Lee Duigon

Every time you think America’s university professors can’t take one step deeper into wicked foolishness, they prove you wrong. Big-time.

An ethics professor at Western Michigan University has called for “moral enhancers” to be administered to Americans to make them wear masks and socially distance—yes, “make them.” As in compel them to. This’ll knock out the COVID-19 pandemic, he says. And then, he adds, it can be used to make people believe in Climate Change.

And you thought Bob Hope was kidding when he likened Democrats to zombies.

The professor suggests that “moral enhancements” could be surreptitiously added to our drinking water supply. Isn’t it cool, the way the pro-choice crowd always tries to take away your choices? Once you get a belt of “enhancement,” he says, you will acquire an increased “ability to be empathetic or altruistic or cooperative.” Whatever they want you to be, as defined by themselves. Maybe a pill that would compel you to rat out your neighbors or your family members, if they do something the government doesn’t like.

Ah! But he doesn’t tell us just what the “moral enhancements” might be. Pills? Show up with a dump truck full of ‘em and dump ‘em in the reservoir? Potions? You’ll need a tanker truck. Or maybe you could administer it with crop-dusting planes over populated areas. And if this stuff, whatever it turns out to be, winds up making you deathly ill, or turns your brain into something like whatever it is Joe Biden’s got—well, heck, at least they tried!

What kind of “ethics” does this jackass teach? Is it still ethics if you don’t have a choice anymore? Is it still “morality,” if they make it impossible for you to behave in any other way? God could have done that, but He created us with free will instead. Is some professor somewhere wiser than God?

People are paying this doofus to teach their children. How many young men and women will pass through his classes and come out of them as raving Red Guards?

Do we still need these universities? For what? To turn young people into robots? Look at all the white middle-class college students who turn out to riot every time Only Black Lives Matter tells them to. How much more of this can our country stand?

We could write this guy off as a nut—in which case, why is he still teaching?—but that would hardly do him justice. His totalitarian notions reach all the way back through history to Plato. He proposes to enslave his countrymen: not with a whip, but with something sneaky in our drinking water.

Defund the universities. Throw out, as garbage, the whole inane idea that everybody has to go to college. It’s only the absurd expansion of our higher education system that has created jobs for fools like this twaddler at Western Michigan. You could buy a nice house for the money that you blew on college.

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