing cushy bus transportation, food and accommodations. Parenthetically, you didn’t really believe the photos of thousands trudging along in the wilderness shoulder to shoulder twenty abreast towards the promised land were real, did you? Looked staged, no? They were likely paid as extras in documentaries to inflame American pity, tax support and charity payments.As well, the adults among them know they can get past porous borders since there are no actual consequences for doing so but merely some temporary inconvenience –if that! Meanwhile, children along with drugs come in with the “refugees” making the whole thing a great money maker for the traffickers in both kids and drugs.

Then there is another consideration: the money illegals earn in the US does us no good, since little of it is circulated in our economy, as normal wages would be. Neither do these people pay taxes though they benefit from tax-funded social programs. As a result, adding more illegals means more money leaving the country and added welfare payments to support or partially support many of those who earn money, frequently “off the books.” As another consequence of our boundless stupidity, more and more US hospitals shut down unable to serve the everyday health needs of the hordes of invaders, each with several kids, who use emergency rooms as doctor’s offices and ambulances as taxi cabs.

The current zeitgeist, worth zilch to true patriots and anyone of intelligence, dictates that Christians in the West must support the rest of the world’s inhabitants regardless of the consequences to themselves and their nations. They are assured that they must bleed themselves dry to the point of destroying their own resources. Liberal atheists and those liberal “Christians” too guilt-ridden to admit their disassociation with what remains of Christianity, are for all intents and purposes the same insofar as to being drowned by the world’s detritus without giving it a second thought; that is, if they could actually think without being swept away in mindless emotional outbursts.

Whites form the bulwark, ballast, and base of the current system, but they are losing population in relative numbers and have pretty much lost clout as their demonization proceeds apace. They produce about 2.03 children per propagating couple, which is well below the 3.0 or more needed just to maintain their absolute numbers and even this is now under attack by the “LGBT community” that has declared war on science, biology and sanity. What will these parasites do when their unwilling hosts can no longer host them in the style to which they have become accustomed?Usually the fate of a failed host is death and the parasites go elsewhere to seek another.

Around the establishment of Earth Day and the introduction of the worship of the goddess Gaia, environmental and conservation interest groups turned their concerns from overpopulation–  something they saw as behind the environmental despoilation and the depletion of natural resources. This was an outgrowth of the concern over our materialistic way of living with which the hippie culture took great issue though many of those same hippies had no problem benefitting from that which they condemned! Suddenly, the overpopulation issue was dropped as a concern at least in the West since it was apparent that the new invasion of illegals was by far the major source of the population increase and the consequent despoilation, especially in the border areas. The newly sanctified illegals were to be worshipped and supported rather than criticized–  and removed!

To a certain extent, this change in zeitgeist was contested within some environmental groups, but when the Sierra Club, the most prestigious of them succumbed to the new policy dropping overpopulation as a major issue, other environmental groups followed suit. The establishment had to cover their crime of opening the floodgates to the “foreign” types in 1965 in the US and Canada, so they stifled discussion of overpopulation as a major problem. Out of mind is out of sight, so to speak, if you’re of a mind to not notice bad stuff happening.

Since 1965 the libbers and RINO “sickophants” have been agitating for open borders and have pushed schemes to relax all barriers to entry of foreigners. They would like for the issue of overpopulation to become passe and for any and all foreigners –  other than white Europeans –  to pass unimpeded over our borders and eventually to eliminate borders altogether. Indeed, before the opening of the New Millennium, the North American Union was well in the works including a “national” currency. That it did not come to pass as did the European Union, was not the fault of the globalists who are to blame for the current situation. Indeed, under their tutelage, these “one-worlders”have let criminals in,refusing to deport them –  a matter that has led to the injury and death of many citizens of our country! They have created sanctuary zones where immigrant criminals are accommodated and coddled while continuing their criminal activities with little worry about prosecution. This is but a step towards the “Alien Nation” that Peter Brimelow wrote about in his book of that title. The entire nation will soon be alien–  and hostile –  to its natural citizens!

The 1965 changes in immigration policy represented a “twofer,”providing cheap labor to displace American workers and adding to the “demonrat” voting base. It also represented another type of gain by the globalists in that the very concept of citizenship could be diluted to the point of irrelevance and the patriotic connection between Americans and their nation could be nullified. Another goal of our treasonous leaders was furthered by assuring that America’s mighty“middle class” – the thing that has made our nation unique in the world since our founding! – would be eventually eliminated through the overwhelming burden of the taxes required to support the invaders through the many programs established for their benefit. As an added insult, these “refugees” were permitted to use programs not created for their benefit such as affirmative action.

False memes were mouthed using guilt to manipulate the masses whenever a campaign was mounted to give the immigrants special benefits or privileges such as amnesty. We were told we were a nation of immigrants although most of us were born here and the whole “melting pot” claim was a fiction created by a Jew named Israel Zangwill and used in a 1908 play entitled “The Melting Pot.” Zangwill was a Jewish immigrant from Czarist Russia and a dedicated advocate of Zionism and “Territorialism,” – a Jewish political movement calling for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel. The result of this fiction was that for years after the play appeared, Americans were being told that we are a “mix of different cultures” despite the fact that we remained 90% ethnically and culturally European until the immigration act of 1965, an act that was passed with the promise that it would not change the cultural and racial makeup of the United States.

As well, the distinction between colonists and immigrants was intentionally confused by teaching that the original colonists murdered the original native population and established black slavery in the New World while the Founders did not address the issue. The early English settlers were colonists, not immigrants in the true sense of that word. To further malign our founding, the values of Western Civilization were devalued as having been created to make blacks worthy only to be slaves. Yet, the first black to become an actual slave under the law rather than an “indentured servant” had been purchased by Anthony Johnson, a black man who came to the New World as a slave but worked his way to freedom. Johnson bought another black man and when that man wanted to buy his way out of slavery, Johnson took him to court and had him declared a slave for life! However, prior to this monumental event, there had been plenty of white slaves in the colonies before 1651 a fact that is quickly and conveniently forgotten!

Among the lies Americans have been told was the claim that non-white immigrants were needed to do the work Americans wouldn’t do probably because none of those companies engaging workers were willing to pay a decent wage!Remember, when these “immigrants” weren’t around this work had always been done when required! Of course, American workers expected to be paid and that meant the company made less money and the purchaser of the service paid more for it. That’s the way of the free market. However,because Americans were being squeezed by increasing tax burdens and higher prices, we naturally became more cost conscious and willing to employ immigrant labor because they worked for less and were sometimes paid “under the table!” That seemed to be great for everybody, but very soon we found that this sort of “double-dealing” led to disaster. We stopped thinking about what would happen if all citizens did that. That was not only unfortunate, but it was also another blow to America’s moral character.

Another aspect of the problem arose when lower level, blue collar and service jobs that had always provided our youth with needful learning experiences and the value of hard work at the beginning of their adult work lives became “unavailable.” These jobs also provided an opportunity to save some money and thus learn its value and get their adult lives off to a good start! It prepared America’s youth with the financial discipline required to deal with such things as down payments on the purchase of a home and with those mortgages necessary to maintain one. The budgeting of money cannot be taught unless the person involved has money to budget! And interestingly enough, most people who obtain money from other than hard work tend to spend it as if it were easily replaceable and for them, perhaps it is. Hence, stealing money or being given money does not lead to frugal habits with it. Nothing does that but hard work.

Now many of our young people have no skills to earn a living and as a result hang around until they finally are ready – or more truthfully are able, to leave home though many are now into their 30s. This “lifestyle” does not prepare them to be adults and they often tend to be immature for much longer periods, sometimes for the rest of their very unfulfilling lives! They marry later –  if they marry at all! – and wind up having few or no children and thus, are not part of a stable household. Of course, this scenario has become one cause of our declining population rate.

With “Sloppy” Joe’s installation as puppet, the stage was set for a nearly unfettered infiltration of unfathomable numbers of below-the-border peons and various types of perps such as drug pushers, pregnant women seeking anchor babies, girls and boys to be trafficked as prostitutes and players for porn productions, etc. An underclass is being set up as a permanent, disposable pool of cheap labor for the service and sex industries and manual labor.

Pushing his chutzpah to the limits, Biden wanted to bring back into the US illegals who had been deported under previous administrations as criminals. That idea seems to have been put on hold for now but like everything else libber, it will come back to haunt us at some future point as a proposal or secretive practice if we get too complacent or, we don’t get rid of the present “government.”

Let’s look at the numbers, a situation that may leave the reader numb. In 2021, Biden facilitated an invasion of two million illegals, double the “normal” one million, plus an unknown number that sneaked in undetected. In a “normal” year, one million legal immigrants are also added to the population. Many of these legals are illegals who have “graduated” and made it without being deported, as they should have been. Some of these new legals may be of a higher intellectual or moral caliber than the rest, but few are part of the white “majority” (for the moment!), and some will have difficulty assimilating at least while we still have an American culture. We average close to one million babies produced by all categories of immigrants annually, many of the “anchor category,” that is, a misreading of the 14th Amendment (itself not a legally ratified amendment) that has been validated by the immigration law of 1965. Legal or not, however, this situation is proceeding as if it were legal with little signs of it being stopped!

So altogether, we have at least 4.6 million people added to the population annually, nearly all of them third-worlders. That’s over and above annual deaths. At that rate, at least 35 million more people will have been added to the population by 2030. That makes the US the third fastest growing country in the world behind India and China. How can our country feed, water, house, educate, and create jobs for such a number? Especially as the productive population (mostly whites) falls while the unproductive and even costly criminal population (most of whom are minorities) rises exponentially? If we are forced to rely on electric, solar, and wind with gas, oil, and nuclear being eliminated, is there any way in the world we will have enough power to keep us out of the dark? The grid is shaky enough now and we are fast learning that many of our enemies have “energy weapons” that could send us back to the stone age in a very short time.

But there is more to the problem than electrical energy. Right now, seven states face extreme water shortages – Florida, Georgia, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and, of course, California. Yet all those states keep receiving invaders as well as being magnets for the snowbirds and retirees seeking warmer climes. By 2050, another 100 million people, nearly all immigrants, will have been added to our population, raising it from 330 million to 440 million. Since the population increases will be greatest in and around the nation’s metropolitan areas, it means the populations of our 35 largest cities will be doubled. New York City’s population would jump from 8.3 million to 16.6 million if, of course, the Big Apple hasn’t been eaten by the liberal enemies of civilization–  and the city’s mayor. The gridlock in these places could become even more unmanageable and the pressure on the infrastructure, already antiquated, will undoubtedly break down. Could we deal with the results of such a scenario and especially with the unimaginable crime levels that are already far higher than they were but a few years ago? Natural resources are finite and the Earth can only yield so much, and so unending population growth within limited areas of the planet will have to come to a halt sometime soon or the result will be chaos.

But in the end, it’s not the number of people but rather, as I’ve tried to point out here, the type of people and their ability to live within the culture and better it. No one can say that what is being “imported” into the West and especially America today meets any of these qualifications. On the other hand,not too long ago, those trying to prevent the predicted and undesirable “de-population” movement, pointed out that if you put all the people in the world in a “crowd,” they would fit into Rhode Island– hardly our biggest state –  and with room to spare! No, the problem is not the number of people but the fact that people who are not mutually suited to live in our society are being forced upon us and displacing us – the original population! This is intentional and is designed to foster exactly what is happening. The Japanese understand this and that is why they do not welcome great numbers of immigrants into their nation. Indeed, they don’t want people who insist on their own culture, such as the Muslims. As the Japanese Prime Minister said recently, it was his duty to protect the Japanese people! Sadly, nobody has that understanding of what should be done for Americans and Europeans!

How we address the issues not just of numbers but of culture is the concern we should be addressing. Even if we halted immigration altogether right now, the US population would continue to expand as the immigrant birth rates will force the matter. We will have exceeded our “carrying capacity” long before the population levels off sometimes after 2050 because these people are not “pulling their weight,”and by that time, our culture and way of life will no longer exist.

Post Scriptum: We must also be aware that warnings against “overpopulation” are fueling the desire by the New World Order elites and their “tech” geniuses to produce “vaccines” designed to do just what many are calling for – that is, to reduce the planet’s population to what they consider to be “manageable levels.” But like everything else, it becomes a matter of whose ox is being gored! And given that at the moment, the group being condemned to extinction are the very people who raised mankind from the Stone age to the stars and ended the much condemned slave trade at least between Africa and the New World – that is, the White Race! – I suggest that we look most carefully at whatever is presented as a “cure” for our present “overpopulation.”


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Book published in March 2021: “America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations”, by Frosty Wooldridge, available on Amazon or call 1-888-519-5121.

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