by Rees Lloyd

It is increasingly clear that the spirit of the WWII Generation which saved American freedom from “foreign enemies,” is needed to save America from the treasonous violent protests by the “domestic enemies” of the contemporary Misguided Generation.

From Victory Over Japan (VJ Day),  August 15, 1945, to VJ  Day 2020,  America has devolved from the patriotic heroism of the WWII Generation based on love of God, Country, and Freedom, to a treasonous insurrectionist segment of the contemporary generation —ungrateful descendants of the WWII Generation — seeking to overthrow the American Constitutional Republic by force and violence, based on hatred of God, Country, and Freedom in favor of Marxist Socialism/Communism.

“VJ-Day,” August 15, 2020, was the 75th anniversary of the surrender of the Japanese Empire in WWII. Germany under Adolph Hitler’s “National Socialist Workers Party (NAZI), surrendered on May 8, 1945. Thus, the Japanese surrender effectively ended WWII—the deadliest war in the history of the world.

WWII was won by the tremendous service and sacrifice of the WWII Generation, often referred to as The Greatest Generation. More than 16-million Americans served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. More than 1-million of those veterans were wounded, and 400,000 gave their lives for our freedom.

Every one of those veterans took the same oath, which includes “to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The WWII Generation fulfilled that oath, defeating all “foreign enemies.”  Every American living today owes his or her freedom to the sacrifices made by the WWII Generation.

Ironically, 75 years after the Japanese surrender on VJ Day, America and American freedom are under attack by “domestic enemies” —  descendants of the WWII Generation. They are attempting by insurrectionist force and violence to destroy American freedom by rioting, looting, burning of businesses, buildings, and the Flag under which all veterans have served, establishing self-governing “autonomous” zones in cities, invasion of suburban residential areas demanding White people turn over their homes, beating, maiming, and even murdering police officers and innocent people, including children.

While most Americans are appalled by this violence, progressive liberal elitist political, media, academic, and corporate leaders in business, are turning their backs on ordinary, law abiding, taxpaying Americans — the great majority in America— and instead bowing and kowtowing to the insurrectionists, attempting to appease them, out of fear and moral cowardice. The result is continuing violence, from which the elitists are shielded but ordinary Americans are not.

We Americans have devolved so far from the WWII Generation, as free Americans,  that polls show that some two-thirds of the citizens of this free nation are now afraid to speak the truth of their own political, social, or religious beliefs, for fear of adverse retaliation, including being physically attacked,  or branded a “racist” or “bigot,” losing businesses or employment opportunities, or being “canceled in the “cancel culture.”

Manifestly, “none dare call it treason” when a self-righteous, small but dangerous segment of the population — a tiny segment in a population of 340-million— engages in insurrectionist violence all in the name of “fighting racism.”

Further, while we all are lectured that we must denounce “racism,” none must ever, ever, ever note that “Black racism” also exists, e.g., purported “Black leaders,” Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, the White-hating “Squad” in Congress, the Black Supremacist self-declared “Marxist” (Communist) leaders of Black Lives Matter and multiple-named White-hating, Black-racist organizations.

This is no longer a side-show that will go away if the rioters are just placated, and extort a few more benefits and quiet down for awhile. No, they are serious revolutionists, self-declared “Marxists.”  They cannot be appeased for the same reason Adolph Hitler couldn’t be appeased: It is about power, it is not about making the country better; it is about taking the country over.

They are intent on taking over, not making over, the country. They will not be appeased and satisfied even if the elite becomes so cowardly as to grant their outrageous demand for “reparations”—a manifestly preposterous, racist demand that contemporary White people who have never been slave owners must pay “reparations” to Black people who never have been slaves. Notwithstanding, Democrat Party leaders have publicly stated they support “reparations.”

The reality must be recognized: What is happening is the real, revolutionary,  thing: Black Lives Matter, its allied domestic terrorists of Antifa, their affiliated racial or Marxist allies, are not “reformist organizations” and individuals attempting to make America better. They are revolutionary organizations and individuals seeking to overthrow America and transform it into a Marxist Socialist/Communist dictatorship like all those which have started out crying for “social justice” and ending in tyranny.

In short, what is happening is no “reform,” it is revolution. It is treason.

There is only one way to stop this revolutionary violence, this treason: Americans of this generation must adopt the love of God, Country, and Freedom —and Courage—of the  WWII Generation and stand and fight tyranny. Period.


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