In part one, I pointed out several dangers which I considered to be innately lurking in what would come forth in the renegotiating of the proposed “free trade” agreement – NAFTA, but there were many more which I was unable to cover.  Therefore, let’s look at some of what I left out.

NAFTA, Economics or Liberty

Listening to the President’s recent speech to the Farm Bureau in Nashville, Tennessee, I was quite encouraged by his recounting of all the accomplishments of his administration in his first year. However, at one point I became somewhat apprehensive when he spoke of NAFTA.  He made the statement that we are renegotiating NAFTA to make sure that our workers and businesses get a fair deal.

The question arises, if he is only looking at NAFTA from the standpoint of economics, what would be fair for workers and business? What about our sovereignty, our independence, in short – our total liberty? On the basis of all we have seen posted, this is something which has not been mentioned. And it makes me very suspicious, it worries me that any mention of the possibility of loss of American sovereignty is purposely being avoided.  Not only is it being avoided, but even more sinister than that, I suspect that our trade representatives, especially Mr. Robert Lighthizer who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is managing the negotiations in a way that keeps sovereignty out of the dialogue.

Trade Deals, Global Governance and Regionalism

As noted in part one, we all had hopes that President Trump’s pulling out of the TPP was a precursor to what lay ahead relative to all of the so-called trade deals. Yet, he has surrounded himself, either knowingly or otherwise, with those whose agendas are the complete antithesis of his own. Therefore, once again, the CFR emerges in the person of Robert Lighthizer, the veteran trade negotiator.

Let’s look at a bit of the background. The initial attempt of the globalist insiders to put into motion an international apparatus to result in what is referred to as the “new world order,” was the League of Nations. However, since the United States Senate was allowed to read the proposal, it was rejected; and this resulted in these Conspirators for a World Government having to start from scratch to form a new entity to pursue their dream, or their goal of Global Governance.  And that would usher in a period of world bondage which would be comparable to what people had to contend with during the dark ages.

Global governance and Regionalism are sisters for the New World Order.  In 1970 President Nixon divided the United States Into ten federal regions. Each region had a large federal building which held offices dealing with the myriad bureaus the executive branch had under its control. One of those was called the Regional Educational Laboratories (REL).  There was one REL in each of the 10 regions. Their purpose was to write innovative (read psycho-social) curricula for the government school systems.  These would be disseminated down to the change agents, either in the State Boards or the Local School Boards. Or even to the progressive teachers or school principals, to brainwash our children into accepting their communist agenda.

John Foster Dulles

They didn’t have to scratch very deep to come up with a ready-made founder of the new entity in the person of John Foster Dulles who served as Secretary of State under Eisenhower.  John Foster Dulles had been one of Woodrow Wilson’s (Federal Reserve and Income tax) young proteges at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. A founding member of the CFR…he was an in-law of the Rockefellers, Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Board Chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Now, why do I single-out Dulles as a possible ready-made founder of the new entity which was to become the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?  Because Dulles was already a part of what we now refer to as the establishment, or in current vernacular, The Swamp, i.e., the forces which coordinate the agenda for world government.

Dulles’ Unconstitutional Position on Treaties

His position on treaties practically confirms that his thinking was in line with all liberal ideas of a future world government. Link

One example of the propaganda of the insiders is a quote of Mr. Dulles from a speech he delivered in 1952 before a meeting of the Louisville Bar Association.

“Treaties make international law and also, they make domestic law. Under our constitution, treaties become the supreme law of the land…treaties, for example, can take powers away from the Congress and give them to the President; they can take powers from the states and give them to the Federal Government or to some international body, and they can cut across the rights given the people by their constitutional bill of rights.”

This was the mind-set that was being promoted by the forces of globalism so as to prepare and condition people to accept the lie that was a key part of their agenda as the truth. This was to serve as part of the conditioning so they would accept things as they played out resulting in the loss of sovereignty and the incremental loss of all our God given liberties stated in our Constitution by our founders.

This is what the people were conditioned to believe at the time and probably the majority still do.  Only recently have I learned differently.

When Dulles founded the CFR in 1921 and added a number of like-minded globalists to the membership, he began the quest which the CFR was organized to accomplish, which was to fundamentally change the United States of America so that it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

CFR Penetration Into American Politics

They proceeded to attempt to accomplish this through getting their membership well established in the leadership of foundations, pseudo-conservative organizations, even those that were ostensibly anti-communist, and also in the leadership of companies via CEOs, vice presidents, and presidents.

All this is in addition to their membership/agents who became Senators and Congressmen, and I haven’t even mentioned those that were saturated into various departments of the government.  As an example of how they operated in the foundations, on page 205 of the “Shadows of Power”, by James Perloff, he reveals:

In the fall of 1953, Norman Dodd, Director of research for the Reese Committee, was invited to the headquarters of the Ford Foundation by its President, H. Rowan Gaither (CFR).”  According to Dodd, Gaither told him, “Mr. Dodd, all of us here at the policy making level have had experience, either in OSS (Office of Strategic Services) or the European Economic Administration, with directives from the White House. We operate under those directives here; would you like to know what those directives are?” Dodd replied that he would. Gaither said: “The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

These directives, spoken of by the president of the Ford Foundation, were coming from the White House. And who was in the White House? It was one our most celebrated heroes of WWII, Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Years ago the Ford Foundation, at a cost of $25 million over 10 years, wrote the frightening New States Constitution which eliminates God given rights from our founders’ Constitution and it is waiting in the wings for another Constitutional Convention.

Recruited by Globalists

No doubt Eisenhower had been recruited by the globalists to prevent true conservative Senator Taft from becoming the Republican nominee.  The powers knew that Taft, on becoming President would be opposed to their world government schemes, while Ike would be a supporter of the agenda. I’m sure he had committed to that course of action when he agreed to become the Republican Nominee.

Soon after he became President and within months of the speech on treaties being international law superseding constitutional law by John Foster Dulles, Dulles was chosen by Eisenhower for his Secretary of State. This was the norm within Ike’s administration, to bring many globalist-minded individuals into the government. There is no doubt his advance of the Globalist Agenda, which he was a part of, even as early as at the beginning of his military career, played into him jumping from a Lt. Colonel to a five-star General in one giant leap.

Later, in the period leading up to World War II and after, China was added to the evil mix with the State Department’s aid in helping Mao Tsung’s takeover after the war. This was the result of the CFR becoming the dominant player in the State Department. The CFR began working on aiding the Communists to take-over China.  Sadly, MacArthur was so very right, when during the Korean War, he told Truman that we should retaliate against the Chinese aggression in North Korea, and Truman denied his request.

Council on Foreign Relations Infiltration

To get a clearer sense of how the CFR was able to saturate itself into the State Department in such a way as to attain power to make all decisions relative to international policy – go here, and click on as many of the links as you desire and have time for. I believe this will be an eye-opener for you. I would like to take credit for the links, but I can’t; the credit for them goes to my friend and proof reader, Kelleigh Nelson, who writes for News with Views.

Okay, so why all this about the CFR; what does it have to do with the scheme of things?  It’s very simple.  The CFR has everything to do with what we are presently caught-up in. The CFR was put together, organized, and instituted for the express purpose of changing America so that it could be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.

This is the reason the combined forces of the Left are pulling out the stops to destroy President Trump and his agenda, for they know if he is even half-way successful in bringing it to fruition it could set them back possibly 20 or 30 years, or even longer.

The CFR has been working on this for almost 100 years, and the forces which brought them into being, even before that were on the threshold of success, but now the possibility exists that it might be snatched away from them.  They were oh so close, so now they have to keep using everything at their disposal to try to stop President Trump.

Part of the CFRs strategies to accomplish their goals are “free trade” agreements, which are really treaties. Through them the Constitution could be amended/eroded without Congress taking any action. They do this by abrogating the Constitution:

Article 1, Section 8: The Congress shall have the power to…regulate commerce with foreign nations. If the various trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP place this power in the hands of a regional, international entity – which these trade agreements do – they alter the Constitution without amendments.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a treaty 42 inches tall consisting of 30 chapters, of which only five were about trade. The average thickness of each chapter was 1.4 inches. This tells us that the amount of the 42-inch stack about trade might have been only about 7 inches.

What about that remaining 35 inches? It was about how our country and our laws would have to be changed, and how much of our liberties we would have to give up.

According to then Senator Sessions, it would result in open borders along with unlimited immigration. In addition, there was a provision which stated that all of the provisions would not be disclosed for at least 4 years after it was ratified and came into effect, and another caveat which stated other provisions could be added as it became necessary.

Just think of what all could be lurking in those other 35 inches. In order to get a fair idea of what might be there, log on to Wikipedia/ eight terrible things about the TPP, and this is only a start.

Now what about those people in high-up places who want to use the TPP as a base for renegotiating NAFTA? One of them is the President’s Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross.

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