By: Devvy

Last week President Trump unleashed another zinger which drove the shadow government’s MSM pimps into another round of conniption fits. It also elicited the usual vomit from parasites like Pelosi, Chuckie Schumer and other jackals in the Democrat/Communist Party USA.  Even white-collar criminal, 77-year old dementia addled Joe Biden worked his way through the cobwebs in his cranium to bark Trump might try to delay the election!

Paid liars on CNN, MSNBC and various “news” papers all had the same talking points over Trump’s comment that mail-in ballots would on a universal scale produce the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. Perhaps delay the election until people can vote safely and securely, he said.  The meltdowns were a joy to watch!

Safe, secure and accurate counting of the votes is something Democrats and global elites absolutely do not want.

Trump knew when he sent that tweet he has no power to change the date of the general election this November.  He does these blurbs to plant the seeds about corruption – especially now regarding a fair election.  Naturally it sets off the vermin on the boob tube, liberals (socialists) and progressives (communists) in print media on line.

I’ve been writing about vote fraud since 1993.  So many columns I can’t list them all.  I wrote a short 44 pg booklet in 1998, Blind Loyalty; I sold 700,000 copies at cost.  My booklet exposed page after page after page of proven vote fraud by machines as well as human cheaters out to win at any cost.

I will for the sake of those who have missed my other columns give you a prime example of how it’s done.  On primary night in my run for the U.S. House, March 26, 1996, despite being behind only 5-7% points behind Rep. Waffle Wally Herger two weeks before the primary and no scandals, my race was called at 8:01 pm – one minute after the polls closed and no votes counted: 86-14 in favor of Herger.

The Secty of state stopped counting at around 6:00 am. The numbers never changed.  Additionally, in the largest county in the district I went to vote my name wasn’t even on the ballot!  We had to write in my name. I was in shock but there was nothing I could do.  I had the certificate from the Secretary of State proving I was eligible to be on the ballot.

While my race was called at 8:01 pm, the county clerk’s office didn’t even get the ballots until as much as four hours later.

Check these winners/losers that night: 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 86-14, 87-13, 81-18 and 86-14 which was my race. Those were the results for a few incumbents vs challengers for the U.S. House throughout the state of California. Every incumbent, including Herger, all voted for NAFTA. All challengers including me were opposed to that unconstitutional, destructive ‘agreement’. Wonder why we all allegedly lost?

Those house seats were scattered all over the state of California. Unless you’re specifically looking at a particular race, in a state the size of California or Texas, people don’t put together the pattern, but it sure as hell is there.

The perception in my run was that the voters in that district overwhelmingly approved of Herger’s voting record which they did NOT. My support was firm and widespread. The morning after the primary a woman called my office to tell me she worked at a precinct in a smaller county.

When she came in primary night, she observed ballots spread all over the table in a back room instead of in sealed boxes which is the law. She was told to mind her own business and go back to work.  I didn’t ask her if she voted for me, just would she swear to it an affidavit which she replied, yes.

The Republican Secretary of State refused to look at my case after I filed a formal complaint. Republican Bill Jones was Secty of State in California at the time.  His goal was “100 percent participation but zero tolerance for voter fraud”.  Empty words when it came to my race.

In violation of state law ballots were taken out of the secured boxes in a back room before transporting them to the county clerk for counting but Jones didn’t give a damn.  I didn’t have the money at the time to sue or pay for a recount in such a huge district. That’s when I left the Republican Party and have remained no party since.

Let me tell you another race where an incumbent was ousted by cheating.  Very popular incumbent “B-1 Bob” Doran [R-CA] back in 1998 ran against Loretta Sanchez.  He allegedly lost.  “A task force found 748 votes that had been cast illegally—624 from non-citizens in addition to 124 that had already been thrown out by California officials.”

Non-citizens meaning illegal aliens.  Like his opponent, Sanchez.  Long story short, I went to Lynwood, Calif., where Sanchez was allegedly born.  No birth certificate to be found anywhere.  Back to Sacramento, ordered up a copy of her birth certificate that didn’t exist and three long weeks later, well, a copy came in the mail.  Mind you, while at the records office of births for California in Sacramento there was no BC for her to be found yet one magically appears three weeks later in the mail.

The National Voter Registration Act of 1993, aka the Motor Voter Act, signed into law by globalist Billy Clinton was a gigantic open invitation for vote fraud.  How we patriots fought against it but the American people en masse remained silent.  Recently ballot harvesting has been used which I believe enabled the Democrats to take back control of the US House.

States dominated by elected Democrats have been successful in making sure voters need provide no proof they are U.S. citizens which is obscene.  Democrats need illegal aliens voting to stay in power.

This is evil:  Kobach: The Tenth Circuit Wrongly Strikes Down Kansas’s Proof-of-Citizenship Election Requirement, April 29, 2020 –  Judicial activism at it’s worst and an open invitation for illegal aliens and non-citizens here legally to vote in OUR elections.

Ballot harvesting must be killed.  There’s no solid chain of security.  Those of us fighting vote fraud all these decades – specifically ANY electronic machines and counting machines – were floored when learning about ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is collecting and submitting mail-in ballots by third party individuals, either paid workers or volunteers instead of the ballots being submitted by the individual voter at ballot collection sites.  It should be banned in all states.  Kudos to Florida:  GOP Wins Court Case, Keeping Florida Ballot Harvesting Ban in Place, July 19, 2020 – A huge blow to Democrats in that state.

Illegal aliens have NO right to be on U.S. soil.  They have NO right to vote in our elections but were given the green light via the Motor Voter Act, ballot harvesting and now mail-in ballots.

Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote, Feb. 15, 2017 – They can’t bring themselves to say illegal aliens.  Trump named globalist Mike Pence to head up a vote fraud task force. “He says he wants the investigation to focus on inaccurate voter registration rolls, which are maintained by the states and the District of Columbia.”

In January of 2018, that task force was shut down.  Why?  “President Trump dismantled his controversial voter fraud commission as the group faced lawsuits, oppositions from states and fighting among its members.” Why should investigating vote fraud be considered controversial? No doubt about lawsuits filed by the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) and blue states who depend on vote fraud to win. Hell, it’s already underway again with some caught and prosecuted:

Judicial Watch Finds Millions of ‘Extra’ Registrants on Voting Rolls – Warns California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado, Virginia to Clean Up Voting Rolls or Face a Federal Lawsuit, Jan. 2, 2020

Non-U.S. citizen reveals she was automatically registered to vote – ‘I don’t know why there’s this blind belief that it cannot happen’ May 26, 2020. If this happens to you, go to the media and your county clerk.  Report it to your state rep and senator.

I live in Howard County, TX:  Howard County woman accused of illegally voting twice in 2020 primary election, June 17, 2020

Nearly 70 percent of voters in Georgia believe that voter fraud is a problem, according to a Monmouth poll released on Wednesday, July 30, 2020

Trump’s legal team must file a lawsuit to counter this blatant invitation for cheating:  National Campaign to Remove Vote-by-Mail Safeguard Gains Victory in Minnesota, June 24, 2020

This just makes me sick:  1 in 5 Ballots Rejected as Fraud Is Charged in N.J. Mail-In Election, June 26, 2020

4 LA men admit to Skid Row voter-fraud scheme, DA announces  – “That incident of voter fraud occurred during the 2016 and 2018 election cycles”, July 28, 2020 – Years to catch cheaters. They solicited hundreds of false and forged signatures by paying homeless people a buck and cigarettes to sign the forms.

New Jersey Democrats Charged with Mail-In Voter Fraud, June 28, 2020 – Oh, wait! That can’t be true as Democrats across the board say vote fraud doesn’t exist.  It’s a conspiracy theory by “the right”.

West Virginia mail carrier admits attempted election fraud – Eight mail-in requests for absentee voter ballots had their party affiliations altered, authorities say, July 12, 2020

WATCH: US Postal Worker Caught on Video Throwing Stack of GOP Congressional Candidate Campaign Mailers in Dumpster, June 27, 2020

Ex-Dem congressman accused of ballot stuffing, bribery and obstruction, July 23, 2020 – “Former U.S. Rep. Michael Myers was charged this week with conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing ballot boxes for specific candidates in several primary elections, bribery and obstruction, the Justice Department said Thursday.”

Don’t miss this one. Outrageous:  Watch: Local TV News Experiment Exposes Flaws of Vote-by-Mail, July 30, 2020

Trump adviser Miller warns of ‘catastrophic’ idea of mail-in voting: ‘Nobody has their identity confirmed’ – Miller says ballot tampering could be happening on ‘a scale of potentially millions’ July 29, 2020  (Miller is the only one in the WH who should stay.  Trump needs to clean house and boot his ‘advisers’ who’ve given him terrible advice on so many things.)

Limbaugh: Democrats ‘already ginning up’ plan to cancel election – ‘If they think they’re gonna lose, they will try any which way they can’ -July 8, 2020 (As I said in my column last week, these people are ruthless and will stop at nothing.)

Court Brief: 23K Dead Registered Voters Could Get Mail-in Ballots in California, June 25, 2020

George Soros-Funded Group Pushes Nationwide Drop Boxes for Voting,  April 6, 2020 (He should have been charged with sedition at the very least long ago.  Maybe even a RICO.)

Hundreds of Michigan Residents Turn Over Unsolicited Ballot Applications Sent to Dead, Noncitizen, Underage ‘Voters’ June 19, 2020 in another key battleground state.

30K more registered voters than eligible voters in Detroit, May 25, 2020

Lawsuit Threatened As Swing States’ Voter Registration Numbers Suddenly Skyrocket–“How is it that suddenly, these specific, democrat controlled areas have tons of new voters registered, and in some cases, more than the population itself?”  Feb. 27, 2020

Our election process is a mess and has been for decades.  Right now, anything and everything including COVID-19 is being blamed.  Try incompetence.

NO FRAUD?!? 100K Mail-In Votes Went UNCOUNTED in Calif. Primary, July 13, 2020

THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE:  Federal Data: 16.4M Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in 2016, 2018 Elections, April 10, 2020 – Missing? Where the hell did they go? Was your ballot one of them?

Scum of the earth, Eric Holder:  “Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system so that it permanently becomes more inclusive and becomes easier for the American people to access,” Holder told Time magazine.” Just like usurper-in-chief, Hussein Obama, was going to ‘transform America’ into a communist hell hole.

How many more?  Problems With Absentee Ballots in Wisconsin Hint at Election Nightmare, July 24, 2020: “The U.S. Postal Service has identified hundreds of absentee ballots for the April election that never made it to voters or couldn’t be counted because of postmark problems, a new report says.”

Mail-in voting faces slew of issues nationwide, as emergency USPS memo sounds alarm, July 22, 2020 (What could go wrong with many opportunities along the way to alter ballots or not receiving a ballot in time to vote.)

This is what’s giving the shadow government and its minions real fear and why vote fraud WILL be key in that state:

Trump Won PA in 2016; Now Republicans Have 1 Huge Advantage in 2020, July 30, 2020:  “The reason is Republicans are registering voters at a rate five times greater than Democrats.”

We know the Democrats have taken ballots to people in nursing homes who, due to issues like dementia, should not be allowed to vote.  My mom has advanced dementia so I fully understand, but during career criminal Billy Clinton’s run – proven – volunteers would actually hold the hand and pen of a voter and mark boxes on the ballot for a person nearly comatose.

Tech giants are working to defeat Trump.  MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT.  Congress has diddled for years instead of reigning in big tech giants over their blatant censorship and now at the 11th hour, they will be powerless to stop them from in-your-face interfering with our elections.

How the Democrats are Well on Their Way To Stealing Election 2020, June 28, 2020

Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Will Shift 10% of Voters to Make Trump a ‘Blip in History’, July 10, 2020

Top researcher, a Democrat, warns Big Tech is stealing election from Trump, July 29, 2020

Where’ve you been all these years, Jim?  Here are facts:  Jim Jordan to Tech Executives: Big Tech Is Out To Get Conservatives, Defeat Trump In November, July 29, 2020

The Democrats are busy right now putting together legal teams in key states to challenge Trump’s win if (and pray he does) he is declared the winner Nov. 3rd

As I said in my column last week, this is the kill shot for the shadow government and their plans to finally cement a world government destroying our sovereign nation once and for all.

The only thing standing in their way is Donald Trump, losing control of the House and keeping a Republican majority in the Senate.

This means Trump needs our help.  So do incumbents who’ve won their primaries from governors to local mayors.

The biggest mistake ever made was using voting and counting machines which are so easy to hack as has been proven over DECADES.  The American people wanted fast-food style elections and so here we are drowning in fraud.

But, could mail-in ballots backfire and actually help Trump win in November? 

I believe so but only if done right.  Paper ballots hand counted in front of the public with voter registration card/forms and sign-in logs analyzed is the ONLY way to guarantee a fair election – not just for the presidency but also critically important are seats in the U.S. House and Senate as well as governors, state reps and senators.

Democrats and cash cows like George Soros believe they’re going to lose the election unless they can steal it.  Don’t tell me all Democrats in this country are fine with the rioting, looting, killing and their Democrat governors and mayors who’ve destroyed their economy and bankrupted so many over COVID-19 are going to reward them in Nov.  Thinking Democrats can also see Biden is a pathetic old man with advancing dementia.

We all know the fiasco over ‘hanging chads’ during the race between George W. Bush and Al Gore (bechev).  What a farce.  In the case of mail-in ballots, we now have the actual ballots and can blow vote fraud wide open.

One must have a game plan and this goes for national as well as local elections.  It’s a shame less than 1% of challengers ever bother to challenge the outcome of an election because if they did conduct a forensic analysis, massive vote fraud via machines would have blown up that whole scam decades ago.

No question if President Trump allegedly loses in states which allow ballot harvesting and mail-in votes a forensic analysis of the vote MUST be done.  That means comparing voter registration cards against incoming ballots.  Demand mail-in ballots be hand counted in front of witnesses and compare them to voter registration rolls (people voting twice as well as a voter who married and did not change her name on the voter registration card receiving two ballots).

Compare the number of registered voters by district to the number of mail-in ballots sent out, sent back and those collected via ballot harvesting.  Check number of eligible voters in the state and then add up the alleged number of votes counted.  Check the person’s registration card for party affiliation and then check the mail-in and absentee ballot to make sure party affiliation wasn’t altered.

Call your county Republican headquarters (if you don’t know who, call your county clerk and they can tell you) and volunteer to help.  I don’t care if it takes a month to count every absentee and mail-in ballot, Biden must not be allowed to steal this election or we are toast.

GET INVOLVED.  FIREWALL: Group Launches Nationwide Effort to Stop Democrat Election Fraud, June 17, 2020.  Also, True the Vote is an excellent organization.  GET INVOLVED NOW. Trump and his legal teams can’t do it all.  THIS IS OUR ELECTION and by God, We the People must make sure it isn’t stolen. Again.

There you have it.  What I’ve presented is just a drop in the bucket or this column would be 100 pages long.  It’s now up to us.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions.

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