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In the past few weeks, NWVs has published some of the most inspiring and informative columns I have seen in ages, from some of the most gifted, prolific writers around. Devvy Kidd’s weekly taped commentary is always outstanding and well worth the few minutes it takes to listen as she knocks the subjects far out of the ballpark. My efforts are dwarfed by most of the other writers here, so I wasn’t going to write another column. Yet, the situation in our nation brought me to a place of anger, frustration and despondency. It got the better of me for about…well, about 5 minutes, after which I felt motivated. So I sat down at my computer to re-watch a video I was sent 2 weeks ago to take notes in preparation of a meeting with some like minded people next Sunday, and I wrote out the phrase: Qui bono? This is the Latin phrase for ‘to whom is it a benefit”, or, simply, “Who benefits”?

What does all this turmoil achieve? Why does only the United States thus suffer this insolvency into moral vacuousness? How, in a land that was sanctified for freedom and individual God given rights, have we sunk into the stupefying abyss of an anarchist’s wet dream? People that come to our service desk in the store I work for whisper to me, “I don’t understand any of this”. It’s because you’re not suppose to, I whisper back.

No. We’re not SUPPOSE to understand it. It is the Hegelian dialectic and Cloward-Piven’s ‘strategy’ rolled into one tight little short-fused bomb of social destruction, intended only for the United States. Why? Because we are the last bastion of freedom and liberty anywhere on earth. That is to say, TRUE freedom; protected ownership of private property and the right to equal justice under codified law…at least, we used to be. Enemies who have infiltrated within our gates and avowed enemies outside our gates, have turned our Constitutional Republic into a living nightmare because of raging envy, greed and the most basic avarice a human being can fathom: the desire for all consuming, all powerful control of their fellow humans, no matter the cost to human life.

Riddle me this: How, in God’s name, can a conglomerate system of ‘leaders’ rage about protecting society from a virus that has a 98.7% recovery rate among healthy individuals CONDONE the intentional MURDER of 42 Million unborn children worldwide in 2019? Those unborn babies will never have a recovery rate attached to their numbers. Some of them were murdered AFTER they were born, healthy…their “mothers” (if you can call a woman who engages in infanticide a mother) chose to end their responsibility to their offspring…because they would be denied their freedom from responsibility to care for that infant. That is gross moral wickedness on an unprecedented level! But that isn’t really why I am writing this.

In my very first submission to News With Views I asked the question: What is the bottom line to achieving control? Answer: the installation of FEAR. If you can instill fear into a person or group, you can control everything they do. If you inflict enough terror upon a person or a society, you can obtain their complete submission to whatever insane agenda you have. Case in point: face masks everywhere, even a single person in a car with the windows rolled up…I have seen it with my own eyes!! Clearly, the Powers That Be have an agenda that is worthy of hell itself…..AND they are getting ready to impose it on the entire planet.

I found this intriguing , from a British site:

“There is, though, a common theme for the western democracies, a global technocracy templated historically with eighteenth century monarchy & aristocracy. The technocrat comes in many guises, they share one thing in common, they have access to those levers of power which transcend the electorate which they hold in undisguised contempt. They control unbelievable wealth: George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, the Clinton Foundation, the great spigot of sovereign wealth wrung from taxpayers by central bankers & chancellors, big pharma bankroll thousands of commentators presented to the public as neutral professionals.”

When did all our uneasiness finally break through the surface? In my opinion, it happened back when We The People finally said enough is enough; we don’t WANT fundamental transformation of our country; we rejected Act II of the Obama’nation, in the personage of the Queen of Unhallowed Depravity herself, Hillary Clinton: that vile beast with a thousand faces and a thousand excuses. Everything in the Collective’s World was going along quite smoothly until WE decided to buck their system in 2016.

From the moment JFK was murdered, some say by “The Activity” of our own CIA, when the insidious LBJ took over the reigns of power, who then got us eyebrow deep into VietNam because his friends coveted and received lucrative gov’t. contracts (and other more nefarious reasons) while LBJ got boatloads of quiet kickbacks from all those billions, until Carter did NOTHING in four years except get our embassy in Tehran overrun by thugs with rifles, until ex-CIA chief Bush Sr took to the floor of the UN humming strains of Kumbaya while openly admitting to the entire planet he was endorsing a New World Order of Elites who would bring to fruition a Utopian fantasy that simply does not and cannot exist here on earth, until Clinton brought an intern to her knees in the Oval Office to service his lascivious “needs”, until Bush Jr sat there like a SIMP in a school room while New York and by extension, the entire nation, witnessed the most horrific mass murder anyone had ever seen LIVE in real time thanks to the 24-7 news cycle.

Then, the ultimate insult to Patriots: the first verifiably ineligible Usurper to sit in the Oval Office pretending to be a president was worshiped day and night by the slobbering anchors on the nightly propaganda stage while the wheels of the obfuscation machinery went to work on the public’s psyche…and boy oh boy, did they plant a whole universe of poisonous seeds into the minds of weak, insipid, sheeple voters.

If it wasn’t the K-12 public school system adulterating young minds with all sorts of alternative options to ‘right living’, it was the Marxist subterfuge of the university professors preying upon the still formative minds of 2 generations of youngsters in this country; it was the droning on and on and on and on of the ruthless, inflexible brainwashing on television, EVERYWHERE, from sitcoms persuading humans that any choice of lifestyle is perfectly fine, as long as you own it and defend it, to the History Channel twisting and falsifying KNOWN history! It is positively staggering, the way history has been tortured into bending to the whims of social engineers.

So I ask again: Qui bono?

It’s simple: the people who brought you Agenda 21 and now the Green New Deal (which is in reality, just a repackaging of A21). The IMPERIAL “THEY” benefit…by crafty, sophisticated design.

This is the Holy Grail of movements, and the plan has been long in producing the result; it has been worked diligently toward by every single monarch, aristocrat, corruptocrat, parliamentarian, dictator or wannabe dictator on the planet, for the past 100+ years. Theirs was a generational plan and they fully realized it would take generations to eliminate the patriotism of a nation of people who found freedom, even at a high cost, to surrender to their overarching plan to bring all lesser humans back to heel under the mighty Controllers whose gluttonous desire for absolute power knows absolutely no bounds. None. They are gods unto themselves and they want unresistant homage paid by the lowly peasants they rule over. They know no Sovereign except their own insatiable lust for complete capitulation of all lesser citizens of the planet. “Bow down to ME” they say, “and I will give you food and water…find your own place to sleep…”.

The Enemy has been working on the human weaknesses through the 7 deadly sins for over 7000 years. Do you really think he is going to suddenly stop? No. It’s going to take something truly supernaturally Divine to put an end to his wickedness on this planet. The Enemy seduces humans with the sorcery of delusional thinking; He causes them to replace the Creator God with their Own self-worshiping assumed omnipotence. I can’t understand how people have forgotten the fact that we were TOLD this was going to happen. 2 Timothy 3 is just one place where we find this egregious rebuke of the Creator in favor of themselves…they worship the man in the mirror, not our Lord and Savior. They heap burning coals upon their heads…BIG MISTAKE!

There is no desire stronger in a fallen human than that of ultimate power and control over (an)other human(s). Daniel Webster said, “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters”. What, then, is the result of such ambition? “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton

We have endured, reluctantly I might add, the past 4 years of unbridled histrionics of a mainstream media conglomerate hell bent on serving their Masters in the Corporate Oligarchy. Oh, I might want to mention that the media is not the genesis of the manipulation…your very own unelected government bureaucracy is at the heart of this Monument to Destructive Contrivance…the very unelected bureaucracy your taxes DON’T pay for. No! That money is borrowed AT INTEREST and then the gov’t sends YOU the bill for that interest, while they go on spending and borrowing in an endless circle of misery while the wealth of this nation goes down into the sewer drain of bankruptcy.

THIS is the video I mentioned was sent to me 2 weeks ago. It is 1hr and 22 ins of sheer amazement, as the story unfolds to reveal what is REALLY going on behind the Curtain in Oz…It is well worth your time, and I humbly ask you to take the time to watch it.

Additionally, it might be worth your consideration to contemplate what we have been through with the previous iteration of evil, Barry Soetoro and his hand picked Band of Criminals, before we seek to mistakenly elect a hideous liar and obviously senile life-long political operative, Joe Biden-be-Hidin’ and another completely unqualified, ineligible person to take over the reigns of power. Biden will NOT be in office 6 months before the 25th amendment is invoked, because of his dementia and THEN, you will have the ending to this glorious nation…or should I say, this once glorious nation.

In my opinion, America is still worth fighting for. Not necessarily for myself, as I am up there in age now, but for my descendents who do not have the fulfilling memories I have of saluting my flag and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in school…of having a neighborhood that we could leave our doors unlocked at night and play in the streets without getting run over or shot. A place where loving your country was a way of life and the recounting of stories of our parents and grandparents who came to this country to build a better life, as LEGAL immigrants, as well as their struggles during the depression and their survival against all the horrors of battle and war.

You may not agree with me, but I genuinely believe that God intervened on our behalf, to place Mr Trump in the presidency. I can think of no other power that could have overridden the extremely diabolical attempts to fraudulently secure a presidency by the most dangerous woman ever born, in my estimation, next to Madeline Murray O’Hare or Margaret Sanger.

Something has been nagging at me though: what’s up with Ukraine? What is it about Ukraine that is so dangerous? Why is everyone trying to protect Ukraine? Crowdstrike? Maybe it’s because that is where the real story lies. Who all was skulking around in Ukraine? Joe and Hunter? Hillary? Manafort? Hillary knew she could make a really big deal out of Manafort, so she did through her proxy’s. Was it to protect DNC server queries? Donations to politicians from foreign countries or foreign politicians? Was the world “betting” on who was going to win the election, and buying access ahead of time??

This seems to be just a small fraction of what is going on under the cover of ‘national security’ by the thousands of untouchables who push and pull the levers (and leverage) of information technology; Faceless cubicle drone-workers who compile hundreds of billions of pieces of data on every US citizen and foreigner they possibly can, to build a database of psychological profiling to facilitate getting inside YOUR heads. Gigantic international corporate conglomerates are then the recipients of this data so they improve their “marketing” capabilities…I call BS. This is about finding ways to further indoctrinate and manipulate the entire global population of “useless eaters”. The Controllers at the top know everything about you, how to push your buttons and exactly which buttons to push for a specific result. We’re nothing more than lab rats…and just as expendable.

They have given us smart phones, Smart Meters, smart grids, smart homes, smart appliances…and all these inanimate objects are smarter than you are, and 100 times more dangerous in the long run. Now they are introducing even more dangerous 5G technology to tie all these time-saving technologies together, as another wonder of the modern world…faster internet access, for the millions of millennial mom’s who hand their toddlers a Smart Phone to bombard their little bodies with even more microwaves and the vulgarity of Teletubbies prancing around in their rainbow subliminal messaging about all things sexually acceptable…entertainment for those toddlers while “mom” checks her Etsy, Pinterest or Facebook page 100 times a day. I don’t call that parenting.

The corporations and their leaders/board members who brought you these “time saving” devices have a more interesting objective, though. What it really does is further increase dependency on technology and less intimate involvement in the personal investment to real life. This is the path to an artificially directed digital society; a Minority Report nightmare which is controlled by the flick of a switch in the office of some bureaucrat or their down-line lackey who decides if there is enough ‘energy’ to serve your air conditioning in the summer or not; after all, do you think those at the top are going to sweat along with the rest of us? I could give you a hundred other examples, but I’ve already taken a lot of your time.

This is about CONTROL, total and absolute control. Control by The Collective Oligarchs over the Common People. Look into the associations of the Atlantic Counsel and the Open World Leadership Center. Look at who is leading these ‘public private partnerships’ and then you’ll begin to understand who is directing this plan to destroy our freedom here is the US. “Open World is a nonpartisan agency of the Congress”; it’s a lot more than that and has some dubious characters who have served on their board of directors. (This link will include OWLC information about how it ties into Ukraine and the genesis of the 2016- present coup against the president)

Open World has had on it’s board of directors, such people such as Amory Houghton, a “centrist” Republican (meaning, Democrat with a Republican mask on) from Corning NY, who was Chairman of the Board for Corning, Inc. coming from a long line of political power brokers from upstate NY…Nelson Rockefeller was one of his mentors/role models…tells me everything I need to know.

James W. Symington, (D) Missouri, attended both Yale and Columbia Universities; Son of Stuart Symington, also (D) Missouri Symington served as director of The Atlantic Counsel from 1986 to 2001, and as director of the Library of Congress Russian Leadership Program in 2001. In 1992, he founded the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation, which he chaired from its inception until 2015. Very well connected to the elitist upper reaches in Massachusetts and New York.

Then there’s the ever vulgar, deeply anti-American devotee of life extension therapies (yes, that’s a real thing; people actually undergo certain unorthodox therapies to extend their life span indefinitely) George “I hate America” Soros. Enough said there.

The Global Cabal of One Worlders are closer than ever to getting what they want. I will again post the link to “Shadowgate”, the video I highly recommend you watch. It will answer a lot of questions or cause you ask some important questions that I pray you are ready to ask.
Let us contemplate again: What is really going on behind the scenes? WHY is this segmentation of our society happening? What is the purpose of all this ugly moral degeneracy…this well orchestrated, well funded, visceral anarchy? Does it have an identifiable central objective? Of course it does, and it is staring us right in the face. Fundamental Transformation: from a free nation under a republican form of government with a steadfast Constitution, to a Marxist Socialist society where your life is about as precious as a dog’s. They eat dogs in China, by the way.


Some final thoughts:

Through the compounded, ever expanding, intentional artificially created panics, the current ridiculous and wanton HYPERINFLATED hysteria over a well constructed PLANNEDEMIC, the incessant neuronal mantra of ‘racism’, the obscene charges of white privilege EVERYWHERE except where it belongs (in the higher reaches of elegant but wildly perverse high society circles), the demands for “social justice’, the noxious screams to defund all police departments across the nation (who you gonna call? Ghostbusters?), the conspicuously well planned, well organized, extremely well funded anarchy, rioting, looting, destruction by murderous Marxist BLM and nihilistic p’antiFA’cist thugs who nightly burn our cities and destroy INNOCENT people’s lives by destroying the small businesses those people have scraped and saved for, labored intensely for and sacrificed greatly for, to build toward THEIR American Dream, all while the “government” Corruptocrats on BOTH sides of the aisle have not only sat on their hands and done NOTHING to reign in this treachery except flap their flabby pieholes; indeed and instead, they have eagerly tolerated or even encouraged this wickedness and unbelievable moral turpitude in furtherance of THEIR, the Corruptocrat, Agenda! They have even worked relentlessly behind the scenes to sabotage the efforts of good people in the gov’t (the number of which is dwindling rapidly) and especially the president the People elected to represent them in the world, protect them from harm at home and to stand as a beacon of hope for our decaying society.

A very clever man once told me, “If God doesn’t punish this nation’s leaders for their vicious defamation toward The People and their faith, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

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