By Roger Anghis

The American people have gotten to the point where they seem to pay no attention to the rights and freedoms our Founders gave us. The right to determine what we put in our bodies, specifically medicines, is a right that we have and if we don’t take a stand now and refuse this massive overreach by the federal government we’ll be forced to do whatever they say from here on out. Hitler forced the people of Germany to take drugs with no recourse. One of those drugs was fluoride the same poison that many municipalities put in the drinking water.  Ten years after they started this practice cancers in adults increased by 20%. Imagine that. Now they are trying to force a ‘vaccine’ that has drastic negative effects on the human body.  According to the European version of the CDC. Endura Vigilance, this ‘vaccine’ is a total disaster. European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports: COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions – 23,252 dead, 2,189,537 Injuries through August 28, 2021.

This is what Biden demands that we take a chance with. By the way, his White House staff is exempt and the Congressional staff is exempt and the Judicial Branch, CDC employees, FDA employees, USPS employees, Pfizer employees, Moderna employees, and other friends of the Democrats but you have to have the ‘vaccine’.  After WWII at the Nuremberg trials, it was decided that no government can mandate or force medical treatment without individual consent. That’s Nuremberg Code Article#6, Section #3. Notice how this fake administration totally ignores this law and is forcing you to get the jab or lose your job. Actions like this are very typical of the Democrat party. On September 29th we learned that the Biden administration is laying the groundwork for a national security crisis: Border Patrol agents have been notified by the Biden administration that they must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 22 or face termination. The notice comes on the heels of President Joe Biden’s executive order on Sept. 9 that all federal employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19. In some cases, medical and religious exemptions are accepted and The Epoch Times has learned that some border agents will be filing for an exemption. House Judiciary ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wrote a strongly-worded letter against the mandate to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. “We have learned that the Department of Homeland Security has threatened to fire Border Patrol officials who refuse to comply with President Biden’s vaccine mandate,” Jordan wrote on Sept. 28. “Your failure to support these federal law enforcement officials will only make the Biden border crisis worse and make our country less secure.[1] One other thing to keep in mind about this is the people entering our country illegally are given the choice of skipping the ‘vaccine’ or getting it.

There is a good reason for them or anyone else to not want to get the jab. As stated earlier in this series, the ‘vaccine’ has no characteristics of a vaccine but all the characteristics of gene therapy, which cannot be mandated. This ‘vaccine’ has proven to be very dangerous to those who take it. This past weekend we published a report from the FDA’s Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting on Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots held on Friday, September 17, 2021, where dissenting doctors and researchers were able to present material showing how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines are, going against the current corporate media narrative that has worked hard to suppress this data. See: BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and Harming People!

One of the presenters in that open session was Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, who stated that “expert analysis” revealed that over 150,000 people have died in the U.S. following a COVID-19 injection.[2]

It is well known that when there is a large number of deaths related to a vaccine that vaccine is pulled.  This ’vaccine’, however, seems immune to this standard procedure.  There have been more deaths related to this ‘vaccine’ than all other vaccines in history combined yet our government is still ‘mandating’ that we all get it. Look at the chart below from the CDC on this subject:

There is no logical reason for this ‘vaccine’ to still be given to people. Remember Bill Gates saying that we need to control the population with ‘forced vaccines’? Is the picture getting a little clearer yet? The fear-mongers use this to prove that COVID-19 is the worst pandemic within the last century but when you look at the total number of deaths in America over the last ten years there is no massive spike. We see that the total number of deaths which includes all deaths, heart attacks, cancer, car accidents, accidents in general, and every other manner of deaths that 2020 is one of the lowest in numbers of deaths in spite of COVID-19.[3] To top this off we see that the required reporting to VEARS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, is not being done which means the results of the ‘vaccine’ are much worse than they are telling us. We’ve vaccinated 97.5M people from the start thru March 2021 and there were 583 reports in VAERS who had an anaphylaxis reaction on their first dose. This suggests that the underreporting rate is 41X.

Other estimates such as How Underreported Are Post-Vaccination Serious Injuries and Deaths in VAERS? suggests a 30X factor based on VAERS.

However, this used a serious adverse event rate from the Pfizer Phase 3 study which we believe under-reported these events for three reasons:

1) the patients were much healthier than average with a 10X lower rate of cardiac arrest than the general public (for example),

2) it was hard to report adverse events if you were in the trial (the evidence of this was unfortunately deleted when Facebook removed the vaccine side effect groups), and

3) there was known malfeasance in the reporting of adverse events in the 12-15-year-old trial where the paralysis of 12-year-old Maddie de Garay was never included in the trial results and the FDA and CDC refused to investigate and the mainstream media would not report on it.[4]

Even scientists for the companies that manufacture the ‘vaccine’ advise to not take the jab. Think about it. Why do we have to take the jab but all the government agencies don’t? Are we still talking about people’s health or are we talking about demanding control over the population of America? I see it as obvious. When has it ever been the good guys that demand rights be taken from the people? Critical thinking is a must.

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