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Everyone to whom I normally send Christmas presents via the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) thought I was crazy when I told them I was sending their gifts in August.  They are already in the mail.


For more than three months I have had a persistent feeling that the Democrat’s new “crisis du jour” will involve the postal service.  It wasn’t until the political battle about mail-in ballots heated up that I thought of a scheme totally worthy of Democrat evil.

Real Clear Politics has reported that “28 million mail-in ballots went missing in the last four elections.”  That was one of many articles on this subject.

The reports about the millions of ballots that are already being mailed, the poor quality of service the USPS is able to provide under “pandemic” conditions and the dilemma Democrats have because of an unelectable candidate suddenly made me think what is likely to happen this November.

My thoughts on this subject are quite different than those of the talking heads on various “news” shows.  They think a delayed ballot count will lead to violence and there will be ongoing questions about the legitimacy of the election when the ballots are finally counted.  Nothing new there; that’s been going on since November 2016.

I agree that it will take far longer than just a few days.  Democrat-controlled states will make sure it does.

I think the scheme is far more insidious than that.  I think it is a well-crafted plan for a different kind of coup to take over the country.

Let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions.

What is the biggest political battle currently going on in Washington, D.C.?

Answer:      Mail-in ballots; all of the other nonsense are diversions… e.g., there will be no more $600 per week unemployment insurance checks.  But the argument will go on as if there might be.  It will go on until all of the mail-in ballots have been sent to legal and illegal recipients.

What are President Trump’s primary concerns about mass mailing ballots to anyone and everyone?

Answer #1.   Here’s what CNN’s Chris Cillizza says about Trump’s reasons for concern:

“If Trump does lose, he will insist that it was not the result of voters choosing Biden over him but rather a function of those cheating Democrats and their “rigged” mail-in ballot scheme — because Donald Trump doesn’t lose. And the only way he could lose is if he was cheated in some way.

“Because Trump simply cannot be gracious in defeat — or even accept defeat — there’s a real possibility he never actually concedes the race. Remember that Trump claimed, with zero proof, that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in 2016 solely as a way to justify the fact that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. And that was an election he won!”

Answer #2.  Why do I quote a liberal progressive who is employed by a news network that can’t define the word “news”?  Because by listening to liberals you can find out what they plan to do.  They always blame the other guy for what they have done – or intend to do.  You might want to re-read the above paragraph with that in mind.

And keep in mind which political party has rejected the peaceful transfer of power:  the Democrats when they rejected the electoral college results that named Donald J. Trump President in 2016.

In an August 4th article on the subject of mail-in ballots, The Hill said:

“The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is under intense partisan scrutiny from both President Trump and Democratic lawmakers, who are warning the agency is ill-equipped to handle the tens of millions of mailed-in ballots expected to be sent for the November election.

“Many states have moved to expand access to mail balloting in an effort to reduce in-person voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, leading to growing concerns that Postal Service delays could draw the vote count out for days or weeks past Election Day.

“There are fears that ballots that are late, missing or disqualified for small irregularities will lead to lawsuits and questions about the integrity of the elections.”

What if knowing who gets the most votes and thus wins the 2020 Presidential election isn’t the objective?  What if counting the ballots isn’t even the primary purpose of the election?  What if delaying the count of the ballots until after January 20, 2021 is the objective?

It sounds crazy, I know.  But then so do most lies the Democrats use to achieve their objectives.  For example, the Russia, Russia, Russia dossier in which the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, were involved.  Or the Mueller investigation based on unlawful requests of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) for a warrant to unlawfully spy on General Mike Flynn and the Trump White House.  Or, last but not least, to filing pie-in-the-sky impeachment charges against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

All  of them sound crazy – because they are.  Maybe Joe Biden isn’t the only one who should be taking mental competency tests?

Instead, let’s look at something logical:  The Constitution of the United States.

Section 3 of the 20th Amendment

“If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.”

That means if there is no qualified (by vote) President by January 20th, Congress must take action.

Can you imagine the confusion and chaos that will surround an election where so many ballots have been sent to non-legitimate voters (as the Democrats plan to do… have begun doing)?  The nutcase Governor of California has already announced he is sending ballots to all residents of the state… a large number of which are illegal aliens.

It will take months to count the mail-in ballots and it will be impossible to name a winner by January 20th… the Democrats will make sure that it’s impossible.  Instead of it being Russia, Russia, Russia, it will be delay, delay, delay.

So what does the 20th Amendment say will happen in such a circumstance?  If the states cannot count their ballots, they cannot certify a winner so the electoral college is unable to vote – a creative way to by-pass the electoral college which the Democrats want to get rid of anyway.  Perhaps this is their way of doing it?

If, by January 20th the electoral college has not certified a winner, it will be up to Congress to decide.  The Democrat-controlled House will choose a president and the Senate will choose the vice president.

There are a couple of blips to the possible scheme.  The President might declare martial law – God knows he’s been given every reason in the world to do so.  Look at Portland, Seattle, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, and numerous other hot spots where the property of taxpaying Americans is being destroyed.  That could stop the mail-in ballot problem.

Second, if the Presidential election cannot be confirmed, neither can the Congressional election be confirmed.  Thus, there would be no Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to vote in Hillary – or, perhaps even Barrack for a third term.

Now if those possibilities don’t keep you awake at night, nothing will.

Almost all of the schemes on which the Democrats rely as they plot how to get around their Joe Biden problem depend on the USPS and the unlawful ballots.  Lawful ballots by mail are sent only to those voters who are confirmed legitimate.

And now you know why I’ve already mailed my Christmas presents… which happen to be survival-based gifts.

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