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When you were a kid, did you ever draw up a treasure map and then go try to find the treasure? Didn’t work, did it?

Well, some folks never stop doing that. They just clothe it in a new vocabulary.

I grew up believing in Evolution, because that’s what I was exposed to and I never heard anybody question it. But now a lot of people question it, including me—because it just doesn’t make sense.

Its great stumbling block is the inability to explain how life began in the first place. Once upon a time, people believed in spontaneous generation: horse-hairs turn into worms, flies grow out of rotting meat, and so on. This went out with the 18th century; and it left those who rejected Scripture with an unanswerable question: How did life start?

You could make a song about it: “Oh, it rain on de rocks an’ de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah…” Yes, now they say it rained on the rocks and life originated out of that. And because a lot of us don’t believe that, they sneer at us and say it’s because we don’t understand [trumpet fanfare]… “abiogenesis.” Ta-dah.

Abiogenesis? What’s that? Why, it’s “the natural process by which life has arisen from non-living matter,” that’s what. Note the “the.” Note the “has arisen.” Not “a process,” but “the process.” Not “may possibly, conceivably, just maybe might have arisen,” but “has arisen.”

And presto, we are back to spontaneous generation.

Abiogenesis has never been observed in nature. Never. Not by anyone. Nor has it ever been successfully achieved in laboratory experiments that have been going on for 70 years. But never mind! It’s a Scientific Fact! And anyone who isn’t buying it is Anti-Science and deserving of no respect at all. Because all The Smartest People In The World believe in abiogenesis, so there.

This is like one of those polls that tell us “most college-educated persons believe UFOs are craft flown by intelligent beings from other planets.” Oh—that makes it true, because a lot of folks who went to college think it is? You know, those same colleges that hand out degrees in Gender Studies and Intersectional Feminist Political Ecology. If they believe in space aliens, we should, too. Because we want to be Smart People, too.

And please be sure to note the paradox. If we say God created life, that’s just Creationism or Intelligent Design and not scientific. But if they say they can create life in the laboratory… are they not pushing Intelligent Design, too? Not God’s design, but theirs. And who was around a kazillion years ago to set up a laboratory and *design* and create those first primitive life-forms out of non-living matter?

Some of them dodge this question by taking refuge in a fairy tale called “panspermia.” This says life was brought to earth on comets and meteorites. But it doesn’t tell us where that life came from, or how it arose. Some even gabble about Space Brother scientists purposely “seeding” the earth with microscopic life. Lots of luck finding any evidence for that.

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’ve got computer models, man! Who needs nature when you’ve got computer models? We’ve got models that tell us we’re right, it did rain on the rocks and it did make the rocks come alive! And anyone who doesn’t think so is a racist. Or something just as nasty—but “racist” is such a handy catch-all term, so we might as well use it here.

And once life starts, then you’ve got to evolve microbes into plants and animals—another thing that no one has ever actually seen—and eventually into Hillary Clinton and black flies. What did that first amphibious mammal with legs do when it gave birth to a whale? And how did it ever find itself a mate by which to beget more whales? No, the whole business is too silly for words.

You’d think that after anointed Experts gave us the Chinese Virus pandemic and shut down the global economy, we’d be disinclined to listen to them anymore.

I don’t know why anybody does.

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