Walls can be protective or they can be destructive.  Why do we have trouble figuring that out?

Berlin had a wall.  It was infamous and quite familiar to my generation.  I was honored and privileged to be serving in Germany when it fell.  I have a few pieces of it encased.  My son chipped those pieces from the wall.  They’ll always be a reminder of many Americans and Soldiers from other NATO countries who stood firm until the wall and the Communist iron curtain fell.  The Berlin wall was there to keep people from leaving the grips of communist rule.  People died, shot dead by East German guards while seeking the freedom existing just beyond the wall.

The discussion nowadays centers on border walls designed to control migration.  Walls are up or going up across Europe.  This in the European Union, a bastion of open borders globalism.  These walls are not designed to keep people from leaving.  The purpose is controlling the numbers of people entering.  At the root of it, most migrants are fleeing failed states, failed social systems, and failed economic systems.  It is human nature that people have always sought a better place.  There is however, a stark difference between legal immigration where one is intent on assimilation and building a life in the chosen new land and the economic migrant whose purpose is furtherance of their economic standing and transferring wealth to the countries they fled.  The latter holds no allegiance to the new country and has no desire to assimilate.  Instead, they congregate in migrant communities, do not learn the language, and often proudly display flags of the countries they fled.  They become a burden to today’s modern welfare states’ taxpaying legal immigrants and citizens.

Open borders are the bridge to globalism the hope of the super wealthy.  They are the world’s self-appointed aristocracy.  Their wealth is their wall against the harm this ideology forces on the masses.  If another world war happens upon us, it’ll start where the last two did.  It’ll be between the expansionist globalist union that now wants to form its “union” military and the countries wanting to preserve their sovereignty, culture and heritage.  It is the logical end for one ideology or the other.  From the beginning of time, it’s the human way.

Walls, physical barriers or whatever term chosen to describe them are not a new phenomenon.  Walled cities, walled countries, walled estates, etc. are at least as old as recorded human history and probably older.  People keep building them because they serve the desired function of protecting whatever is behind them.  The thing about physical barriers, unless they’re freedom deniers like the Berlin wall, is they always have a proper way in and a proper way out.

Physical walls hog the debate, but it is a debate born of more destructive human made inner walls.  Ideological walls, cultural walls, religious walls, social status walls, the human caste system wall the elitists will never own up to, political walls and probably dozens more.  People hide out behind inner human barriers because that’s where their parents stood or that’s where the identity group with which they identify stands, that’s where peer pressure keeps them hostage, or that is where the ideology they embrace fits best.  Unlike physical barriers with a gate these walls too often have no entry points and for some no easy exit.  Either you are inside or outside.  Over the years, people of prominence, wealth and political stature built these walls thicker and taller and vigorously defended them.  The goal it seems is to ensure no one, or at least not a majority, embraces the wall behind which stands a people united by one ideal.  It is difficult to accept this happens without plan.  Maybe human, maybe supernatural, but in any regard not without plan. This is how a society, a nation, and a people destroy themselves.  There is only one America, but within its own borders it’s becoming Balkanized by human barriers.  America is in the process of committing suicide.  The rebirth will reside far from utopia and distant from individual liberty.

There is another wall.  It is the most lethal wall our country and much of the world faces today.  It is the wall erected around the truth.  The truth is systematically walled off from the people.  This wall is unique in that the truth doesn’t get in and it’s not allowed out.  It’s a Berlin Wall against truth.  We’ve seen magnifications of it in recent days with the inaccurate report from Buzzfeed and about the Covington Catholic School boys in Washington.  If you should search for either, the misinformation still populates the search screen first.

Our media once consisted of nightly news on the major networks, prominent papers in our largest cities, and a few news talk radio programs.  Now it’s vast and instantaneous and blasts information, right, wrong, and unverified around the world 24/7.  People running on emotion from behind those human constructed walls grab on to anything reinforcing what they’ve been conditioned to believe through their blind hatred and social indoctrination and as the adage goes, a lie circles the globe before the truth gets it shoes on.

Physical barriers securing our borders and protecting our sovereignty are not the barriers with which we need concern ourselves.  The barriers that are destroying our country are those that have pulled us apart and away from American Exceptionalism.  The biggest threat to our country is not the exercise of free speech and free expression.  It is the wall erected around the truth by mass media and and turned dangerously caustic by the ignorant and social media tyranny.

It’s not too late to turn back.

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