/August 2020

FL. Gov. DeSantis, Allowing Denial of Florida Constitutional Rights

Governor DeSantis, you have been a good governor, but you can’t overlook, or dodge this responsibility.  You will be harshly judged, if you fail to make it possible for citizens to exercise their rights, without fear, under the Florida Constitution, and a Civil War results. If you dodge your responsibility, like most weak politicians, odds are that you will turn over your state to new Communist Rulers.

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Are Americans Being Punished For Believing In American Greatness?

Mr. Trump’s upbeat message of Make America great Again ignited a resurgence of optimism many thought was gone forever. The Trump Train hit the political tracks and made it all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Immediately, the enemies of our republic, both foreign and domestic were put on notice, that for the first time in decades they would be challenged.

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Congressional Candidate Takes on Soros

President Trump understands what’s going on, even if McCarthy doesn’t. With his presidency on the line, he has to know he can’t back down now. His opponent isn’t Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. It’s Soros.

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The Left Hates the Truth

Everything they are telling us about Kamala Harris is a lie.  It is the way the Left operates.  Cheating, lying and fooling the voters it's their only means of victory.  If they were to ever admit their REAL agenda, they know that it would be rejected.  The Left does not value TRUTH.  Truth is not an important value to the Left.

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Origin Of Covid-19?

I had been researching the origin of Covid-19 for some time, and had forwarded the information I found to a number of people including THE WASHINGTON POST's intelligence specialist covering the story.  He emailed me delay after delay, so I thought I may as well write about what I had found.

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Since When Did Bill and Melinda Gates Become Licensed Doctors?

First off, I would like to remind people that Bill Gates is the one calling for depopulation of the global population.  He said, “The world has 6.8 billion people… that’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 to 15 percent.”

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The Scary Similarities Between FDR’s New Deal and the Coronavirus

During the Great Depression, that many believe was caused by the Federal Reserve, millions of Americans lost their jobs, their life’s savings, their homes and some their lives.  Something had to be done to save the country but did that something go beyond government’s enumerated powers?  The answer is a resounding yes!

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No Iranian Dog in Muslim Fight

Islam, with its barbaric exclusionary and primitive Bedouin Arab dogma, overtook Iran in the 7th century and brutally strove to replace the traditional lofty Iranian beliefs in human rights and diversity. Regrettably, the forced subjugation of the Iranian people succeeded to some degree in transmitting the Islamic psychosocial virus to many Iranians

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The Democrats’ Abandonment of the Jews

Jewish Democrats, it is long overdue for you to wake up and smell the now-contaminated coffee. A vote for Joe Biden is a full-on endorsement of the poisonous Jew hatred that has commandeered the Democrat Party and told you––meaning all Jews including left-wingers

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Is Wearing Face Masks A Pre-Cursor To A Cashless Society?

Together with various members of the Conservative Party, who have publicly ripped up their membership cards in disagreement with the ruling, many other people across the country have seriously questioned the decision on why this requirement would be enforced now, in the middle of summer, and four months after the initial lockdown?

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Trump Thwarts Pelosi’s Pot Pushers

Using emergency authority granted to him by Congress, President Trump on Saturday issued four China virus relief executive orders to benefit taxpayers, students, renters and homeowners. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got in the way of this assistance because her “Heroes” bill that she insisted on passing through the Senate would have made heroes out of dope dealers and stoners and other clients of the marijuana industry.

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Why The Globalist Establishment Hates Our Historic President

It’s Trump’s greatness that makes them tremble. It’s Trump’s ability to speak to the people in their terms and their words that makes them hate him even more. It’s his energy, his drive, his thousands of followers who make his enemies work to destroy him. We’ve never seen a president who sleeps so little, works so hard, gives so much, and doesn’t even take a salary.

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Christmas (Or Martial Law) In August?

Can you imagine the confusion and chaos that will surround an election where so many ballots have been sent to non-legitimate voters (as the Democrats plan to do... have begun doing)?  The nutcase Governor of California has already announced he is sending ballots to all residents of the state... a large number of which are illegal aliens.

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Unmasking the Lies; Unleashing the Truth

I believe it’s way past time to UNmask the lies and unleash the TRUTH.  First of all, there are a lot of contradictory recommendations being put forth by the so-called “experts” in charge of all this.  Recently, in one of my news feeds, I received one story reporting Anthony Fauci’s statement that mask-wearing was just “largely symbolic” and that masks were ineffective and unnecessary.

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The New Political Agenda

The year 2020 has brought America to a new era of politics something like we have never seen before.  The Democrat Party has seen an opportunity to take complete control of the country in a manner where they will never have to relinquish that power. At that point the America we grew up in will no longer exist.

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Islam and World Domination

Warning: Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology which incites hate, violence, intolerance, and terror.  Islamists are terminators.  “You cannot bargain with them. You cannot reason with them.  They do not feel pity or remorse or fear.” And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until all the infidels are dead or have submitted to Islam.

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Who Really Controls the Church?

The Church created Caesar, why does the Church answer to Caesar?  What is it the Church possesses that belongs to Caesar?  What should the Church render unto Caesar?  Nothing.  Caesar is simply an abusive ex-spouse. Christ is the Head of the Church and the Church is the Head of Government.  The Government answers to Christ, Christ’s body does answer to the Government.

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2020 End of the USA?

Do we still have this kind of Americans? If we do, we’re running out of time to do what only they can do. We have to organize and mobilize very quickly, with only one common goal, to reopen America and put all governmental bodies back into constitutional check.

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The Otherworldly Powers of Darkness, Cults, and Sexual Deviancyin Politics

Citizens for Free Speech is drawing attention to Big Tech censorship of a group of medical experts called America’s Frontline Doctors. But it’s really not the advocacy of hydroxychloroquine by Dr. Stella Immanuel that is the big controversy. She is under attack by the Washington Post and other papers for stating her belief that there are demonic anti-Christian forces in the world today.

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We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight

I will never forget my mostly happy childhood during the first twelve years of my life.  The neighborhood was idyllic, with wonderful God fearing, kind and mostly successful neighbors.  When I say successful, I do not mean that our great neighborhood was an economic rival of the upper west side of Manhattan, but all the neighbors worked.

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When ‘Smart’ is Stupid

I grew up believing in Evolution, because that’s what I was exposed to and I never heard anybody question it. But now a lot of people question it, including me—because it just doesn’t make sense.

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The Only Way To Confront Violence Is With Force

Now there may be another way to confront the anarchists, with a show of force.  The good people of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho came out in full force carrying guns when they heard that ANTIFA was on their way to protest in Coeur d’Alene.  When ANTIFA showed up, heavily armed civilians escorted them out of town.  Not a shot was fired.  The PEOPLE spoke!

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Convict And Jail Communist Leaders For Treason

I can only vote for President Donald Trump, because he is the only man who has demonstrated his ability to help us survive the Chinese Virus, Rebuild our country, protect the people, and defeat the Communist insurgency. There is no other choice, except slavery.

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Psychotic Judge Refuses to Dismiss Flynn Case

General Flynn never lied to anyone, and that includes VP Mike Pence who actually lied to the media.  The General fell on his sword for the new administration, and has been persecuted ever since.  Why you ask?  Because the Deep State knows exactly what Michael Flynn is capable of and they hate him and are they’re scared to death of him.

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Obama, China and The Great Reset

The China virus now provides the springboard for what Obama and now Joe Biden are calling the “transformation” of the United States. Fear of the virus is driving many to accept this version of socialism in America. Trump has not been able to dispel the fear and has 90 days to turn around the perception that he has lost control of events.

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The Politicization of Healthcare

An accurate COVID-19 death count of people who have died from COVID-19 alone will not be forthcoming from the CDC, but it is nowhere near the 157K people they claim to have died from the disease. It seems most people know this, yet people keep repeating the CDC narrative of contributing as many deaths as possible to COVID-19.

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Could Mail-in Ballots Help Trump Win?

One must have a game plan and this goes for national as well as local elections.  It’s a shame less than 1% of challengers ever bother to challenge the outcome of an election because if they did conduct a forensic analysis, massive vote fraud via machines would have blown up that whole scam decades ago.

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Why No Autopsy for Supreme Court Justice Scalia?

A scion of the Supreme Court, a man very much larger than life, amusing, very close friends with the most liberal member of the court, a man who cherished the Constitution and loved to teach, a fair-minded Supreme Court icon is found dead in bed and there is no need for the judge to come out?

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Aversion to Tyranny

In fact, freedom of speech is under fierce attack in America today.  You’d think we were living in Russia or China, the way people are being fired for their personal opinions not even expressed on their job.  Voices that contradict a mainstream narrative are being silenced by the hundreds or even thousands.  That is not freedom of speech or expression.

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The New Political Agenda, Part 2

In recent days we have seen the Big Tech companies being drug before Congress to explain why conservatives are being banned from posting.  They all claim that it is a ‘glitch’ in their algorithm.  If you believe that there is some beachfront property, I would like to sell you just outside Bozeman, Montana.

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On A Quest For ‘Normal’

A few weeks ago, my wife and I took some time off.  It was way overdue and a greatly needed break from our hectic work life.  Because while many others have been out of work, or staying at home under “quarantine,” we have both been working harder than ever, longer hours than ever, with days that begin before sunrise and rarely ending before midnight.

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Philip Haney’s Mysterious Death

Philip was an extraordinary individual. He had dedicated his entire life to keep America safe. He was brilliant in his own area of expertise. He never seemed to get tired of what he passionately loved to do: protecting our American mainland from the threat of Islamic terrorism.

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Face Mask Tyranny is Here

In conclusion, any business enforcing these mask requirements claiming them to be law is improperly restricting the freedoms of the citizens of their state with no lawful basis to do so.

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