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Democrats and minions of the Deep Establishment have been colluding since November of 2016 trying to reverse the outcome of that election. For a long while, it was Russia-gate. That failed miserably, at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Ukraine-gate. House Democrats and their corporate media presstitutes are in overdrive. Their favorite polls have responded.

Just recently, Anthony Scaramucci who lasted 10 days as White House Communications Director back in 2017, warned Trump that with support for impeachment rising above 50 percent, Senate Republicans might not protect him.

Scaramucci predicted that they would turn on him if support for impeachment and Trump’s removal from office rose above 60 percent.

Could this happen?


After the three-year barrage, the public is worn down.

The idea of Senate Republicans abandoning Trump is not crazy. Most politicians, after all, are more concerned with their own a***s than any single leader. Especially an uncouth outsider they never liked to begin with.

Scaramucci, on the Clinton News Network (CNN): “Assuming that Mitch McConnell has one more term left as a ‘senator,’ I don’t think he’s going to want to be in the minority…. I think he will jettison President Trump the minute those differentials start to happen. And they are moving, they’ve moved 6 points in the last month.”

When reading this, a scenario began to play in my mind, almost like a dystopian movie, proceeding frame by frame.

It begins with the premise that Scaramucci’s threshold is reached.

The House impeaches Trump, and the Senate votes overwhelmingly to remove him from office.

It’s not happened before. We’ve had two presidents impeached (Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton) and one that resigned first (Richard Nixon), but no U.S. president has ever been removed from office.

Trump’s critics speculate that he would not recognize the vote as legitimate, causing a Constitutional crisis.

In the scenario that played out in my head, this doesn’t happen. Trump steps aside after a bitter, impassioned speech about this being a coup, the end of legitimate government in these United States. The country will surely embrace socialism now. He ends with the prediction that in ten years “we will look like Venezuela.”

The fissures rippling through American society have widened. One need only look at online forums to see that things are ready to blow, and as fast as anything that recently happened in Chile.

One of the lessons of that ongoing episode: simmering resentments can explode faster than you can imagine!

And if you think it can’t happen in the U.S., you’re kidding yourself!

The fact remains: over 60 million Americans voted for Trump in 2016. A substantial fraction of that 60 million will believe it was a coup.

Lock-and-load is a prevailing mindset.

But even with the country on edge, hostilities are contained. Trump leaves office in early 2020 — roughly nine months before what was already the most contentious election since 1860.

Possibly, were Trump given a second term, for the first time the losing side would have resorted to violence to contest the result.

Continuing the scenario:

Mike Pence is sworn in as the nation’s 46th president. Congress hadn’t dared take the step of trying to remove him as well, thinking they could instill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president.

That would have blown the lid off.

The GOP is, nevertheless, in chaos just as the primaries begin.

At this point, Hillary Clinton jumps into the presidential race.

(Is this crazy? She’s been much more visible over the past couple of months. The Tulsi Gabbard episode is only one example. Only a fool thinks she isn’t testing the waters.)

She immediately becomes the ruling financial oligarchy’s favorite, as they were not comfortable with Elizabeth Warren and definitely did not want Bernie Sanders.

Back in 2016 Hillary had the backing of Goldman Sachs and other corporate banking leviathans as well as Big Tech. She had both corporate media and academia in her pocket. In this scenario, that does not change.

The mainstream ridicules Pence. They attack his (presumed) religious beliefs and especially his “homophobia.”

But he does well in delegate-land, and the GOP has little choice but to nominate him.

The alternatives: has-beens like Mitt Romney, the whiny and annoying Ted Cruz, nonentities like Jeff Flake or Marco Rubio, or relative unknowns outside their home state like Mark Sanford (former governor of South Carolina). Jeb Bush has said he is not interested.

The Libertarians and the Greens remain invisible. The former shoot themselves in the foot as they always do. The latter play the game of sustainable development but are not corporation-friendly.

A “long hot summer” is on its way!

There will have been numerous clashes between grass-roots Patriot groups the presstitute media labels “white nationalists” or “white supremacists,” versus Antifa and other hard-left groups.

This is just a ratcheting-up of events we’ve already seen.

But now, they are resulting in more than just one death. People on both sides are being brutalized and killed in some of these clashes.

The Patriots usually win because they know how to use guns, while the leftists are afraid of guns.

There are arrests, nearly always of Patriots, with the promise of show trials.

The talk of civil war in the streets of America has reached a feverish pitch!

Academia launches a nationwide campaign against the “worsening plague of neo-Nazism.”

We ex-academics yawn and roll our eyes.

It is no longer safe to be a conservative on a campus. It is not even safe to be center-left if you question anything the radical left says or does.

White men have been dropping out and pursuing their educations online wherever they could, or not at all. White male faculty members are taking early retirement when they can. No one talks about this because of political correctness.

The stock market remains near or occasionally surpassing its all-time high as the Federal Reserve keeps juicing the economy with printed money. Interest rates stay very low, punishing savers while continuing to reward those who got rich gaming the system.

Economists love it.

The oligarchy takes care of its own.

Fall 2020 arrives. Much of the country just wants this to be over. Pence is visibly struggling. He does not thrive on controversy as Trump did. He has none of Trump’s presence or media savvy, and is worn down having been savaged all year as the straight Christian white guy who played lapdog to Trump for three years.

Speaking of whom: Trump and immediate family have dropped from sight. The official narrative is that they are in Russia. This time, the narrative is true. Trump and his family had no intention of remaining and facing persecution via prosecution. Trump is returning to the only real relationship he had with Russia prior to 2016: building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Russian president Vladimir Putin would not agree to extradition in any form. This means the Trumps are out of the Deep Establishment’s reach. Forever.

November 3 arrives. Election Day.

Hillary Clinton wins in history’s biggest landslide.

Democrats win both houses of Congress.

The culture immediately lurches even further leftward. LGBTQI crowds are—

No, you probably don’t want to know what they are doing in the streets. Or that they are doing it openly, in front of children.

Hillary promises a “time of healing.”

Her critics: don’t bet on it!

They recommend an investigation into paperless electronic voting machines, but being conspiracy stuff, this is not pursued.

2021 arrives. Hillary is sworn in as the 47th president.

Within days, citing the violence of the past year as well as the occasional school shooting, she spearheads a new federal-level gun “registration” initiative.

Red State “deplorables” promise armed resistance if the federal government pursues this. Civil war talk is still very much alive.

Hillary continues Middle East wars.

There have been, since Election Day, two more false flag chemical attacks in Syria.

Putin tells Hillary in no uncertain terms: hands off!

The two biggest nuclear superpowers are suddenly eyeball to eyeball!

The UN Security Council scrambles.

Hillary blinks, tries to place a condition on backing down: Assad must go.

No deal! says Putin, who knows he is holding all the cards. America’s outdated forces and antiquated aircraft carriers could never hold up against a sustained assault from Russia’s state-of-the-art technology, the product of a society whose universities have been graduating engineers, not gender-studies loons.

China reenters the news! Hillary (who is an arch-neoliberal capitalist, after all) has just struck a major trade deal with Xi Jinping!

The destruction of U.S. manufacturing is back on track.

What can’t be automated will be outsourced.

The Dow goes up almost 1,000 points and hits a new record high: 34,800.

There are protests against the new trade deal. Groups in Red States see this as punishment. Many are already close to homelessness.

Corporate media presstitutes ridicule them.

Learn some economics, sneer free-market Libertarians. Free trade makes us all richer.

The confrontation over Syria has dropped down the mass media memory hole.

Hillary reverses, by executive order, Trump’s effort at border control. She reopens U.S. borders. In come not Mexicans but Muslims who speak no English.

Muslims have overwhelmed major European cities and their numbers start to swell in medium-sized U.S. ones (but not oligarch enclaves, of course).

Their religion forbids assimilation and compels expansion.

You can’t talk about this because of political correctness even though clashes have begun between Muslims and U.S. citizens in small-town America.

Antifa sides with the Muslims, of course.

The Good Ol’ Boys (I will call them) appear. They owe more to the alt-right than conservative Republicans who are increasingly irrelevant. Feeling like their backs are to the wall, the Good Ol’ Boys are nihilistic. Christopher Cantwell, the infamous “crying Nazi” of Charlottesville, had said something like, “Keep calling us Nazis, and sooner or later, you’ll be right.” The Good Ol’ Boys, leaderless and coordinating on their own social media platforms, take the fight to areas Muslims have colonized and used as launching pads, and to Antifa. The latter are sent scurrying back to their parents’ basements.

An increasingly desperate President Hillary Clinton calls openly for a national conversation on “civility,” and reiterates her call for gun “registration.”

Numerous university campuses have had evidence-free Good Ol’ Boy sightings / scares. Classes are canceled; students are told to stay indoors.

By late 2021, there are conversations about secession in the few remaining conservative strongholds like Northwest California / Southwest Oregon, Idaho, Montana, portions of Texas outside Austin, and a few other places.

The Federal Reserve has kept juicing the economy with printed money, so that the appearance of economic strength Hillary inherited from the Trump years remains.

The Dow, empowered by all the easy credit, has risen above 35,000 although as during the 2010s little of it has “trickled down” to Main Street.

It has never been easier to spend on credit, however. Everyone is drowning in unpayable debt.

The downtowns of many small towns in “flyover country” are now ghost towns with boarded-up windows.

People are visible sleeping on sidewalks and in alleyways. Or sitting on street corners smoking dope.

There are scenes of dead bodies lying in streets unattended to except by flies.

President Hillary and corporate media continue their calls for the leaders of the Good Ol’ Boys to be rounded up, but none can be identified.

Their lightning-like strikes in response to complaints about Muslims and leftist groups have continued.

They’ve studiously avoid direct confrontations with the police, but no one notices this.

Muslims and other recent immigrants are going home in droves, however.

Some want to say the Good Ol’ Boys are doing the job the government won’t do, but this isn’t politically correct.

Pro-secession state-level groups continue to be dismissed as right-wing nutjobs … until mid-2022, when several hold public referendums on ordinances of secession and they pass. One ordinance would create an independent state out of several counties in Southwest Oregon and Northwest California, a distinct culture with nothing to do with the rest of those states.

Good Ol’ Boys websites pledge support, wanted or not.

Hillary goes on TV. She looks 10 years older. She has just signed a two part executive order. Part One unilaterally repeals the Second Amendment. Part Two declares a national emergency and transfers all law enforcement to the federal level.

Although states are outraged, CNN (which we’ve not called the Clinton News Network for nothing) praises her actions as “sensible and pragmatic; the issue of secession was decided in 1865 when the Confederacy surrendered. Moreover, no one but the government needs to possess guns. State governments have proven themselves totally ineffective at controlling gun violence.”

The hastily-formed Republic of Cascadia, and Idaho-Montana, declare Clinton’s statements null-and-void in their sovereign territories. The latter send their own militias including experienced Veterans to defend their border with deadly force if necessary.

Representatives in East Washington State convene in Spokane to discuss separating from the hard-left dominated coast (Seattle and surrounding cities) and possibly merging into Idaho-Montana.

Hillary threatens all breakaway regions with immediate Homeland Security led military action. Troops are readied to fill American streets, as they did the Boston Metropolitan area to get then 20-year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev following the Boston Marathon Bombing in 2013. This time, they anticipate armed resistance, including from a few local and regional police groups who refused to disarm their own communities.

War Between the States II is poised to begin.

Alaska secedes and forms the Republic of Alaska.

Vladimir Putin formally recognizes the three new Republics in North America: Cascadia, Idaho-Montana, and Alaska.

Western media go into evidence-free hysterics over an impending Russian invasion. Just like Crimea in 2014 (a “Russian invasion” that never happened).

At this point, and with other states including the entire Southeast also talking about leaving the U.S., the financial oligarchy pulls the plug on the bubble economy.

The Dow drops like a rock.

Trading is halted when it drops below 25,000, wiping out five years of gains.

Markets are closed until further notice.

Commercial banks also close their doors to prevent runs.

Bank customers want to withdraw their money as cash.

The banks don’t have any cash. They never did.

Within two weeks, neither does anyone else.

Credit transactions not working, and small businesses are being wiped out.

Shipments of food are not reaching grocery stores.

Media presstitutes, without evidence, blame the Good Ol’ Boys.

The oligarchs announce their Big Promise through their representatives in the Fed and on Wall Street.

It comes down to: We will feed you if you give us political power.

Hungry big-city masses fall for it.

We’re entitled! they scream.

Shelves on grocery stores in rural America have emptied as well.

Hillary Clinton is acting like it was her idea all along.

The Techno-Feudalist Era begins in 2024.

Oligarch-owned corporations will dispense food and provide jobs. The price: not money, just a chip under the skin of one’s left forearm.

It’s to secure your account, of course.

Can’t be lost or stolen.

Trust us. We’re the experts.

Besides, the Kardashians have them. So does Jennifer Lopez and so does Lady Gaga and so does Beyoncé.

Election 2024 arrives. The GOP has nominated a non-entity. You won’t have heard of him. Hillary wins reelection. Voter turnout is lowest in history.

In 2025, led by its governor, Texas separates and establishes the Republic of Texas. Later that year, several Southern states convene in Atlanta and form the Republic of the South.

Hillary Clinton is found dead from what her personal physician says was a massive stroke. He says it was brought on by extreme stress, brought on by uncontrollable rage.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, age 39, becomes president in 2028.

By 2032, China is the world’s preeminent power. Russia is second. They cooperate, and their command economies are thriving. Their engineers have constructed high-speed rail systems crisscrossing Asia. Russia and Alaska have signed an alliance. A rail line across the Bering Strait is planned. Putin has promised to protect Alaska’s sovereignty. Not that the U.S. could do anything about Alaska, anyway.

It couldn’t do anything about Cascadia or Idaho-Montana or Texas or the South.

Much of what remains outside elite coastal enclaves and the new neo-agrarian republics has sunk to third world status.

Chelsea Clinton becomes president in 2034. Democrats have been in control of Washington since 2020.

The country is complete shambles.

It looks worse than Venezuela.

So does Europe, where there are now more Muslims than Europeans.

Western “liberal democracy” is dead.

The map of the world looks very different than it did in, say, 2019.

But interestingly, at mid-century, all the coastlines are still above water.

I don’t know if any Congressional Republicans or their staffers will read this. Probably not. I’m under no illusions here.

But they should be very careful what they do, should the decision on Trump’s fate come into their waiting hands at any point during the next couple of months or so.

Others should also be careful what they wish for. They just might get it.

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