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Everything they are telling us about Kamala Harris is a lie.  It is the way the Left operates.  Cheating, lying and fooling the voters it’s their only means of victory.  If they were to ever admit their REAL agenda, they know that it would be rejected.  The Left does not value TRUTH.  Truth is not an important value to the Left. Remember that: “Truth is hate to those that hate the Truth”

The Devil is a liar.  The Bible calls him the “father of lies.”  Scripture reminds us that we will be known by our fruit.  Lies are the fruit of Satan.  His children repeat his lies.  Liars are “of their Father the Devil and the TRUTH is not in them.”

We are not all God’s children.  That is a lie as well.  God has children and the Devil has children.  That is what the Bible teaches.  How is it that so many “Christians” play on the Devil’s team?  How can they be so blind to the TRUTH?

Kamala Harris is not African American.  Her parents were from India and Jamaica.  Neither country is in Africa.  But it does not matter because the Left says she is.

She is notmoderate.  She is not a Natural born citizen (Where have we heard that one before?)  She is an anchor baby at best.  She slept her way to the top.  She is an anti-life zealot.  She hates guns and gun owners.  She is a bigot.  She hates Trump supporters.  She is a zealot in her beliefs.  Not moderate.  Her entire candidacy is based on lies.  She dares not tell the Truth about herself.

But the Leftist media will lie to us about her.  They will promote everything about her that she is not.  They know that if they told the TRUTH about her that she would turn people off.  She does not hold American values.

So, they change American values.  Being an American is no longer about Truth and Justice. The Left builds their platform upon lies and injustice.  They teach the lies to our children in school.  They brainwash the children and turn them against their parents.  They squeeze the American right out of them.   They turn them into little Commies.

Lies.  All with lies.  There is no Truth in them.  Most Christians cannot recognize the lies.  Half of them support the liars and their lies.  Churches embrace the anti-Christ BLM movement.

Racism is a scam.  It is a boogie man that no longer exists.  The remnants of racism are watered and weaponized by the liars on the Left.  The destroy the Truth and weaponize the lies.  They have no conscience.  The ends justify the means.  They HATE TRUTH!

Man-made global warming is a lie.  It is based on lying, faulty science.  Science used to indicate Truth.  Today Science is for sale.  Science is bought and sold.  All to advance a Hellish agenda. The New Green Deal is about money and control.  Fake Science.  Fossil fuels bad…wind energy good.  Your grandkids regurgitate that tripe.  Is there anything more destructive to nature’s natural beauty than a field full of ugly windmills?

Men are men and women are women.  There is no such things as a transgender.  It is a created status.  Voodoo science has created a voodoo condition.  If someone does not bring some sanity to the situation, we will soon run out of letters in the alphabet to describe the made-up genders promoted by the sexual deviants.

That is what they are, you know…deviants?  Deviant is not a bad word…it is just a word.  It means to “veer from the normal.”  Homosexual behavior is not normal.  It is deviant.  Why are we afraid to speak the Truth?  Pedophilia is not normal.  Bestiality is not normal.  Transgenderism is not normal.  Why do they force us to say that they are?  That is untruthful.  That is a lie.  Sexual deviants are not normal.  Why is that so hard to say?

King Tut was a man.  So is Bruce Jenner.  Science tells us that.  It is called DNA. Calling Bruce Jenner a woman is a lie. Why do they insist we do it?  What if King Tut was really Queen Tut?  What if he was a tranny?  Wereall the scientists who studied Queen Tut bigots?  Was she discriminated against?

I don’t hate Bruce Jenner.  He was on the Wheaties box.  He was the world’s greatest athlete.  He competed and won against the best.  He was not a woman.  He beat the world’s greatest male athletes.  He is still a male.  Check his DNA.  I resent those who want me to deny the Truth about him.  Bruce Jenner is a crossdresser.  They can call him a tranny if they want, but he is a cross dresser.  Check the DNA.  His actions are deviant.  The Left loves lies.

Here is the takeaway.  The Left wants YOU and ME to feel like the deviants.  There are millions of Americans that still believe in old-fashioned values.  WE are not the FREAKS.  WE are not the deviants.  We are not the children of the Devil.

They are.  They are the ones hell-bent on destroying everything good.  Everything the Left touches they destroy.

Academia, athletics, family, entertainment, public schools, government, sex, science, media, religion, language…the TRUTH.  The LEFT HATES THE TRUTH.

That is why we seem so lost…so flummoxed here in America.  The Left has been on an inter-generational march to destroy the Truth.  The Scriptures warn us that “Truth has fallen in the streets and it cannot get up.”

It is time for us to quit cowering in fear and cow-towing to the whims of the Truth-hating Left. It is time to help Truth get back on his feet.

We should all love the Truth, regardless of how painful it might be.  Truth is all that we have.  Truth is the foundation of everything upon which we stand.  The Left hates Truth.  They censor Truth.  They ban Truth. They deny Truth.

Now it is a virus.  Wear a mask, social distance, stay away from church, wait on a vaccine, trust us because government knows best.  Do any of you believe these Government hacks masquerading as experts?  This is the same crowd that got us in this mess.

Aren’t you sick of it?  Can’t you see through the façade?  How can lies rule the day?

Only the TRUTH can make us free.

The Left loves lies.  They are children of the Serpent.  They only win if you swallow their venom.

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