Since writing this on Aug. 14-15, information has continued to come my way. Much of it comes courtesy of a friend who lives near Charlottesville and has her own contacts there.

None of this new information is good. In fact, it confirms that old adage that “when you think things can’t get worse, they do!” It doesn’t contradict my previous account of what happened on Aug. 12, although certain elements of it need to be ratcheted up in importance.

For example, I am told that one Jason Kessler applied for, and was granted, a permit to assemble a group of primarily pro-South heritage activists in Charlottesville in what became the Unite the Right Rally in Lee Park (in accordance with political correctness recently renamed Emancipation Park).

We will return to Mr. Kessler.

The purpose of the rally was to protest the planned removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee. We can certify: the prospective rally did attract attention from white nationalist groups with names like the Nationalist Front and the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights. While not seeking violence, the latter would have body armor and shields for protection. This was to be a public event. It was impossible to guarantee that no one from KKK or neo-Nazi groups would show up looking for trouble, any more than it was possible to keep leftists out.

The permit was revoked just days prior to the event by Wes Bellamy, Charlottesville’s left wing Vice-Mayor who incidentally is a member of the radical Black Panther Party. The ACLU of Virginia sued and got the permit reinstated. Doubtless this rubbed Charlottesville’s left wing city government the wrong way. Some leftists, as I’ve noted, go into spit-spraying apoplexy and violent rages when they don’t get what they want.

In the meantime, mainstream media gave the projected event 24/7 coverage.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter assembled outside the park in far greater numbers than the rally attendees, some of them directly across the street. Shouts and insults began to be exchanged. Things escalated when the leftists began hurling bags of urine, feces, and paint, bottles, metal objects, and planks of wood with nails in them. A few of the rally-goers retaliated. Fistfights broke out, as well as fights with objects such as flagpoles.

At 11:30 am, police declared the rally an illegal assembly and ordered everybody out of the park. The governor, Terry McAuliffe, had just declared a state of emergency. Rally attendees found the exists barricaded in such a way as to force them into direct confrontation with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. More fighting ensued, including a few beatings when at least some of the rally-goers proved more than able to handle themselves. Police did nothing to prevent the two sides from pummeling one another into oblivion. They were following a stand down order most likely given by Charlottesville’s leftist mayor Michael Signer. Eventually a few police tried to separate the groups. The rally-goers fled the scene as best they could, leaving only the leftists.

The Dodge Challenger, whose actual driver no one saw clearly because the windows were tinted, barreled down the street out of nowhere into the crowd and at least one other vehicle, killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 more people (nine still hospitalized as of this writing). The driver then threw the damaged car into reverse and backed up expertly in a perfectly straight line for more than a city block, prompting my initial suggestion that this was a paid professional, not a wet-behind-the-ears kid acting out of spontaneous rage.

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, from Maumee, Ohio, was arrested for the crime. As of this writing I have seen no public interview statements from him about his motivations or the allegations he faces, which is — shall we say — odd. In the case of Dylann Roof, we had such statements within a couple of days of his arrest confirming his identity and beliefs. From Fields, nothing. We are told he had a shady past: accusations of beating his mother, being on medication to control schizophrenia, and according to a former teacher having been fascinated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

There are, however, loose ends. Is that his real name? To be sure, the Dodge Challenger was registered in that name. A search done by an NSA operative turned independent investigative blogger, however, turned up no one with the exact name James Alex Fields Jr., age 20, living in Ohio. There are other inconsistencies between the information from Virginia and that which came from Ohio. The car registered in Ohio had a sun roof. The car on the Charlottesville video did not. The tinted windows made the driver very difficult to see. A single enhanced image appears to be the face of a man older than Fields, his facial features not matching those of Fields. My source had speculations about the identity of this man, but no hard evidence. The point is: there is a cloud of question marks surrounding the singular incident of violence mainstream media has been stressing.

Was this a psy-op, a staged event from the get-go? Who would benefit from doing such a thing, at the expense of a life (and more than one could easily have been lost)? Let’s look at it.

The fake news media: (1) has, from the start, portrayed the primary rally goers as neo-Nazis and white supremacists (or white nationalists), or not differentiating them from Southern heritage activists, and maintained the appearance that they initiated the violence instead of being the ones attacked; there is a near-total media black-out on Antifa’s presence that day; (2) has kept President Trump under fire because he blamed both sides for the violence, then pointed a finger at the “alt-left,” a term coming into currency for violent groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter who operate outside the law; (3) has set the stage for the further erasure of Southern history by leftists, which began (also outside the law) before my first article appeared and has continued apace (here, here, here, and here, among others, although some of these idiots can’t distinguish Confederate symbols from those on other monuments); (4) has also created conditions for more violent confrontations between left and right; and finally and most importantly (5) has smoothly segued this entire sequence of events, with help from Trump’s enemies in Congress, into isolating him as well as questioning his “fitness for office” as well as the character of those supporting him; fear of being tarred with the demonizing labels destroyed the business advisory council Trump had assembled to deal with the practical matter of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure after years of neglect. This would have created thousands of jobs. Taken together, these seem intended to delegitimize any opposition to possible impeachment proceedings, on whatever grounds they are put forth, by completely isolating the president and portraying any continued support for him as steeped in white supremacism or neo-Nazism.

Who benefits? The Deep State, of course. And the globalists behind the Deep State who oppose everything Donald Trump stands for, could not stop his election, but have always had the resources to set him up for a fall. Leftists have been excellent foot soldiers for the Deep State and for globalists, as their cult of diversity plays into the hands of those who would erase all national borders and move populations around like chess pieces to disrupt traditional cultures and for economic gain.

Which is why it is important to get to the bottom of what my first account left aside: the man who spearheaded this event: Jason Kessler, whom I said we’d return to.

What none of us knew initially was that Kessler, who graduated from the University of Virginia in 2009, had been involved with Occupy Wall Street and was an Obama supporter. He also appears to have worked for CNN in 2011.

Following Trump’s victory last November, he suddenly began rubbing noses with alt-rightists. He established a group called Unity & Security for America which the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center dubbed a white nationalist hate group.

People have changed political positions before, of course. I’ve done so myself.* But to change from card-carrying Obama supporter (Democrat, obviously) to alt-rightist and organizer of an event like this in one fell swoop? That is a bit much to swallow!

Did Kessler change his political stripes, or did the left give him a behind-the-scenes promotion? It may be worth asking, in this context, about the whereabouts of he and his immediate cohorts such as Richard Spencer during the melee. (Spencer spoke elsewhere in Charlottesville later.) Had either, or both, been spotted and targeted by Antifa or BLM, I am sure mainstream media would have pounced on it. But again, nothing. Ergo, they must have either not been present or exited the immediate scene with help unavailable to less-well-connected rally-goers. Kessler’s whereabouts at different times that day might be an important key to whether this event was staged by the left in order to target the right and Donald Trump — which would have included attracting through online publicity the handful KKK types and neo-Nazis who showed up. Interestingly, Kessler insulted Heather Heyer, the woman killed by the Dodge Challenger, in a tweet that was completely over the top, which he later attributed to a combination of alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and stress from receiving death threats. His remark alienated Richard Spencer, who called Heyer’s death “deeply saddening.” If Kessler is a leftist in disguise, did he accidentally overplay the leftist-manufactured role of “right wing hater”?

Another person of interest in this saga is one Brennan Gilmore, conveniently on the scene, immediately interviewed by the über-mainstream MSNBC as a prime witness to the Dodge Challenger plowing into the crowd. During the interview Gilmore pushed all the right PC buttons. Who is he?

Gilmore worked in Africa as a State Department foreign officer under none other than Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. He was involved in the Kony hoax in 2012. He is currently Chief of Staff for Democrat Tony Perrielo, who is running for Governor of Virginia and — wait for it — received $380K from George Soros.

Did a former State Department official (whose information was removed from State Department websites right after Aug. 12) who is presently working for a Soros-supported gubernatorial candidate and was previously involved in a propagandistic psy-op just happen to be in that spot by sheer chance?

At what point does Soros enter this picture? A Hungarian-born Jewish sociopath who has been accused of collaborating with real Nazis as a teenager resulting in some of his own people being sent to concentration camps, Soros is a superelitist’s superelitist with no loyalties beyond money and power. He understands that American Constitutional conservatism is the one thing still in the way of what he and his fellow billionaire superelitists want: a world state answering to their leviathan corporations, able to impose a mass-consumption monoculture on a totally surveilled world, every transaction recorded and monitored (hence the global war on cash). I see Soros using leftist groups like Antifa and BLM as the most efficient means of tearing this last bastion of “populist” resistance apart. His billions, thrown lavishly into leftist groups starting with (founded in the late 1990s to support Bill Clinton during impeachment for lying under oath to a grand jury), place him in a perfect position to advance superelite goals. The fact that so many people still see this as “conspiracy talk” just helps his agenda.

Now, of course, Trumpism is the enemy.

The racial card we now see may prove more fruitful in stirring up opposition to Donald Trump than all the intrigue about Russian hackers and shadowy meetings with Russian agents. The grip of political correctness and identity politics on American culture is clearly much more powerful than antipathy towards Russia, and may well prove to be the country’s undoing before the next orchestrated economic calamity has time to hit. All one need do is look at the surging of an estimated 40,000 people in Boston the next Saturday opposing — are you sitting down? — a free speech rally, an event attended by perhaps a few dozen people, mainstream media has portrayed with the epithet “right wing”; one can only hope people will actually look at the photos of those opposing “the right”! We’re the “deplorables”???

Freedom of speech is written into the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The brand of leftism now taking to the streets opposes it in the name of, e.g., “fighting fascism.”

The PC / identity politics mindset, in just over a quarter century, has gone from being the province of a relative handful of left wing nut cases in academia who read Frankfurt School Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse to a new cultural consensus, controlling not just academia but law, politics, corporate journalism, entertainment media, the arts, much of the military, a substantial fraction of the economy including the tech world, and more besides. Even as I write, its foot soldiers are in the process of linguistically boundary-warping everything outside leftist approval into “white supremacy” or “neo-Nazism” or “fascism.”

Some of us tried to warn that this would happen (see here and here)! We spoke of the day when a generation would come of age that had no memory of the world before political correctness and identity politics. That generation is now of age. They vote, and when roused, they take to the streets in numbers rivaling anything seen in the 1960s. They are moving into positions of influence and sometimes authority in all major institutions.

A friend of mine paints a distressing scenario: whether in response to some further tweet or comment from Trump that corporate media can distort, or just as a development from recent events, massive leftist protests launch into the streets of all major cities, ground zero being New York City (perhaps outside Trump Tower) and Washington D.C. on Pennsylvania Ave.: throngs of tens of thousands in each place demanding either Trump’s resignation or his immediate impeachment and removal from office by Congress (the rule of law be damned).

Were Trump to resign under duress or be forced from office in what would amount to a coup and Mike Pence sworn in, leftists would immediately turn their wrath on him for his anti-homosexual Christian convictions.

It’s useful to remember: leftists are never satisfied!

Some prominent voices predict that we are looking at Civil War II. Such predictions seem a tad premature to me (though it’s not impossible). But anyone who thinks things would get back to business as usual in the Land of the Free after any variation on the above sequence of events is kidding himself!

Among other things, the power elites would institute machinery to ensure that never again will an outsider be able to obtain a major party’s nomination for national office. There will be no more Donald Trumps. Look for the Electoral College to be abolished.

I have, as I’ve sometimes said, no crystal ball. So I don’t really know what this melee heralds for the immediate future. As I write, however, Steve Bannon has returned to Breitbart, where arguably he can do far more than he ever could as a White House staffer forced to keep his mouth shut most of the time.

I can envision a post-presidential Donald Trump doing something on a larger scale, using his still-considerable resources and savvy to create what I will call (I do not have a better name) Trump Media, which could continue the struggle on behalf of Americanism and Constitutional conservatism against globalism. We might not see Civil War II, but the stage would be set for an Information War on a grand scale, and with billionaires on each side able to use their resources (Trump is limited in what he can do as long as he remains in office), the fight would be a little more even. It would be easy to try to demonize a Trump Media, but difficult to shut it down without the result being a legal confrontation that would be dangerous to the cultural left, whose representatives on campuses are already facing several lawsuits for their censorship, not merely of conservative speech but departures from any of the latest leftist orthodoxy or proposals for how to deal with “whiteness” as Bret Weinsten (who isn’t a conservative) learned the hard way at Evergreen State College.

If any sanity prevails in the U.S., it must eventually become obvious to more and more people: it is the tens of thousands of cultural leftists, “educated” on today’s campuses, acting like herd animals, demanding absolute conformity of thought and action, who viciously punish anyone including their own who deviate or stray from ideological purity, and not the comparatively few neo-Nazis or Klansmen who actually still exist, who are the real existential threat to America, its Constitution, and the rule of law.

*I used to be far more Libertarian than I am now, having become convinced that Libertarianism is far too intellectual for today’s masses, too abstract for the real world, and thus unworkable in a media-saturated civilization of 325 million people, with its many mindless followers, its sociopaths, and just plain idiots. This is a much longer essay, of course.

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