Some are cheering for a blue wave, others for a red one.  Others are dreaming of gray anarchy.  From where I sit here in Wild and Wonderful, unless we fix Washington, I’m not sure it makes a hill of beans difference what we get. Politicians and groups of people want power. They’ll do most anything to get what they want. It’s an end justifies the means existence. Either they want power to push an agenda or to kowtow to the agenda of those to whom that are beholden. Except for the useful idiot piece, it is not your or I to whom they are bound. They promise what they believe garners votes then when elected they return to the Washington status quo. It’s a well trampled path of which most Americans are quite weary.  What if someone happened on the scene wreaking destruction on the well-established political country club?

We find ourselves in a sad political situation left with no one to blame but ourselves.  Well paid by our taxes and well-funded by wealthy donors the establishment, no matter their battle colors, do not want to solve problems.  It’s not just the democrats or the republicans.  It takes some of all of them.  Together they fail our country.  It’s, whatever it is, is always too hard to do or too hard to stop or we know it’s a bad situation for Americans, but it’s our new normal.  Learn to live with it.

The Washington establishment comprised of career politicians and unelected senior career civil servants control everything.  They thrive in an environment that keeps Americans at one another’s throats.  Unless the swamp is drained the forgotten people, who mind their business and go to work every day often struggling to just make it, will always lose.  Together these swamp rats play the media, who enthusiastically carries their water, like a Stradivarius.  Both do and say all they believe is necessary to ensure an outcome preferable to people who own their souls.  Even if their desired end means destruction of our country.  They’ll still be grasping for power and trying to justify their actions as their pathetic souls swirl down the drain.

Somehow, they think with lies, deceitfulness and hatred they’ll always control the narrative and with it the direction of our country. The point they’re missing is quite simple.  In 2016, there was no red wave. There was no blue wave. In 2018, there will be neither again.  Just like 2016, there is going to be a red, white, and blue wave. With that election, America’s political landscape is changed. Likely forever and for the good. Fed up Americans rejected Washington’s failures. We rejected smug political hacks who continually crammed it down our throats. We elected a non-politician outsider who spoke to us about the issues that most affect us. And he did not speak to us condescendingly. He spoke to us directly and to the chagrin of the establishment he’s working double time to fulfill his commitments.  He kicked down the doors to the country club filled with bought politicians and their wealthy donors and media cohorts. For us, he fights all of them. Every day he and his family endure a wrath of negativity, outright falsehood, and demonization.  He’s the Washington establishment’s nightmare.

They, democrats and republicans, are working hard to ensure he doesn’t succeed.  It’s due to their unbridled hatred and the fact that he kicked over their apple cart.  Just as he promised.  They truly hate the man that had no chance of winning, was not supposed to win, and who beat their anointed candidate.  The establishment and their media pawns have tried every play in their books.  They manufactured a bogus investigation.  They’ve bankrupted and destroyed the lives of people who’ve worked for or were associated with him.  Alleged news media, alleged entertainers and others have profanely attacked his family including his 12-year-old son and 4-year-old granddaughter.  In contrast, I can recall a rodeo clown who was promptly fired because he once wore an Obama mask.

It’s not just the hatred of the man that’s a problem.  It’s extended to the whole class of people who voted for him and in increasing numbers support him.  They are a “basket of deplorables.”  One MSNBC nitwit stated during a program that it’s not just the president that’s bad.  The people who support him are NAZI guards, the bad guy.  People have been attacked for wearing a MAGA hat.  These bad Americans, in record numbers, still support and still attend his rallies.

Now public attacks are taking place against prominent people who work for him and prominent people who support him.  Media and political hacks would have us believe these are spontaneous.  They’ve spent entire media cycles trying to rationalize their own hatred.  To use their nearly worn out phrase for justifying themselves, “this is not who we are.”  Or is it?  I ask all these pundits and so-called journalists to investigate the NAZI Brownshirts.  They were the paramilitary wing of Hitler’s National Socialist party.  They attacked Hitler’s political opponents and destroyed property.  When you’ve completed your assignment explain to us about harassment of the director of homeland security, a state attorney general, the President’s press secretary, and an advisor.  Maybe explain for us how you rationalize a member of Congress publicly calling for these acts to intensify.  Then I want you to have the audacity to call someone else a NAZI.  For your edification, history will recognize you and ANTIFA as NAZI kindred spirits.

You’ve hopelessly lost in the world of ideas.  You are mired in hatred most Americans reject. You have no chance of winning more elections unless it’s through fraud or voter intimidation.  I know Democrats, reasonable people who do not support what you are pushing.  They may never vote Republican, but a large number will probably not vote at all.  You failed.  Out of desperation, you’ve turned down a path leading our country to a dangerous destination.  Sooner rather than later, someone is going to get killed behind your constant stream of hatred.  You will not be able to disown it and you’ve already ensured an overwhelming red, white and blue wave.

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