By Lex Greene

If you have been “following the science” as issued by the CDC over the past 18-months, then you know that everything they have said about their lab-created COVID event has turned out to be false, all of it, everything. They couldn’t have gotten it more wrong if their lives depended on it.

[UPDATE: As is always the case, first I do the research, then I write and then I link the sources used to arrive at my conclusions, so that readers know I’m not making it up out of thin air. After releasing this column, a reader pointed out what is likely the greatest example of government “cooking the books,” and they do it religiously. The statistics used for this column were verified in numerous official reports and linked to the most complete report HERE. Below, the stats presented are taken directly from this report, as presented in the report. However, the math is very misleading in one way. The actual death rate is not 8.97% as stated in the report. It has never been 9-10% as suggested in these official stats. In 2020, the U.S. Government has reported that a total of 3,358,814 Americans died, all causes of death combined. In a nation of 332-million people, that’s approximately 1% of the population, not 8.97%. 1 per 100 deaths is quite different from 1 per 1000. This practice by government officials consistently overstates the real death rate by ten-times the actual rate. Keep this in mind as you read the stats presented here. The primary point of the column remains true, however. There is NO evidence of a new increased spike in deaths as a result of COVID19.]

Science is supposed to be based upon provable facts. But in recent years, CDC science has been based upon anything but the facts. CDC science has been based solely upon profiteering and a very distinct “anti-American” political agenda for a very long time now. The CDC lies and most doctors and nurses knowingly swear to it, to protect their jobs, incomes, and assets.

Of course, real journalism in the USA died decades ago, at about the same time real constitutional law died in the 1940s and 1950s. That’s when law schools replaced teaching inalienable Natural Rights and Constitutional Law and started teaching nothing but British Common Law, precedence, and procedure. During the same time frame, journalism schools stopped teaching students to be the “eyes and ears of the people” with real investigative journalism so that society could make political decisions with real facts, and started teaching journalists to “make a difference,” to advance a particular political agenda.

In both cases, journalism and law became mere extensions of maniacal political elites working to advance their global political agenda. The truth is irrelevant, even in medicine and science with life and death always hanging in the balance.

How the CDC, WHO and even FDA have cooked the books to promote a political agenda…

#1 – According to their maniacal science, “COVID19 is a deadly threat to everyone in the country, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, and the “worst global pandemic in a hundred years.” It’s SO deadly that the U.S. Government is prepared to “force vaccinate” every man, woman, and child in the USA, against their will, lock them out of their lives, cause total financial ruin, and enslave every citizen under Marxist rule from D.C.

If this were true, then the USA annual death rate would have skyrocketed in the USA since January 2020 with the onset of COVID19. Has it?

From 1950 through 1976 the USA annual death rate stayed between 9% and 10% each year. From 1976 through today (2021 to date), the USA death rate has remained essentially the same for many years, changing only approximately 0.1% annually with or without COVID19. In fact, the annual USA death rate has been steadily increasing by around 0.1% per year since Barack Obama became President in 2009. There is NO notable spike in the overall death rate since COVID19 showed up.

#2 – According to the CDC, COVID19 became the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the USA in 2020.

Of course, this is only true when you count every death from multiple causes as a “COVID death” despite knowing that 94% of the COVID labeled deaths actually died of other causes, 87% of them (elderly) already at the end of life with on average,four other unrelated causes of death before COVID19, with 80% of COVID positive tests later determined to be “false positives showing no symptoms.”

#3 –To the degree that there is any “new spike in cases” as the CDC tells us, which remains in doubt due to ongoing “false positives,” it’s very clear that any new “spike” is coming from vaccinated people now. Instead of “vaccinating” people against infection and deadly symptoms, evidence is rapidly growing that it is the vaccinated who are now the “super-spreaders” and that the so-called “delta variant” arrived with the vaccines. A majority of new cases and COVID deaths are now reported in people who have taken one or more of the injections, all vaccine manufacturers.

Once again, the facts prove the exact opposite of the CDC (Fauci and Gates) approved narrative,parroted by the far left media and even most of the middle media like Fox news.

Face the reality… everything you have been told about the COVID event for over 18-months falls into one of only two categories…either the most incompetent science in the history of science, or the world’s biggest set of lies ever told. Either way, the “experts” have turned out to be the least reliable people on earth, at the expense of great tragedy, loss of human life and freedom.

Now those same experts have a gun to the head of FDA officials with the intent to force them into rushed (post-use) approval for the experimental “vaccines” responsible for the new variants, super-spreaders, over 500,000 maimed for life and more than 53,000 dead so far. They NEED this approval because until then, everything they have forced on the American (and world) people was done despite no FDA authorization. They need the FDA to hang for Gates and Fauci’s actions!

The leftist media in the USA has half of the country convinced that the USA medical stats are worse than the rest of the socialist countries in the world and that the USA should follow the lead of the “progressive socialists” around the globe. Take another look at reality…


USA 8.97%
Sweden 9.12%
Spain 9.31%
France 9.41%
United Kingdom 9.42%
Italy 10.74%
Japan 11.05%
Greece 11.14%
Germany 11.51%

Further, the USA annual death rate before COVID…

2017 8.58%
2018 8.68%
2019 8.78%
2020 8.88%
2021 8.97%

In truth, the annual USA death rate has been steadily inching upward each year since 2009, at an average rate of increase of 0.1%. Obviously, as you can see, there is no visible leap in USA death rate beyond the normal rates in 2020 or 2021 during the alleged COVID “pandemic.” The overall increase in annual US death rate over the past four and a half years has only been 0.39% for the entire period. This alone pretty much proves that there has been NO SPIKE AT ALL in USA deaths that can be directly associated with the COVID event. So, what’s all of the fearmongering about?

Science proved long ago that none of the masks recommended are designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus. In fact, our own experience over the past 18-months totally confirms this reality. But the leftist mad scientists and their complicit fake news media are still telling everyone they have to wear one.

Science has proven for centuries that “asymptomatic people” aren’t capable of spreading anything. But the Marxist mad scientists tell us the opposite.

Science has proven that the current “vaccines” are not vaccines, and recent science regarding the results of these so-called vaccines have already proven the injections to be far more dangerous and deadly than any virus. But the fake scientists like Bill Gates are still telling everyone to get the vaccines, and they are even prepared to force vaccinate the entire population against their will.

The fake legal “experts” are telling us that they DO NOT have the right to stop a woman from killing her own child in the womb – but that they DO have the right to force lethal injections into every citizen against their will.

Both murder and suicide rates have skyrocketed off the charts just since January when the criminal Biden regime stole power in the 2020 elections. But the CDC is cooking the books on these numbers too.

On average, 35,000 Americans die each year of the common flu and cold. The same number died allegedly of COVID19 in 2020, 37,000, a natural increase related to an increase in population.

In other words, our entire existence is awash in a sea of outright lies. We are drowning in bold faced lies. We can all see the lies, but people allegedly on our side of the battle are lying too. The only news network I know of in the USA today that has shown some regard for reporting the pure facts is OANN, which is why most of the big cable TV companies won’t put them on their systems.

All others, including Fox News and Newsmax are mixing their messages to comply with the approved narrative, even though they both know it’s all lies. They will say something true one minute to appease their core audience, and then follow that truth with an outright lie to appease the global Marxists the next minute. Whatever it takes to keep the advertising money flowing.

Most doctors are lying to us, more concerned with keeping their practice and lifestyle than saving patients. Nurses have been a good bit more honest, which is why they are leaving the profession in masses, refusing to buy into a false narrative that threatens every human life now, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Nothing in our Federal government is decent or honest today. It’s full of global Marxists of, by and for themselves and no one else. No facet of the government is exempt from this reality now.

Half or more of the State governments are no better. Many participated in both the 2020 election fraud and are still participating in the cover up right now. If we don’t “alter” this situation fast, we will have no choice but to “abolish” all of it and start over again as a free people with no government at all.

The people responsible for all of this nightmare must pay for their actions. There is no other way to right this ship or teach the global Marxists a lesson that will protect us and future generations from this form of unbridled corruption and tyranny.


You gave up your income, your business, your freedom, your family, your friends, and your future over FAKE SCIENCE! Now they are bringing this to your doorstep and threatening to lock everyone down again while they divide the USA into two totally different countries and social groups, the blind mindless compliant, and the mentally awake and engaged!


NO, WE CAN’T! Because some people want to control everyone else but themselves, and the other people refuse to be controlled by anyone. There’s no way the two can ever get along! The left will not stop until we fight! That should be quite clear to everyone by now!

What do we do now and who is going to do it?

When will we do it? After everything is lost???

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