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Across our land, ignorance is a plague.  In my opinion, one of Biblical proportions.  Self-inflected it’s how nations die.

Our History.

Generations of Americans neither know our history nor world history. They’ve learned a revisionist history. A false, fraudulent history. A history that judges people of another time using the norms of today. A history that puts some classes of people on trial for ancient atrocities. A history that does not permit anyone to live in the present.  To appreciate today.  To look toward a brighter future.  It’s a devious guilt laden scheme.  Nothing requires us to like our history.  Survival as a free country demands we know it.  We must never hide truth.  Love it or hate it good or bad, we own it.  All of it.  Internally we must shudder at thoughts of dreadful events but we must always celebrate the good that disposes the dreadful.  Beauty and the beast.  It’s who we are.  America.  Much more beauty than beast.

Our Government.

Many voting age Americans do not understand how our government works.  Are not familiar with our Constitution.  Do not understand the responsibilities of our separate branches of government.  Cannot name their local city council representative, their Congressional representative or even their US senators.  Cannot explain democracy, communism, socialism, monarchy or our own Constitutional Republic.  Cannot explain the economic differences between socialism and capitalism.  One creates wealth the other takes it.  One claims social paradise the other provides hope and a means to achieve it.  One relies on government control the other on limited government and freedom.


Many people sneer at the idea that America’s foundation is the Judeo-Christian ethic. They decry religion, but cannot distinguish one from another.  They’ll call one hate-filled and bigoted and another the religion of peace.  Out of self-imposed blind ignorance, they have it backwards.  All too many have never opened a Christian Bible, or any religious text for that matter.  Nor have they attended a church service yet display venomous hatred toward Christianity and Judaism.  Why is that?  Both are diametrically opposed to many things worldly.  Things accepted and lawful by human decree, unlawful by God’s decree.  They impose moral boundaries in a world largely desiring no moral boundaries.

What has the ignorance pandemic caused?

Voting age youth, barely out of high school and in or entering college with strikingly little life experience pine for socialism.  An economic/governing system that ultimately leads to communism or some other form of tyrannical or dictatorial government.  They do so because from an early age revisionist history taught them America is unjust.  Evil from its founding.  Only social justice fundamental transformation can fix it.  This according to people of notoriety ranging from entertainers to professional athletes to media types to politicians. People who gained fame and wealth doing what they do in the United States of America.  All with the same indoctrinated education or lack of it as the people they influence.

Perpetuating Ignorance.

Public education is a cultural product.  As socially engineered as the military. In too many cases, standards take a back seat to new cultural norms. Political correctness. Learning historical facts measured by modern day mores, learning classic literature minus every bit of prose containing an offensive word. Learning about government from an ideologue. The federal government and unions trying to shape what happens in local schools.

Politicians and mass media.  One plays on ignorance.  The other perpetuates it by pushing ideology and political agendas rather than using the people’s most important right, freedom of the press, to keep the government in check.  For the people.

Educating Lebron.

Lebron James plays professional basketball.  Straight from high school to wealth and the NBA.  A man of the world.

By now, everyone knows about Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey’s tweet “Fight for Freedom.  Stand with Hong Kong.”  The Communist Chinese, Red China as I’ve always known it, took issue with a tweet.  Trying to oppress one of the freest places on the planet, they intend to change Hong Kong into a Communist state so they can suck dry its freedom and wealth.

The tweet? An exercise of free speech by an American.  The NBA went into meltdown kowtowing to the demands of the Communists.  Willing to toss away freedom, ours and the citizens of Hong Kong, anybody’s, for billions of dollars.  People and freedom do not count.  Only dollars.  When you set out to buy team gear or game tickets remember that you too are just a dollar sign and the NBA, Hollywood and others would happily forfeit your freedom for anyone’s dollars.  And let you pay for it.

So, the NBA trots out their star Lebron James:

“We all talk about this freedom of speech. Yes, we all do have freedom of speech. But at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you’re not thinking about others.  I don’t want to get into a word or sentence feud with Daryl, but I believe he wasn’t educated on the situation at hand and he spoke.”

The real question Lebron is how educated are you about Communist China?  Do you really believe Chinese fans were offended by this tweet?   It would be hard to accept they were because in China Twitter is banned.  China blocked it in 2009.  So, if any Chinese fan ran out and declared he was offended by a tweet, he’d probably be locked up for accessing a site banned by the Communists.  Maybe the fan would join millions already in Communist Chinese concentration camps and labor camps.  Possibly making goods from a slave labor camp keeping dollars pouring into NBA bank accounts.

Lebron, do you know how many people the Communist Chinese murdered?  60 million Lebron.  Chairman Moa Zedung, the grand daddy of Red China is probably the worst mass murderer in history, but I expect you know this from your high school world history and civics classes.  Dead political opponents, death from famine, torture and death in labor camps.  And that was just during Mao’s reign of terror.

The Red Chinese you do not want to offend still have millions in concentration and labor camps.  They have Muslims in concentration camps.  They destroy Christian churches.  They are Godless communists Lebron.  But hey, they bought you and the NBA lock, stock, and barrel.  Didn’t they?

You and the NBA in dealing with this issue surpassed ignorance and moved directly to stupidity.  Stupidity is when someone purposely remains ignorant.  Maybe the NBA should just pack up and move to China.

Fight for freedom.

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