US Army Special Forces, the famed Green Berets are admired and feared throughout the world.  The Green Berets have earned that respect through their effective operations throughout the world.  These effective operations were results of their demanding standards, selection process and the motivation of the Green Berets themselves.

Could that be changing?

Ray Starmann over at U.S. Defense Watch  has an eye-opening expose of what he says is happening to U.S. Army Special Forces (the Green Berets), as Army leadership doggedly rams through the 2015 Obama Administration directive to open all combat slots to females.  Where is Trump on this issue?

Reportedly, standards are being relaxed because leadership wants women warriors, so that’s what they’re going to have, willy-nilly, even if it destroys readiness.   Starmann  writes that…

It was only a matter of time…
Since 2015, no woman has successfully made it through SFQC, or the Special Forces Qualification Course since Ash Carter, with a stroke of a pen, created the single greatest disaster in US military history, the authorization for women to serve in the combat arms and special operations units.
But, that is about to change…
The army’s leaders, which in 2017, consist mainly of social justice warriors, flaming liberals and back-stabbing ticket-punching, perfumed princes, have consistently demonstrated that they possess neither the warrior ethos nor the moral courage to challenge the social engineering insanity invading the lean green machine.  Our country’s national security is being damaged every day and the army’s senior leadership is more focused on political correctness and diversity than war fighting.
Green Beret Training Standards Now Lower than Army ROTC Camp in the 80’s
Ray Starmann, US Defense Watch, Dec. 19, 2017

Starmann quotes from an anonymous letter from within Special Forces, complaining about this.  The letter was  “…written by one or several training personnel from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School…indicting senior Green Beret officers and enlisted men for essentially erasing any physical standards for those who seek the Green Beret, in order to successfully pass females through the program, while placating feminists in the Pentagon.”

If what the letter says is true, it’s very disturbing.

The Green Beret runs a demanding training program for applicants, and trainees can wash out if they don’t pass the tests.   According to the letter, however, the program is being altered so that trainees so graduates can complete the training without passing physical tests or land navigation tests.   Can this really be?

Starmann even compares it with an ROTC course he took in the 1980s, which he finds more demanding than the requirements of current Green Beret training.

You can read the whole article here.

Major General Kurt Sonntag, who runs the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School at Fort Bragg  says that “no fundamental SF standard has been removed. No academic or character performance standards have been adjusted.” (See here).

Supposedly the Army is investigating.  Are Army investigators going to get to the root of the issue though?  Would they question the whole rationale for having women in the Green Berets and combat units in general?

Where is the Trump administration on this?

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