It is hard to say how our country derailed or lay the blame for it on to one person.  We’ve all had a role and I do have some things to say about it.  I pray every American is thinking hard about the choices before them and the future choices made brings.

It is sad for me to state it, but we’ve become a godless, hate filled nation.  It is always worth remembering that God does not inspire hatred.  He inspires greatness, justice, mercy and humbleness.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” —Micah 6:8

We’ve abandoned common decency.  We show little respect to anyone who disagrees with us.  The sad thing is, too many of us do not know what we believe and instead side with one group or the other out of ignorance and blind hatred.  We’ve been led down this path by fallible people.  People who are or would be our leaders are not ignorant of our history or how an economy works, but choose to distort or revise it to suit their motives.  And those who are wholly ignorant choose to blindly follow a personality.  Other than supernatural, there could not be a better laid plan to destroy our country than what is unfolding before us.

Americanism versus Socialism?

There are varying definitions of Americanism.  It may mean holding to a collective identity, upholding traditions and values, the manner of using the English language, or a cultural style.  Most anything can hang beneath that shingle.  First, it means freedom and individual liberty as a human birthright.  A birthright from God long preceding founding of the United States of America and is as old as humankind itself.  It is an Americanism because it is the cornerstone of our great nation and guaranteed us by the law of the land.  A laissez-faire economic system where transactions between private parties ought to be free of government interference is an Americanism.  Because of the expansion of government and creeping socialist tendencies, keeping the government at bay is growingly more difficult than it should be.  Each individual’s pursuit of happiness and wealth by providing goods and services others need and desire also provides employment for the producers.  It is the circle of economic growth responsible for the wealthiest nation on earth.  Even with that very basic understanding there is a threatening push for socialism.

How about the bottom line up front?  If Socialism is such a panacea why does there always seem to be a caravan from failing Socialist countries headed to our undefended practically invisible borders.  Short of war, the people in control of those countries will never change.  Instead, they’ll open the pressure valve releasing the poverty stricken and uneducated for the journey north rather than allowing it to blow.  There is a narcissistic view held by American Socialists that they are smarter and know how, under the veil of social justice, to make Socialism work.  Never admitting that every attempt at Socialism has failed resulting in abject poverty and body counts into the hundreds of millions.  Government is only marginally good at governing.  When it controls the entire economic system, means of production and healthcare it isn’t even marginally good.  In fact, it’s disastrous.  Hitler was a Socialist.  The biggest head scratcher is the most prominent voices pushing Socialism and Communism are the pampered and super wealthy such as entertainers and athletes where evidence of hard work and educational letters are a rarity.  Wealthy only because they were blessed to be in America.  They are the cheerleaders for the classless society.  The society in which they’d never willingly belong.

Make the choice.

Open borders?

I’m married to a legal immigrant.  Our country is filled with many legal immigrants who are assimilated American citizens making significant contributions to our country.  I support legal immigration, but it must also be controlled.

Open borders are part of the globalist worldview supported by the ultra-wealthy.  This is the worldview that brought about the no borders European Union.  Mass migration into these open borders countries is causing untold problems, not the least of which is a failure to assimilate.  In most all cases, they appear to be economic migrants rather than the purported war refugees.  Difficult for any country to absorb, especially the European welfare states.

Open borders are what some are pushing for the USA.  These are not spontaneous gatherings of humans.  Instead it is a well-organized and supported assault on our sovereignty.  These people are marching behind the flags of their countries toward our borders.  They’re economic migrants not looking to assimilate only to earn, in most cases tax free, money and send it back home to prop up the failing socialist economies they’ve fled.  If Washington’s politicians want a look, just drive a short distance West on US Route 50 to Falls Church or a little way out Columbia Pike to Annandale.  Read all of the “how to avoid immigration and ICE” posters at the restaurants and stores.

The bottom line?  If we open our borders to all comers our country will simply cease to exist.  We will only succeed in importing the socialism these economic migrants fled and if ever allowed citizenship and the right to vote we will have lost forever.  Our country will break up quicker than you can say Balkanization.

Make a choice.

The New World Order?

This is the aim of the world’s ultra-wealthy the likes of George Soros and everything mentioned up to this point are just aims of the plan.  Ultimately, one world governance, one world economy, one world religion…  There would be the George Soros’s of the world and you and I in the serfdom.  We would be the classless society.  There is but one barrier for the New World Order.  It’s the United States of America and thanks to the genius of our founders a free and armed society.  We’ve had past presidents who subscribed to globalism and worked diligently to move us in that direction.  What we have now, adored and hated, is a New World Order battering ram.  In my lifetime, only Presidents Kennedy and Reagan spoke with as much passion about America and her greatness as does Donald Trump.  Most assuredly Kennedy and Reagan spoke more eloquently and neither had a cell phone, but the message rings the same.  We are a great and sovereign country capable of great things and we should strive to remain so.  All three in their actions bucked the new world order.  Kennedy was assassinated, Reagan was shot.  With all the vitriol spewed daily toward President Trump we should, even if required to set aside blind hatred, pray for the safety of him and his family.

Make a choice.

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