by Lee Duigon

Our colleges and universities are poisoning our country. Look at the riots: multitudes of white middle-class college students, useful idiots. But let’s look at two examples of what the colleges are…uh, “teaching” them.

Syracuse University has brewed up a new policy to eradicate “hate” from the campus. From now on, bystanders and witnesses to any undefined “act of hate” are to be punished for “silence and inaction” if they fail to intervene.

What exactly is an “act of hate”? We are left to guess. Saying “All lives matter”? Wearing a “Re-elect President Trump” button? Failing to agree that some intensely disturbed man who has his business hacked off is now a “woman”? It probably won’t be declaring “All whites are evil, all whites are guilty,” blah-blah-blah. Because college professors all over the land proclaim this every day.

This is an astounding legal doctrine. “You saw it, so you did it!” Bystanders and witnesses are now as guilty as the perpetrator. Boy, that’d fill up the prisons in a hurry. Somebody snaps at somebody else in the student lounge—and you’re guilty, too, because you were there? You didn’t barge in to support the leftist side of an argument? How can this not be an exhortation to engage in some weird species of vigilantism? And what if you mis-heard or misunderstood an ordinary interaction, and were mistaken in deeming it an “act of hate”? And butted in, resulting in a punch-out.

Really, who wants to live like this? We’re gonna eradicate hate by hating the haters? Wouldn’t that brew up… more hate? Suddenly you’re responsible for everything that somebody else does.

Let’s move on to Iowa State Looniversity, where you can be kicked out of class for “othering”. If you don’t know what that word means, it’s probably because you’re not an idiot.

So what is “othering”? According to Wikipedia, it’s treating a person or a group as if that person were different from oneself, or his group different from yours.

This from the prophets of “diversity”! What—have certain lewd persons only just invented the whole idea that, well, people are… different? Stop the presses. It turns out we’re all alike! And there’s no such thing as differences among various groups of people, either.

I didn’t know dementia was contagious.

At Iowa State, “othering” takes the form of daring to criticize abortion, failing to support Only Communist Black Lives Matter, not being gung-ho for same-sex phony “marriage,” etc. In other words, not being a Far Left wacko like the prof. You’ll be kicked out of class for not having beliefs identical to, presumably, everybody else’s. More diversity.

Why in the world would anybody ever want to go to Syracuse University? Why would anyone in his right mind want to take this lib-fascist professor’s course at Iowa State? And by the time you’re finished getting your degree in Gender Studies, you’re over a hundred thousand bucks in debt. You could’ve bought a house for that much money.

What kinds of pernicious, toxic inanities are our sons and daughters being “taught” at their colleges and universities? What kind of bizarre mental landscape is being grafted over their minds? Come on, now—people *aren’t* different? That’s what you’re supposed to “learn”?

Harvard has a budget of over $40 billion a year. This is monstrous. This is absurd. The universities are rolling in money, flabby with money, and a lot of it is public money. People worked for it, struggled for it—and look what they get for it. Bad enough they shell out huge chunks of all the wealth they’ll ever have, to put their kids through these indoctrination mills. But for tax money to be poured into the universities’ insatiable mouths is indefensible.

The funding has to stop. Before our country stops.

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