By Dr. John Ure, MD

The reason I titled this article as above is because it seems to be a continuing web of interacting facts and figures. It is subject to change on a minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day basis.

What I will be endeavoring to do, is to explain, to the best of my ability, what I see at this time.

I am an emergency room physician and have practiced Family medicine for nearly 40 years. My website is down to earth I constructed it a number of years ago and therefore it is very rudimentary and I have not had time to update the format since it seems to be effective as it is.

This COVID-19 hysteria known as a pandemic has been going on for several weeks. It is absolutely incredible that they have been able to shut down the entire world with just a few words.

I have been studying profusely for the past 20 years everything I could possibly look at that seems to be hidden. I first realized something was not quite right when I was on duty in the emergency room, and in between patient care I happen to overhear the commentator of the television program on the history channel say, “listen to these next three words.” I really hadn’t been paying attention to the program however when I heard this it caused me to look toward the screen and I saw daddy Bush standing at a podium with his hands placed on it.

He made the statement, “we are going to establish a new world order.” It was at this point that I begin to look in all directions much deeper than I had previously.

I rather dislike the title of being a conspiracy theorist because I consider myself a conspiracy fact person. My mother always preached to we children that she could not stand a thief or a liar. I feel exactly the same way. I do not like being lied to. It reminds me of the movie A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise as an attorney and Jack Nicholson as a Marine Colonel on the witness stand who essentially lost it. He began screaming at the top of his lungs, ”you cannot handle the truth.” This is exactly what is going on with our government and all of the alphabet agencies we have to deal with. They are treating us as though we are mushrooms, keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit.

At this particular time I have two different tracks or thoughts and I’m not exactly sure which one is correct or if it’s a blend of both. This will become apparent in the article.

I am not going to be quoting facts, figures and numbers because those can easily be manipulated and changed at will. What I will be attempting to do is give you a picture as I see and understand to the best of my ability.

Initially, I was able to find out that there is a level 4 Laboratory in Winnipeg, Canada that seems to be involved. Interestingly a man by the name of Frank Plummer, was the director for 14 years. He recently resigned from that position and was in Kenya, Africa where he was a keynote speaker at a convention. It is reported that he died of a heart attack, however I think this cause of death is of a suspicious nature.

It was reported that a Chinese lady named Dr. Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng were escorted from the lab with a number of her students. It was stated it was for policy breach and administrative matters, and that public safety was not involved. I just wonder what the truth really is?

It was suspected that some of these individuals had smuggled samples of viruses to Wuhan, China. I have have determined the virus originally came from a bio lab in the Netherlands, and they had received it from Saudi Arabia. It had originally been obtained from the lungs of a man that had died in 2005. These samples were reported to be Corona virus.

I do not have verification that the virus was weaponized in a US military lab but some have speculated this. I have also come across that the virus was weaponized in the laboratory in China and that they had placed four particles of HIV into the coronavirus to make it spread more easily.

It is not certain whether the virus, if in fact it does exist was released accidentally or intentionally in China. There is a story that was put out that it had originated in a wet market that is only 300 m from the level 4 bio lab and that the initial victims had actually contracted the virus from the animals in the wet market. I have determined that they were doing testing to find out what animals they could actually infect with the virus, but beyond that the information is rather sketchy.

One other factor, that must come into play, is that the world military games were held in October of 2019 in Wuhan, China. Apparently 10,000 participants attended with representatives of the U.S. military also present. I find it interesting that China led with the most won gold medals. The US did not win any gold medals taking only 7 medals, silver and bronze. The US performances were so poor in fact that the athletes were referred to as Soy Boys.

It is rather controversial regarding the involvement of 5G electromagnetic radiation as being a factor in the illness. From what I can see, 5G radiation is quite damaging to plants and animals. It ranges from 3 KHz to 300GHz. Usually being used in

the 30GHz to 300GHz. It is my understanding that it’s the same type of energy that was used in the gulf war to subdue the Iraqi soldiers. I have recently seen videos of trains in the California area that were carrying armored personnel carriers with laser mechanisms and high energy type of weapons mounted on them. This concerns me greatly.

Some months back I was puzzled as to why we were having flocks of birds falling out of the sky. Sometime it is difficult to determine the exact cause, but I think there is a direct correlation with the testing of microwave radiation.

There seems to be a significant correlation with illnesses that take place any time there is a new roll out of electromagnetic types of devices such as the radio that was coming about at the time of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. I have seen reports that our troops in what is now called the Fort Riley military base received injections of bacterial meningitis vaccine that was cultured in horses. Apparently the disease was a bacteria rather than a virus. The soldiers traveled all over Europe by ship and train actually spreading a bacterial infection throughout Europe.

The high concentrations of infected individuals seem to be in Seattle, Washington, Wuhan, China, Milan, Italy, and also New York City, as well as Iran. Wuhan was proud of being the foremost developer of the 5G system. They were even trying to establish driverless cars.

I have not been able to verify the following but it has been reported that the 5G radiation causes a disruption of the oxygen molecules causing it to be poorly utilized by the lungs. It is also stated that it causes a degradation of the immune defense mechanisms of the individuals.

Several weeks ago I personally viewed what is referred to as a satellite train moving across the western sky from my yard. I saw 26 satellites that were just a few seconds behind one another moving in a perfectly straight line. My investigation revealed that Elon Musk is involved in this and has sent three rocket into space with each of these carrying 60 satellites weighing approximately 500 pounds each and they were released at approximately 300 miles above the earth in what is referred to as low earth orbit.

They have an ion engine on board that pulses every 90 seconds boosting the satellites out to 400-450 miles above the earth. The purpose of these satellites is to beam 5G signals to the earth. I was astounded when I found out that the FCC had given him permission to put a total of 42,000 of these satellites into space. At this time astronomers all over the world are upset because they cannot view space without interference of the satellites coming across their screen. It has also been stated that he has plans on putting 1 million ground-based antennas that will also be linked into the system.

It has been reported that these millimeter wave transmissions do not have the ability to go through solid objects such as trees, buildings, or even rain and therefore they have to be relatively close together and without obstructions. It has been reported from the UK that trees are being cut down to facilitate transmission of these signals. It has also been reported and I have seen videos of cell towers that have been caught on fire to destroy them in the UK.

I have been looking at as many sources as I can possibly review to figure out exactly what is going on. Quite a number of individuals are concerned and are doing the best they can to try to get the word out so that we have some idea of how to cope with this current situation.

I was watching a video of David Icke being interviewed by his son and he was explaining the thoughts of a doctor named Andrew Kaufman that was completely different than anything that I had come across this far. I planned on showing other people the David Icke video but Google had taken it down. This seems to be what is going on right now with many of the videos being pulled that are giving any information that is contrary to what mainstream media is propagandizing.

I was reviewing a video with Sofia Smallstorm in which she recommended a book called Aids, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire the deadly virus of international greed. It is written by Nancy Turner Banks, M. D.. Interestingly she does not believe these viruses exist because none of them have been identified or isolated and they have only been testing for genetic particles that they say come from these viruses.

Dr. Kaufman states that in fact whatever is being referred to as viruses are small vesicular packages of material called exosomes that are actually extruded from cells that have been under attack. The attacking agents are varied and can be caused by a virus, bacteria, asthma, stress, radiation, chemical exposure, or electromagnetic radiation such as 5G.

He went on to say that these exosomes have precisely the same appearance in the electron microscope as of the corona viruses. They are named corona from the Latin word meaning crown due to their appearance of a crown.

Interestingly he has shown evidence of the difficulty of person to person transmission of illness in as much as he stated that swabs were taken from orifices of infected individuals. Sputum and nasal secretions of sick individuals were actually placed into other individuals and they did not become ill.

Additionally to try to make it easier for contagion these same substances were injected into the individuals without transmission of illness.

The next thing they did was thinking that maybe it had to be directly from person to person and so they have them sit across from each other with their lips very close together breathing in and out mutual air and likewise no illness was transferred. I find this extremely interesting.

I have said from the very beginning that this entire situation is based on a complete fraud that is being perpetrated on the entire world.

In the United States alone the common influenza virus causes the death of roughly 80,000 people on a yearly basis.

Also the vast majority of the individuals that have died according to the so-called COVID-19 have been elderly often times in nursing homes with comorbid diseases of one, two or as many as three or four disease states. Diseases such as cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease have made it easier for the elderly to succumb to an additional insult.

Also, I have learned that many of the people being treated were given anti-AIDS medication and it in itself caused anemia leading to the demise of the individual. It has been reported that this has been referred to as a blue death because of cyanosis or a blue color of the skin and lips of an individual indicating severe depletion of oxygen in the tissues. Once this occurs, if not corrected, death will soon follow.

You are probably aware the major problems that are causing death is fluid buildup in the lungs and is essentially a pneumonia. This is why all of the respirators are necessary in order to help the patients with oxygenation.

The endgame is what concerns me the most at this point. Essentially the entire world is locked down. We have always had controlling force behind the scene that wants complete control of the world.

When one looks carefully at what is happening, everyone is dying of COVID-19. Even if the person was hit by a car. I saw that the doctors in China were holding up a CT scan saying they were using it to diagnose COVID-19. It is impossible to determine the cause of an illness by looking at a condition on an image. Doctors are being told to report cause of death as COVID-19

Along the same line, they stated that they were not going to test everyone and if a patient had the same symptoms they just called it another COVID-19 patient.

I called the lab at the ER where I have worked in the past and asked them how they were testing for the virus. The technician stated that they did not test there. They did a nasal swab, and sent it to a reference lab for the procedure.

There are several ways that they are testing for the virus, but the two most common are the RT PCR which does not identify a virus but looks at a string of genetic material. The other test is an antibody test that shows antibodies to the virus after you had an illness.

It was stated that four negatives in a row were required in order to be truly negative. Also the tests can produce a myriad of false positives from such things as the following for HIV positive patients.

TB, renal failure, influenza, herpes simplex l and ll, upper respiratory infection, pregnancy, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis B vaccination, hepatitis, multiple myeloma, hemophilia, and these are just to name a few of the nearly 50 causes of a false positive.

Right now the goal is population reduction eliminating the elderly who are no longer productive and costing a great deal of money. Elimination of currency in favor of digital control. They will be able to track every purchase according to what you purchased, where you bought it and how much you paid for it. No privacy what so ever. Restriction of travel. Orwellian big brother overseeing the population in every way imaginable. Certainly last but not least, forced vaccination for COVID-19.

We are being assaulted by chemtrails, that are polluting our atmosphere with aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium, desiccated human red blood cells, and dog feces as well as viruses. I have not been able determine if the so-called COVID-19 viruses have been placed in the atmosphere but still researching that as a possibility.

We have been assaulted by genetically modified foods from corporations such as Monsanto and Dupont and the manufacture of seeds that have built in insecticides causing our pollinating insects to be decimated. It should be known that our honeybee population is decreased by nearly 2/3 of what is normal. There are approximately 120 plants such is the pecan tree that absolutely depend on the honeybee for pollination. Albert Einstein stated, “if the honeybees become extinct, then mankind will become extinct within three years.”

The government has plans to institute mandatory vaccinations and you will not be able to do anything unless you can show a card or some other identification to prove that you have received your vaccination. Bill Gates with all of his billions of dollars has been giving money to the world health organization second only to the United States.

His agenda is to vaccinate everyone and he’s been doing population reduction in Africa stating that the vaccine is the answer to all of the problems however if only hygiene and clean water and healthy living were taught, the health will improve significantly.

My advice to you is to refrain from being frightened and turn off your television and radio and do not look at any of the alphabet main stream media sources that are fear mongering to scare everyone.

If we are going to have any type of life that we have known in the past it is going to be necessary for the patriots of the world to step forward and say, enough is enough. One or two individuals will not be able to stand up to all the forces against us. We will have to have an army of millions with like-minded ideas in order to survive. It’s too bad we can’t simply vote all of the politicians out and do what is called a do over with a fresh beginning.

At this point, I thought I was nearing the end of my article, however as of Friday, April 17 of 2020 I came across additional information that was absolutely mind-boggling. Therefore I am not going to go back and change all of the information that I wrote at the beginning, because as I indicated, information changes rather rapidly and I would like you the reader to know in fact how quickly it has changed for me.

I am very proud of the work Dr. Rashid Buttar has been doing. Not only his clinical work but in trying to educate the entire world to just what is going on with this pandemic. I am a D.O. , and so is Dr. Buttar. The conclusion of this paper was primarily gleaned from his five part video series that can be viewed by looking at his website, It has been extremely valuable and revealing.

I had seen in my research that several sites had been indicated as being responsible for the development of the COVID-19 virus but it looks as though the major work was done at the university of North Carolina in the year 2015. Dr Shi Zhengli was working in the laboratory and was being funded by the US government for research on a virus. The purpose of their research was to make a super virus. They were working with virus samples originally obtained from Fort Detrick. They wanted to create a highbred that cannot have a vaccine developed for it. Their purpose was to increase gain of function or to increase the pathogenicity of the virus.

Dr. Shi lied when she stated that the virus originated naturally because it was created as what is referred to a chimera. A chimera is a mythical animal that is made from various parts of other animals. This is exactly what they did with this virus because they took a basic SARS virus which is classified as a coronavirus and modified it by inserting proteins from an HIV virus, and a MERS virus into what is the termed a COVID-19. Their purpose was to make it more very virulent.

When the government realized exactly what was being done they declared a moratorium on the research. At that time Dr. Shi decided that she would go to Wuhan, China to continue her work. It should be noted that Dr. Fauci continue to allow her to do research in the United States although the government had told her to stop.

At this point it should be clearly stated that the virus had its start in the United States.

And now we come to the part that became more clear as I looked at additional sources. That is the very importance that 5G technology plays in this entire scenario. Remember I told you at the beginning of this paper that it was a web of great complexity with multiple involvements. I have already explained how in all of the major cities where is this virus became rampant they had just rolled out 5G radiation. To quote Dr. Buttar, “5G rapes the immune system.”

What we are dealing with here is electromagnetic radiation that is damaging to all living organisms. In Wuhan, China there were no 5G signals in November 2019. In December 2019 they turned on 12,000 5G towers. It should be pointed out that 20 years ago China stated their long range program was for biological warfare. They utilized a weaponized virus coupled with the harmful affects of the 5G signals.

The term hertz is used to describe the frequency of a radio signal. The higher the value of hertz the greater the frequency of the signal.

For example:
3G frequency it’s up to 2.1 GHz
4G is the frequency of the 2.5 GHz
5G frequency is up to 300GHz which is many times stronger than
a 4G signal
5G is considered to be in the microwave radiation range. Each tower is only able to move a signal to anywhere from 4 to 6 homes as reported by some or from 2 to 8 houses as reported by other sources. It is therefore the plan to place millions of antennae regardless of the negative impact to all life.

DNA has been shown to be significantly damaged by electromagnetic radiation. With prolonged exposure radiation symptoms can be as follows: nausea, swelling, hair loss, decreased appetite, low energy, generalize malaise, damaged bone marrow, damaged organs, confusion, infection, cancer, incapacitation and death.

Not all countries have been given the go ahead to rollout 5G radiation. Brussels, Belgium outright banned it and there is no 5G in their country.

It’s obvious to me that I can do without 5G signals. In fact I will make it a point not to have a cell phone in the bedroom where I am sleeping. I am turning my Wi-Fi router off when not being used. I have been using Hughes Net satellite service and when they sent me a new router it was putting out both 2G and 5G signals. Since I have an Apple Tower that was also putting out a Wi-Fi signal, I had them turn off both the 2G and 5G signal.

Approximately 10 years or so ago I decided I would no longer fly commercial airlines. Even at that time, I had realized that full body radiation was not good for me. I did what was called opting out, and had to be pulled out of the line for a complete pat down including wiping me down looking for traces of bomb residue. I figured that I would no longer subject myself to taking off shoes, belt, emptying pockets, going through carry on baggage and making sure that every thing I had was packaged just so and in the correct container and correct volume.

Now just what should we do with it and how concerned should we be with the virus itself. It is considered a self limiting version and most people will get better within 24 to 48 hours. Dr. Zack Moore in North Carolina stated people with mild symptoms do not need testing. They should just stay home.

I have decided at the end of this paper to give a listing of the individuals or Web Sites that I have found to be very useful. It is not intended to be an all inclusive list and I apologize for any one that I inadvertently left out. If you are aware of any other individuals or Web Sites that are informative I would appreciate you contacting me as well.

Dana Ashlie, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Rachid Buttar, Corbett report, David Icke, London Real, Amazing Polly, The Last American Vagabond, Richie from Boston, (RFB), Devvy Kidd,, Gerald Celente, Jeff Rense, Joan Swirsky, What Finger, Jon Rapport, Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, Israeli News Live.


Forget masks, gloves, and eye shields, unless you are a health care worker, and then the only thing that can protect you is full body covering, sealed with no access to room air. This will not be practical in most cases. Good nutrition with plenty of water, vit C. and zinc supplement and good rest will help tremendously. Do not go around known positive cases of COVID-19 unless you absolutely must and at that time maintain adequate distancing and have minimal contact. If you do come down with symptoms, unless you have severe shortness of breath, do not be tested, stay home and stay in bed and do not take any ibuprofen. It should be self limiting in 24-48 hours.

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[BIO: Dr. John Ure Emergency medicine and family practice physician for 40 years. Trained as a combat medic in the US Army. Obtain masters degree in environmental biology at university of Colorado. Vast experience working in numerous ER’s including many military hospitals such as Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Riley, Kansas, Whiteman Air Force Base, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He has also works for the Indian Health Services in northern Montana. He is a private pilot and missionary doctor. He has also been certified for treating opioid addiction. Currently doing telemedicine and you may contact him at his office for personal medical care. Office 417-644-2788]

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