By Sidney Secular

January 14, 2022

The rise and spread of political correctness in the form of the vile and unfortunately virile “woke” and “cancel” cultures are a natural result of and concomitant with the fall of Western cultural norms. You must recognize the connection if you want to maintain your sanity and understand the derivation of the discordance around us. What we are witnessing is the planned destruction of Western civilization through interconnected plots leading to the disintegration and demise of all we hold dear.

Early on, the attack was frontal and “in your face”involving economic, political and even military issues. It was pushed by the Bolsheviks and their brother phonies known as “fellow travelers” in normal settings. The attack, however, was both too foreign and too repulsive to the ethos, norms, and political philosophies of the vast majority of Westerners, so the Communists decided instead, to utilize a “back door”so as to gradually change the culture to make it their own. To do so, they skulked through our institutions, gradually overwhelming them.

The first and most important of the institutions attacked was the educational establishment. From there it was almost child’s play to work their way into all those professions requiring a higher education that would be received in institutions in which the anti-Christian communistic concepts had been introduced. The Frankfurt School, a group of Far Left Jewish scholars had established an academic presence in Germany but their ideas didn’t flourish after the attempted Communist takeover of that nation after World War I. Seeking more fertile ground,these pseudo-intellectuals came to the US and established a strong presence at two universities which then served as vectors of spread for their poisonous screeds to colleges and universities through liberal arts and social science courses all around the country. These two educational Trojan horses were Columbia University and The New School For Social Research, both located in New York City. New York with its large Jewish population was an ideal setting for the Frankfurt School given its Jewish leaders and the natural sympathy that was bound to arise as a result.

Both schools had very well regarded post graduate programs in the social sciences and as a result, attracted the most liberal and supposedly intelligent students from all over the country who came to obtain advanced degrees. The influence and destructive nature of The New School for Social Research from its inception in 1919 through the present day is not generally recognized. It advertises itself as the home of leading scholars and public intellectuals and as one of the world’s “hubs” of academic achievement and culture. It claims to be a force for new thought, knowledge, and ideas,graduating a cadre of “leftist cads” whom, the School boasts “push the boundaries” of the social sciences and philosophy around the world. It has programs in anthropology, journalism, economics, gender studies [a sure-fire sign of its agenda!], historical studies, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology with seventy-five faculty members and eight hundred students. Ninety percent of the students have scholarships that pay at least half of the cost of attending and represent, more or less, the cream of the left-leaning youth.

Once these influential students “matriculate” they go on to spread their poisonous philosophies in their chosen professions and social milieus. They are frequently responsible for setting up similar “progressive” academic programs in the areas in which they reside and so their poisonous communistic and atheistic viewpoints and “lifestyles” continue to spread and intensify to the point at which most academic institutions have become leftist “looney bins” of nihilistic and irrational “thought,”while their anti-life attitudes have colored the rest of society to what is now identified as “bi-coastal blue.” In short, basically, these leftist parasites have taken control of the culture. Once the foundations of the new zeitgeist were set, like armies of termites, they have been eating their way through the beams, floors, walls and ceilings of the visible structures that are the face of the West. Early on, the damage was not obvious to the untrained eye, but all the supports have been devoured from the inside out until the structures can be destroyed like a house of cards by the winds of change raised by these cultural Communists to a strength that isall out of all proportion to reality.

Our society’s institutions are now hollowed out shells of what once were hallowed organizations built up over the years with the blood, sweat, tears, toil, and travail of American patriots. The radical Left is busily taking over what is left of these structures that are still somewhat resisting the winds of malignant change. Meanwhile, so-called conservative politicians can’t seem to resist the wiles of the enemy and just wring their hands over what they are apparently unable to “conserve.” The Western Church blames and accepts the decline as the inevitable result of secularism all the while surrendering to that secularism in order to keep enough people in the pews to pay the rent and the pastor’s salary. And while their contention may be true, the Churches in the West fail to identify – much less oppose! – the specific demon-driven forces carrying us down that oh, so slippery slope! Rather their responses sound more like “sour grapes” than answers when these objections are raised.

“Cultural” Communism encompasses all of the Post-Modernist changes that have overtaken America, including, but certainly not limited to racial conflict. The use of the term“racism” – a term invented by Communist Leon Trotsky – is designed to inflame racial passions as a means of explaining away all the negative behaviors of blacks. Within this theater of conflict, we find the use of the term “equality” but not as it has previously been understood in the West. The term has always meant that no man (or woman) is above or below any other individual before God and the law! This has always been our understanding of that term in the West. Under Communist hegemony, the term has come to mean not equality of opportunity, but rather, equality of results! And this, of course, impossible. Nature herself prevents it except in the hive culture of insects. However, to further the acceptance of this nonsensical “ideal,” we have inflicted upon us the choice of “equality” over actual “quality” as is seen in the current war against Whites and all that that entails including the destruction and obliteration of the nation’s history to fit the current “anti-Western” view of reality.

The removal of national and historical monuments because they supposedly represent “racism” together with the rise of the Black Adoration Movement (the subject of a separate article by the author), is demanded by the cancel culture with its intolerance of facts and truth, acceptance of criminality, promotion of sexual perversion and the belief that “everything is relative” presently used to excuse immorality and criminality.Added to these attacks on normalcy are the current diversity drivel, gender confusion, abortion on demand, the favoring of non-whites, allegations of permanent irreversible racism in all matters, “microaggressions”that are merely the consequences of normal living, the re-establishment of racial segregation demanded by the more radical minorities, claims that black slavery as the cause of all current inequities (a claim that is not only false, but fails to mention that its effects have long since been mitigated), censorship of all manner of expression not approved by the cancel culture, repression of gun rights, intolerance of First Amendment rights to freedom of assembly and worship, “lawfare,” –  that is, the use of the nation’s legal institutions and agencies to enforce what is itself illegal while using litigation to destroy those who have not the means available to government! –  high tech terrorism and surveillance and the financial punishment of those who hold views differing from the cancel culture and its adherents. Of course, the list is really much longer, but the point surely has been made here.

We have sunk into the cesspool of immorality, all of which has been planned with malice aforethought for centuries now. The Frankfurt School was only the modern world’s introduction to what had been going on through most of Western history. The deluded continue to blame Russia for the instigation and propagation of this tyranny. But the native Russians succumbed to the same forces we are tangling with now and suffered greatly when the Bolsheviks took over in 1917.Anti-Communist, Nobel Prize winning author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn addressed this issue when he said:

You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.

The neocons and “demonrats” continue to use Russia as a straw man when we need to look inwardly at our own decline. President Lincoln observed that we would not be done in by forces outside the US but by internal decay. He at least was right about that even though he deliberately accelerated the process with his efforts to make the once federal government into a centralized tyranny. The Russians threw off their yoke and have now become the only remaining bastion of Christendom in the form of the Orthodox Church. We are the bad guys now, whether we want to admit it or not, and are feared around the world for our global military hegemony, narcissistic attitude, and the imposition of decadent cultural values everywhere. The Russians kept their faith after 70 years of unbelievable repression, imposed official atheism and the physical destruction of over 1,000 of their churches and 500+million of their Believers. They are trying to save Western civilization now,but fear our unremitting belligerence towards them for, among other things,claims of interference in our elections when the evidence clearly shows that the massive fraud in 2020 was American in origin albeit with foreign assistance from commies like George Soros! The Russians at least have the common sense to take measures to reverse the declining birth rates of their white ethnic population which form the base, ballast and bulwark of their Christianity. On the other hand, the blind West is busily rushing down the road to perdition.

In addition to their penetration into the educational establishment in the US, the cultural Communists penetrated our government, the media and Hollywood once they had sufficiently “messed with American minds” in our citadels of “higher education.” Thus, nihilistic and destructive cultural norms were established and the rot continues to spread. In the mainstream media, Hollywood and on TV, the new founts of our values, religious and cultural stereotyping has proceeded apace with Christians and Whites luridly lampooned, vilified, demonized and effectively removed. When is the last time you saw a Caucasian in a commercial? The new “heroes,” on the other hand,have no Christian or any other religious convictions. Indeed, their only value is that most of them aren’t white. The message is that traditional religions are out of date and irrelevant if not actually dangerous to “the good life.”

A key part of the problem, is the inability to recognize or admit that the incessant attacks on our culture are part of a vast conspiracy aided and abetted by “fellow travelers” –  traitors, if you will. And while it is true that the basic thrust is Communist, we have seen that many of these “fellow travelers” appear on the other end of the ideological spectrum. “Neocons” differ from their Communist fellows only with regards to the inner workings of what is The New World Order. Most of these are at the top of their particular spheres in life – Corporate CEOs, high ranking military, multi-million and billionaires who want to rule and don’t very much care how they achieve that aim. And as happens on the left with the willing association of people and groups that are widely disparate in both their thinking and goals – for instance, Muslims working with gays, feminists and Jews –  neocons will work with the left to achieve their end, that is, the takeover by the central government of all things for the benefit of the elites. There is no salvation for ordinary Americans in the “establishment Right.”

The hour nears midnight when doom awaits us. We must call this attack for what it is — a deliberate effort to destroy all that made us the most free and successful country on earth in order to make us yet another casualty of their never ending schemes and producing another bunch of field workers and mindless “pee-ons” on the coming Global Plantation.

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