I started with a list names attached to nefarious activity.  The list grew so long that it would take a book or two to lay out their deeds.  So, you get the condensed version of the web.  Their activity so dangerous at stake is survival of our Constitutional Republic.  Relatively speaking, only a few in our vast media world are taking an objective look or searching for truth.  The truth of what transpired.  When the truth is right before them it’s ignored.  Through overt hatred, they root for an outcome placing the greatest nation on earth on the road toward self-destruction.  Self-destruction may not be accurate because most Americans, even those cheering for it, do not want the remnants of a country we’ll be left with.  They’re simply to ill-educated and over indoctrinated to know any better.

Each time I added names to the list, they pointed me toward other names and other events.  As the list grew, the deviousness and connections became more obvious.  Different names pointed to different events, but as it came full circle it was clear that it was one group.  One goal.  One cabal.  They’re the ones that walked away from every criminal act while others were blamed or imprisoned.  They walked away unscathed from Benghazi, Uranium One, the DNC Server scandal, the Clinton server scandal, unmasking and spying on Americans without cause, and if not stopped they are on their way to walking away from a political scandal of such proportions that it likely involves hundreds.

The Russians, Chinese, and Iranian Mullahs must be shouting halleluiah!  And, much like Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith, “this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause” the socialists and progressives cheer the death of liberty.  The Nazi-like and Fascists are labeling others as Nazis and Fascists.  It is what they do.  Just like Hitler did it, they’ve let loose indoctrinated youth mobs to intimidate and distract others, especially the media, from what’s happening in the background.  It was their aim to fundamentally transform America into their vision of a nation state.  A place where only one voice is permitted.  Now they want to destroy her outright.  Why?  Their benevolent dictator lost the election.  The shadow government of progressive Republicans and Democrats and covert Socialists and Communists, the Washington Establishment, the swamp, the deep state or whichever label you choose to hang upon it is threatened.  They’ve come out of the shadows to applause emboldened by a wildly sycophantic media and their misperception of forgotten Americans.  They will fight to the death.  Either theirs or our nation’s.

If President Trump had not won the election, Americans would remain ignorant, sadly many of them by choice, of the truth.  And we would remain under the control of a vast criminal cabal.  Something the majority of Americans could not envision happening in the land of the free.  The cabal is real.  It runs deep.  For as far back as you care to look with figurehead Presidents and a charade of government by and for the people, it’s ran our country for far too long.

Maybe it was divine intervention that they are now exposed to the light.  Evil cannot exist in the light.  Even the complicit media will not for much longer be able to keep the growing mountain of evidence from the people.  This is a war.  It will end.  Political persecution has started.  Opposing voices are being silenced by major media propaganda and blackout and social media black listing.  When it does end either the cabal will be crushed or the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America will no longer exist.  Make no mistake.  Whether we are active participants or not, we are in a fight for our existence.  If the deep state wins, it will no longer be the deep state.  It will be the state and it will be more brutal than any other in the history of nations.

I spent my working life in the military and as a federal civil servant.  I was not political during my military service time.  I was politically aware just not involved.  My opinions during my civil service time were rarely shared beyond trusted and like-minded friends.  Both the military and civil service, in theory at least, require one to be apolitical.  I tried that, but it was difficult to restrain.  Especially in the civil service environment where so many were blatantly politically biased.  What I can tell you is that during an eight year reign a Commander in Chief (CINC) changes the military by littering the upper echelons of command with like-minded politically oriented Flag Officers.  These Generals and Admirals work tirelessly to reshape the military to suit the CINC’s worldview.  The federal government and judiciary are also reshaped by presidential appointments.  These high-level military and civil service appointees then fill the ranks with sycophantic followers.

People who remain and carry the torch beyond leadership change.  People who believe they are powerful enough to do as they please, powerful enough to bring down a president, bold and arrogant enough to give it a try.  People who are so certain their candidate will win they feel free to take any action criminal or otherwise because they expect to be rewarded for their acts rather than prosecuted.  This, my friends, is how the deep state is built and how it functions.  I’ve seen it firsthand.  Its deadly tentacles reach wide and go deep into our government.  Just from common human relationships, for every single one that’s known there’s probably a baker’s dozen that aren’t.  This is the swamp, much larger than its Washington establishment core, that must be drained to save our country.

The longer the Russian collusion ruse continues the more it exposes layer upon layer of corruption within the highest levels of our government.  But, it’s much more than the Russian collusion myth.  It is a textbook Russian disinformation campaign pointing toward a soft coup of the presidency.  At the end of this winding road may well be a Russian or two, but more than likely there is the fabricated evidence placed just where the disinformation campaign leads.  Probably appearing late October and proving the narrative sold 24/7 by an ignorantly complicit media and disinformation leakers.  To truly sort it all out would take a legion of special counsels.  Or, it could take only one ballsy and focused Attorney General.  If only we had one of those.

Here’s how it began.  The Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign through Marc Elias, Clinton’s campaign lawyer of Perkins Coie law firm, hired opposition research firm Fusion GPS who then hired British spy Christopher Steele who then put together a dossier on Trump with information provided by supposedly Kremlin associated Russians.  The unverified dossier miraculously found its way to CIA Director Brennan.  Brennan then briefed Democratic Senator Harry Reid and members of the Gang of Eight.  Brennan asked Reid to keep it close hold.  Anyone with a firing brain cell knew, just as Brennan knew, what Reid would do.  Reid sent a letter about Russian collusion to FBI Director James Comey and then leaked it to the New York Times.  Brennan kicked off the collusion investigation and used Harry Reid to plant the narrative in the media.  Brennan also put unsourced information from the unverified dossier into President Obama’s Presidential Daily Briefing (PBD) providing him knowledge. The disinformation campaign began.

The biggest scandal in the history of American scandals includes our intelligence apparatus, but more specifically the Central Intelligence Agency, via former director and former Communist and Muslim Brotherhood apologist John Brennan.  It also involves James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence.  These two men had at their disposal assets of the entire US intelligence apparatus.  Makes one wonder why acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the FBI were so hot on the trail of Former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn.  Evidence reviewed through congressional investigations indicates Flynn’s FBI interview statement may have been altered post interview to make him appear guilty.  It was James Clapper and undersecretary of defense for intelligence Michael Vickers that engineered Flynn’s ouster at the DIA.  Unanswered questions arise concerning who unmasked General Flynn in a monitored telephone conversation and if they were truly investigating Russian influence on the Trump campaign and subsequent Presidency why the haste to take out prospective National Security Advisor General Flynn?  The DIA for all practical purposes is the domestic version of the CIA.  My cynicism makes me question what Flynn knows that he’s holding back to protect his family from Special Counsel Mueller et al?

Aside from the intel community, the scam includes the State Department, the Department of Justice including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and members of the Executive Branch in direct contact with the President and any number of minions scattered throughout our government.

Don’t take my word for anything.  Before you drag out your conspiracy theory flame thrower do a little of your own research.  Type John Brennan into your favorite search engine and see how quickly your list grows to fifty or more intertwined names and events.  The credible news is still out there for the inquisitive.  At least for now it is.  The deep state is real and it’s coming for your freedom.

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