Sidney Secular

January 1, 2022

They’re expanding and spreading all across the fruited plain – bulging bellies! All that sports equipment and gym workouts will hardly matter ifone continues to imbibe those hi-calorie drinks and slurp up all that junk food that predisposesone’s body to add layers of blubber on top of whatever new muscles are being built up! You have to walk, jog or run miles in your expensive running shoes in order to lose an ounce of avoirdupois when an ounce of prevention might well dispose you to lose pounds of same. Two-thirds of Americans are at least 40 pounds overweight – ‘nuff said!

Of course, the plannedemic drove people to drink both figuratively and actually – and to eat increasing amounts of comfort foods in an effort to tolerate the intolerable. Consider the increase of visits to junk food dispensaries in 2021 as opposed to the figure available from 2020! There was a:

54.4% increase to burger chains;

a 32.1% increase to Tex-Mex joints;

a 29.5% increase to fried chicken chains; and, finally, a

16.2% increase to pizzerias.

The motives of our overlords are so easy to discern once you assume they’re out to do us in by – among other things – enticing us to expand our bellies! The local small business eateries and independent restaurants that would have provided more nourishing and healthy fare were deliberately labeled non-essential and therefore shuttered. As a result, these businesses suffered greatly during the Covidiocy through non-existent profits. Many never recovered and were shuttered permanently. The fast food outlets are franchise businesses whose head corporations are almost exclusively partly or wholly owned by multinational conglomerates. As a result, these were considered “essential” and provided with a clear field of business in order to increase their patronage and thus their profits during the peak of the Covidiocy. As a result of direct government interference at the state and local levels, business formerly enjoyed by the independent eateries was to a large extent shunted over to the fast food joints during the “crisis.”

Of course, some of these increases came from consumers seeking fast and cheap comfort foods to assuage their emotional discomfort from the assault upon their ordinary, normal lives and the resultant feelings of misery and fear. Such methods are very useful to those who wish to dictate who we are, what we can do and what will happen should we not to do what we are constantly assured is in our best interest and “for our own good.” Furthermore, many ordinary folks lost their jobs during the “plannedemonium” and when their local supermarkets carried a lot of nothing but empty shelves, they could not afford more expensive restaurants and returned to the cheaper foods supplied by the junk outlets. In these familiar haunts they could belly up to the fixins’ bar and at least have the illusion of plenty if not the real thing. And, finally, with the sudden price increases fueled by inflation all across the board, the average American is staying with his less expensive fried foods thus making the fast food joints richer while his belly become further inflated.

But meanwhile, partaking of poor nutrition by partaking of inferior foods is making people sicker and increasing their visits to their doctors who are only too happy to prescribe Big Pharma’s pills and potions and, of course, vaxxes. Since the flu has suddenly returned after being absent these last two years since the sudden appearance of “COVID,” Americans have returned to dealing with this annual pathogen though it is now frequently misidentified as Covid or a variant thereof.Annual bouts of the flu and the “common cold” – a “coronavirus!” is nothing new, but today many are having a worse time because of their unhealthy eating! Naturally, the increase in the strength of whatever pathogen is involved is blamed upon the pathogen, not upon the poor physical condition of the person ill with that pathogen. As a result, it is easier to “sell” regular flu shots and boosters as well as these poisonous “vaccines” that aren’t “vaccines” thus making doctors and pharmaceutical companies richer than ever!As we have seen, it is especially appealing to obtain immunity from our“health transgressions” so that we, the transgressors, do not have to suffer the consequences for that is what these “vaccines” promise. American and global medicine has become another conventional religion wherein one does not have to suffer the consequences of sin if one confesses and takes one’s medicine. These medical vultures with their caduceus wands, hover over mankind making ever decreasing circles in the air as they come down to peck at our pockets and wait for us to expire in accordance with their depopulation schemes.

Most of “the stuff” people stuff themselves with at the fast food eateries damages our bodies in a “slo-mo” process leading to heart attacks, cancer, strokes, dementia, diabetes, degenerative diseases, and generally premature aging. A poor diet causes a buildup of body toxins and those most affected have lowered resistance to everything often made worse by the present anti-Covid vaxxes that contain a slew/stew of harmful, even deadly chemicals including aborted baby parts and living parasites as well as nanotechnology more suitable to Robby the Robot than people! Obviously, such poisons add to the body’s toxic overload. The purveyors of the various poisons we consume both intentionally and without our knowledge such as those that are in our environment (chemtrails, microwave energy, etc) predispose as well as prime us for an early exit even while many are in the prime of life and all the while we continue to pump more and more money into the poison purveyors’ pockets.

But it is never too late to turn things around and, to a certain extent, regain much of one’s vitality. First, watch your diet! Go back to or stick with unprocessed and even some uncooked whole foods as much as possible, and greatly increase your consumption of fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts. Decrease your consumption of meat and animal products if you ingest large amounts of them. However, make sure whatever you do eat, is what it is supposed to be and not something “created” by people who do not have your best interests at heart!

Of course, you have heard this type of advice many times but there is much to be said for it. Obviously, if you wish specific guidance, seek out practitioners of preventive and what is called “natural” medicine as opposed to the conventional medical practitioners who generally are not too knowledgeable on matters outside of their specific disciplines and have become in most instances, shills for Big Pharma. And while the occasional pizza or Chinese dinner or other dietary fling is not fatal (yet!) you should stay away from the purveyors of fast foods in order to make a healthy start in the right direction.

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