Classical liberalism is a political ideology that advocates limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, due process, individual liberties including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets.”

Classical liberalism is today’s radical right wing.

In his book, Slouching Towards Gomorrah:  Modern Liberalism and American Decline, Dr. Robert H. Bork explains that modern liberalism, not to be confused with classical liberalism, has constantly moved away from “the constraints on personal liberty imposed by religion, morality, law, family, and community.”   These constraints comprise the heart of American middle-class values built on a foundation of Judeo-Christian values.  Modern liberalism discards them.  It’s as if they see themselves as more enlightened than those who adhere.  For them, they believe, a moral code especially concerning personal liberty is unnecessary.  They know what’s best.  They push or more accurately eradicate boundaries placing constraints on their concept of personal liberty.

Too many Americans have fallen prey to this amoral ideology.  It’s a philosophy that casts off morals and natural law.  The morals we have or discard are the basis for the principles by which we live.  They also abandon principles.  This forces anyone holding to Christian values to choose a path.  It’s a choice that can only be made by looking inward.  It comes down to an assessment of what is good and what is evil.  For each of us, good and evil is determined by the morals and principles we abide.  From the beginning of time, the battles have always been between good and evil.  In America, we have reached a potential tipping point where evil believes it’s good.  Evil does not get to decide what’s good unless we let go of our morality.  Isaiah 5:19-21  Audio

What happens when people, a nation of people, abandon “the constraints on personal liberty imposed by religion, morality, law, family, and community?”  Evil creeps in.  Little by little it saturates society before kicking the door wide open.  It’s as simple as language.  People feel no compunction about walking around with profanity presented in its most vulgar form on tee shirts, or protest signs, emanating from their mouths, filling their text messages and social media posts.  In tirades toward the nation’s President, celebrities feel free to blast it out on national television.  Especially when it’s to thunderous applause of their peers.  Adolescents routinely use the same language.  When I was young, sneaking a smoke was pushing the boundaries, now it’s who has the boldest most foul mouth.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not angelic in the language department, but I spent most of my life in the Army where cussing can be an art form.  Even hard-core Soldiers understood and followed a code of civility.  They knew when to dial it back.  There is no restraint these days.  Ahh just language, right?  No.  It’s evil sneaking in and tainting souls.

Language kind of cuts us loose.  We’re free to talk as we please anywhere we please.  We decide if it’s bad.  When we start throwing F-bombs around like it’s an aw shucks and that becomes accepted, we’ve not only changed the face of our society, but we’ve changed the fiber of it.  So where do we go?

We legalize marijuana.  There’s no harm.  No worse than having a drink or two of alcohol is it.  As a mushy headed teenager of the 1960’s, I will tell you something with complete certainty.  Marijuana gives teenagers the bravado, the edge or the hey man far out attitude to try something a little more potent.  The craving to get a little higher – go tripping.  In those days, psychedelics like LSD produced dead kids who thought they could fly.  Today it’s cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl, and death.  I was a fortunate young man, when my aim for the military pulled me out of that environment.

The looser we get, the more we delve into the hidden. We normalize homosexuality and transgenderism.  It’s not enough that people may live life as they choose in America.  They must demean and slander as bigoted anyone who chooses to follow a different moral code – someone who does not follow along with tossing away those self-imposed moral constraints on personal liberty.  Not only do they demean, they try to outright destroy.

We loosen our language.  We embrace the drug culture.  We normalize the abnormal.  Does it stop there?  Not a chance.

Evil passes laws these days declaring to standing ovations that evil is good.  A woman choosing to kill her unborn child up to and including the day of birth and actually raising discussion about whether one that’s born alive can be killed or allowed to die.  Evil wants us to accept that’s good.  It’s not murder, it’s a woman’s health choice.

Meanwhile in Congress there’s pending legislation introduced to make animal cruelty a felony.  Now I believe it’s the lowest of the low that mistreats or intentionally harms animals, especially those we’ve domesticated and made dependent on us.  But wouldn’t you think if Congress could come up with this bipartisan law, it could figure out how to protect the most defenseless in our society.  Good versus evil.  Evil wins when good does not confront it.

Romans 1:18-32Audio

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