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J.D. hails from the Southern West Virginia coal field communities. In 1971, while living in Chicago, he enlisted into the United States Army retiring September 30, 1999, as the Garrison Command Sergeant Major for the Fort Myer Military Community, which included Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia and Fort McNair in Washington, DC. Assignments included three tours in Germany and two in South Korea. Following Army service, he worked for the Veteran’s Benefits Administration where he served as a Decision Review Officer until retiring June 2016. In April 1999, his book, The Three-Meter Zone, was released by Presidio Press. He has published articles in professional military journals and other websites and continues writing for J. D. Pendry’s American Journal.

The Times That Try Men’s Souls

The President doesn’t speak the language of the chattering classes.  Condescending intellectualism using lots of uhs and ums or let me be clears.  He talks in language not familiar to them or the Washington ruling classes.  It’s plain language rather than political double talk.  Common. It’s how we talk out here in Washington’s would be serfdom.

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Freedom at Stake – America’s Ignorance Pandemic

Generations of Americans neither know our history nor world history. They’ve learned a revisionist history. A false, fraudulent history. A history that judges people of another time using the norms of today. A history that puts some classes of people on trial for ancient atrocities. A history that does not permit anyone to live in the present.

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Communism Sucks

In Washington, there is a pure Communist operation taking place.  It began with a disinformation campaign.  The Russia Collusion hoax.  Now it’s moved on to the Ukrainian hoax, but with a decided new twist.

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Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your Freedom

People, mostly politicians offer promises of hope and visions of a utopian future.  False hope mostly, but collectively we Americans are proven slow learners.  It’s false hope because it’s always proven fallacious, but usually after Americans bought it hook, line and sinker.

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God Given Talent Got Any? and One Size Fits All

God didn’t allow those atrocities. Just as he did not allow Himself to be removed from our public schools – taken away from our children when they’re most vulnerable. Just as he did not allow us to kill more than 60 million unborn children. People who did not know God are responsible for these acts.

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Under Assault: God, Family, Country – The Pillars Of Our Nation And Culture

When young people do not know their history or the origins of their country they are easily influenced. They learn from biased texts and too often from biased ideologues impersonating teachers. On the back of not knowing our true history in the context of it’s time, they are susceptible to ideas of Socialism, Communism, Atheism, and eliminating the Electoral College.

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For The Love of Money

As long as we have career politicians not term limited getting wealthy via the political industry they’ve built, America will not get well.  The greatest wealth will always belong to those with the means to entice politicians into crony capitalism arrangements.  That’s who we’ve become.

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Death to America Squad and The New Face of Politics in America

I’m no political prophet or prognosticator, but it may turn out this way.  With establishment Republicrats drop-kicked through the goal post of life and many members of the Democratic party following the progressive, socialist, communist wing we may see the shattering of both parties and something good for the country come of it.

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Old Timer

Always in my pocket is Grandpa’s Old Timer pocket knife.  It was a gift from my Mother.  By any stretch, it’s not an expensive knife.  I like to reach into my pocket and wrap my hand around it.  There’s comfort in knowing something from the past can ground you in the present with memories of times and people.

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America: We’ve Become A Contradiction Wrapped In Absurdity

The real American way is simple.  If I own a fast food chain, I stand with the food chain that stands by its beliefs.  If I own a bakery, I stand with the baker that holds fast to his beliefs.  Otherwise, I open the door to people who may want to eliminate my business because my worldview may be contrary to theirs. Maybe we should boycott the tyrannical fascists.

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The Internet And Social Media Turned Me Into A Shallow Headline Reader

Finally, there’s politics in the twilight zone.  Never matter that we only have 12 years before the world goes up in flames.  Put down your coffee because it’s painful when hot coffee spews out of your nose.  Joe Handsy Biden assures us that President Trump inherited the great Obama Biden economy.  They tell me that old blue-collar Joe knows.  And this is why they need to eliminate the Electoral College.

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So Help Me God – The Battle For The Heart And Soul Of America

I stand in good company proclaiming that we arrived in this world knowing right from wrong.  Like freedom, it was written on our hearts.  People argue against that.  Especially if they do not accept the natural order or a Supreme moral authority.  The moral authority that defines right and wrong.

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There Is An Education Scandal Way Beyond What’s In The News

Do you really think this college admissions scandal is new? A new racket? Just look at some of those we know supposedly educated at highfalutin institutions of higher learning. Our political families? People who would die rather than hob nob with the peasants over at the public school. It’s always been that way. Daddy donates a few million and junior is admitted. Even if junior is dumb as a box of rocks.

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