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Yes, I am calling out Ron DeSantis, our Florida Governor for a Major Sin of Omission. He has failed to make our Constitutional Rights to defend ourselves and property useful and effective for the average citizen. Our major problem is the politically motivated prosecutors and judges who will not honor our Constitution. Gov. DeSantis is effectively denying us our basic rights under the Florida Constitution by his non action. He is a good governor, but this failure will eclipse his other accomplishments.  Governor Ron DeSantis must know that he has not, and cannot, protect the people of Florida from the Marxist Rioters, Looters, Arsonists, and Thugs associated with the now Communist Democrat Party. That is a simple proven fact. Only the Patriotic Citizens  of Florida can stop these criminals  dead. But, you must make our Constitutional Rights effective  so we can defend themselves and our property without  repercussions.

Before there was a police force, we defended ourselves; we must be able to do that again. I guarantee you that the people can put an end to this Treason. I am old enough at 86, to remember when people could, and did defend themselves. But the people can’t exercise their basic rights under the Constitution until you enact legislation giving people broad rights to use deadly force when threatened. This legislation must be written in broad way to prevent the politically motivated, and crooked prosecutors, from protecting criminals by charging citizens for exercising their Constitutional Rights.

Article One, Section Two of the Florida Constitution states: ”Basic rights.—All natural persons, female and male alike, are equal before the law and have inalienable rights, among which are the right to enjoy and defend life and liberty, to pursue happiness, to be rewarded for industry, and to acquire, possess and protect property”…….

You must put this into legislation, otherwise the many corrupt, or politically motivated prosecutors will put people in jail to defend the criminals, and promote a Communist Uprising. There are countless examples of this all over the country, even in Florida.

Recently in Florida, a man was thrown to the ground, he shot his assailant. The Sheriff refused to charge him, but the prosecutor indicted and convicted him.

In St. Louis this summer, Mark and Patricia McCloskey held off rioters at gunpoint and were charged with weapons violations and disarmed. They called police, but they refused to come. The prosecutor was a Democrat. This prosecutor is one of the many around the country who was reputedly funded by the same people who funded Antifa. The Missouri Governor  said the McCloskey’s were within their rights and he would pardon them.

In Atlanta this summer, Garrett  Rolfe, A Police Officer, shot and killed Rayshard Brooks. I saw it all on TV, and as a former Police Officer, it looked like it was justified. But, the Prosecutor promptly charged the Police Officer with murder, before the results of any investigations were available.

During the Baltimore Riots in2015, Mayor Stephanie Blake instructed police officers to allow protesters to express themselves, and that we also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well. The States Attorney filed charges against six officers, none of the charges stuck. Compare these actions with the words of the Detroit Chief of Police.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated on Fox News: Our city isn’t overrun with riots because my officers will not back down. We are not going to tolerate this uptick in violence. That’s key.

Recently in Arlington, Va., Hamzeh Abushariah, while working in a small shop encountered three men stealing cash and merchandise, he shot one of them. The Commonwealth’s Attorney charged Hamzeh with malicious  wounding, and reckless handling of a firearm.

These were just a few examples. If you study the major Democratic cities, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis , Chicago, St.Louis, New York, et al,  you will note anti citizen actions by prosecutors that support and protect criminals. Many, many people, smarter than me, think all of this is to engineer a revolt that would allow a Communist takeover. They don’t give a damn how many people lose their lives and property, they only want power. These Useful Idiots are following the same takeover plan that Adolf Hitler used with his Brown Shirts, which was similar to the Chinese and Russian operations. These thugs must know that if the Communists win they must be sacrificed, just like Hitler killed his own Brown Shirts.

Gov. DeSantis, you may say that there have not been large scale major attacks on your  cities, but the communists can not overlook Florida. If we are attacked, and the Police don’t stop it, I know you will call out the National Guard, by then your cities are looted and burned. This would not happen if citizens and police were allowed to defend themselves and property, in accordance with the Constitution of Florida.

Governor DeSantis, you have been a good governor, but you can’t overlook, or dodge this responsibility.  You will be harshly judged, if you fail to make it possible for citizens to exercise their rights, without fear, under the Florida Constitution, and a Civil War results. If you dodge your responsibility, like most weak politicians, odds are that you will turn over your state to new Communist Rulers.

Governor DeSantis if you fail to act, and people die while Florida cities burn, it will be on you.

I have told you the brutal truth, but my forecasts are subject to events. God Bless America.

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